Nicole cries as Eric kisses her hands on Days of Our Lives
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Lucas finds Philip in an empty Brady’s Pub after everyone has left Nicole and Eric’s party. Philip suggests Lucas show Nicole the letter so she gives to EJ. Lucas reminds Philip EJ is dangerous. He also doesn’t want to hurt Sami. He throws the letter in the trash. He thanks Philip for trying to help but he’s giving up for now. After Lucas walks away, Philip grabs the letter and says, “I am not giving up.”

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Philip and Lucas conspire at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

When Nicole comes home, Eric says he’s flying out that night to go back to Africa. Nicole can’t believe he was going to leave without talking to her first. Eric is sorry for not being there for her the past year but he can’t believe she cheated with Xander. They rehash Eric leaving her after they decided to take in Allie and Henry. She’s never felt more alone than after they got married. Eric still doesn’t understand why she slept with Xander. Nicole thinks she did it to get him to finally pay attention to her. She was hurt that people on another continent were more important to him than her. She might have wanted to hurt him; she definitely wanted to hurt herself. Eric admits it’s as much his fault as it is hers. He’s sincerely sorry but wonders what they do now.

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Nicole holds out their wedding photo to Eric on Days of Our Lives

All Nicole knows is that whatever she does, she will always be a sinner and he will always be a saint. She knows he will find a way to forgive her but she will never forgive herself. She calls him a good man who wants to help other people. However, it’s hard to do that with a wife. She says she’s the best version of herself when she’s with him but he’s the best version of himself when he’s not with her. Eric wonders what they are supposed to do. Nicole thinks their marriage is over.

Eric and Nicole sob as he says he can’t let her go. Nicole says he has to. Eric kisses her and then walks to the door. They say they will always love each other before he leaves. Nicole falls to the floor in sobs.

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Eric leaves Nicole on Days of Our Lives

In their bedroom, EJ asks Sami what Nicole was referring to when she talked about her sins. Sami tries to play it off but he feels like the whole brutal ordeal between Xander, Eric and Nicole was staged. He finds it odd Sami never mentioned that she saw Nicole and Xander at the Salem Inn. Sami says she was trying to protect her brother. EJ isn’t convinced and wonders what Sami isn’t telling him. Sami gives in and confesses she paid Xander to expose Nicole. She insists she didn’t enjoy it but Eric had to know the truth. EJ sings Sami’s praises for staying faithful when he treated her terribly. With Nicole cheating on Eric in the first year of their marriage, he understands why Sami did what she did. Sami wants to forget about everything except the fact that they are back together. They kiss.

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Chad and Theo talk over a chess board on Days of Our Lives

As Theo and Chad play chess at the DiMera mansion, Theo shares that Ciara is getting an annulment. He asks Chad to be his best man tomorrow. Chad wonders if he’s rushing things. Theo says Ciara picked the day. He doesn’t like that she’s using their marriage to get back at Ben though. Chad muses that it doesn’t change how she feels about Theo.

At Julie’s Place, Ciara asks Allie to be her maid of honor. She explains Victor’s judge friend is helping her with an annulment and they are getting married the next day. Allie wonders if she’s doing it because it’s her anniversary to Ben. Ciara reminds her she has no memory of that day. Allie does and calls it the happiest day of Ciara’s life. She recounts that Ciara and Ben were the picture of happily ever after. Ciara doesn’t remember and doesn’t want to remember. She can’t take her going on and on about it. Ciara calls Theo her best friend. He makes her feel safe. Allie wonders if that’s the best reason to marry someone.

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Allie and Ciara talk at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Theo walks up as Ciara says she understands if Allie doesn’t want to be her maid of honor. Allie accepts the offer. Theo shares that Chad is standing up for him as well. Ciara looks uncertain as she and Theo embrace.

As Ben looks over his annulment papers at his apartment, Claire blows in to hurriedly suggest she get Belle onboard to slow down the divorce process. Ben interrupts her — it’s too late. Later, Claire talks to Belle on the phone and learns Ciara is getting married tomorrow. Ben knows she is purposely getting married on their anniversary but he will do whatever it takes to stop her.

Claire finds Ben with his divorce papers on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Claire tries to get through to Ciara, and Paulina has more news for Abe and Lani.

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