Ciara slaps Claire on Days of Our Lives
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Once again, Eli comes out to the living room in nothing but a towel. Lani reminds him Chanel is right there sleeping on the couch. Eli points out it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before. Chanel throws the blanket off, revealing she’s wearing an eye mask to prevent her from catching Eli naked again. Lani chuckles. Eli goes to get dressed, as the cousins talk about Paulina. Chanel says if her mother wants to make things right, she’s going to have to do more than offer her a store in Price Town.

Eli returns to the living room after Lani has left. As Chanel serves them pancakes, she tells Eli about kissing Theo after Allie rejected her. Eli’s sorry but he knows she’ll find someone who is just for her because she’s smart and beautiful. Chanel smiles and walks around the table to give him a hug.

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Lani shrugs at Eli who wears a towel around his waist as Chanel sits nearby wearing an eyemask on Days of Our Lives

Julie opens her front door to Paulina and then promptly closes it. Paulina persists until Julie opens the door again to yell at her. Paulina explains she’s there to apologize. As Paulina begins, Doug calls Julie, who exclaims, “What? Oh my God!”

At Julie’s Place, Abe tells Theo he thinks he should call the wedding off. He worries Ciara will start to remember her life with Ben and pull the rug out from under him. Theo knows the marriage is a risk but he’s willing to take it. Lani joins them as Abe relents. She’s thrilled to have something to celebrate and focus on other than Paulina.

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Julie opens the door to Paulina on Days of Our Lives

Paulina enters. She tells Abe she called everything off. Horton Town Square is here to stay. She wants to go back to the diversity plan she pitched Abe in the first place. Theo points out she won’t make a lot of money that way. Paulina knows but Abe and Lani mean more to her than money. She asks them what they think. Lani fires back that they are focusing on Theo’s wedding. Paulina understands and leaves. Abe calls the lawyers and confirms the demolition has been called off. He thinks she was genuinely sorry but Lani isn’t buying her aunt’s act. Theo gets a call. He says, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Abe talks with Lani and Theo at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Ben wakes up in bed after dreaming about his and Ciara’s wedding. He looks at his wedding photo as someone knocks on the door. He says Ciara’s name and races to open it. He finds Allie on the other side. Allie tells him she tried to change Ciara’s mind about the wedding but she didn’t listen. However, she thinks she got through to her on some level about their love. Ben knows he has to do something and he’s running out of time.

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Ben startles awake in bed on Days of Our Lives

Claire finds Ciara at Belle and Shawn’s getting ready for her wedding. Claire tries to talk her out of it but it only angers Ciara. Things escalate leading Ciara to slap her and Claire hitting her with the wedding bouquet. Shawn runs in to break it up. He suggests Claire leave. Claire declares this is her house. Ciara counters it’s her mother’s house and asks where Hope is. Shawn says her plane had mechanical problems and had to turn around but she wants her to go ahead with the ceremony. After more sniping, Claire says she knows Ciara is only marrying Theo because she’s afraid she’ll remember her love for Ben. She calls her a coward and walks out.

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Shawn referees between Claire and Ciara on Days of Our Lives

After defending Claire to Ciara, Shawn suggests Ciara postpone the wedding. It’s just so fast. Ciara gets emotional leading Shawn to back off. He hugs her and apologizes for bringing it up. Ciara tearfully wishes their mother was there. Julie enters to tell them Doug tore his rotator cuff playing racquetball. She has to join Doug in the ER so they’ll miss the wedding. However, she has a gift from Doug and leaves. Ciara sighs and says, “Well this is off to a great start.” Shawn wonders if this is the universe trying to tell her something. Ciara doesn’t believe in that stuff anymore. Nothing will stop her from marrying Theo.

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Julie gives Ciara a gift on her wedding day on Days of Our Lives

Claire comes to Ben’s place as Allie leaves. Claire tells Ben about her fight with Ciara. She thinks with the way Ciara is behaving he might be better off without her. Ben will never give up on Ciara. He’s determined to stop her from marrying Theo and he has a plan — he’s going to kidnap Ciara before she marries Theo. Claire points out it’s just like Bo and Hope. However, she wonders if this is really a good idea.

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Chanel and Allie face each other in front of Sweet Bits on Days of Our Lives

Allie runs into Chanel in the Square. Allie is sorry for hurting her feelings but hopes they can still be friends. Paulina interrupts them to let them know Sweet Bits is still a go. She wanted to make things right especially between her and Chanel. Chanel beams. Paulina steps away to take a call as Chanel says to Allie, “Let’s do this.”

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