Eric and Nicole blindsided on Days of Our Lives
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At home in bed, Nicole asks Eric if he’s sticking around. He breaks it to her that he has to go back tomorrow — but only for a few weeks. Then, he’ll be home for good. Nicole wonders if that’s what he really wants. Eric calls her his home. He wants to be right by her side every day. Nicole worries that she doesn’t deserve him. Eric tells her she’s perfect. They’ve waited for this their entire lives. They belong together. Always.

After getting dressed, Eric tells Nicole their wedding day was the happiest day of his life. From now on, every day will be like that. They leave to go celebrate.

At Basic Black, Brady assures Chloe his invitation to the party isn’t as a date. They’d just be going as two adults supporting friends and family. She agrees.

John comes to pick Marlena up at work for the party. Marlena was with a patient so she didn’t get Eric’s text. John explains Eric is home and throwing a party. Marlena is thrilled but wonders if he’s home for good.

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John and Marlena have a heated discussion in her office on Days of Our Lives

At Brady’s Pub, Philip and Lucas muse over how to get Kristen’s letter directly into EJ’s hands. Lucas says he needs to find someone who won’t mind sticking it to “that jerk.” Roman walks up wondering who they’re talking about. Lucas and Philip cover by saying they’re discussing Jake. Roman laments what happened between Jake and Kate and then tells the brothers he’s throwing a party for Eric and Nicole — family only. They start to clear out, but Philip hangs back when he sees Chloe and Brady. Over Brady’s objections, Chloe invites him to stay for the gathering.

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EJ and Belle smirk at each other in the DiMera office on Days of Our Lives

Belle visits EJ in his office. After she happily welcomes him home, they discuss her work for DiMera. She relays she just went over Chad’s contract with him. EJ reveals there’s some tension between him and his brother. Belle can relate to that considering her relationship with Sami. EJ opens up to her about his marriage to her sister and how they have reconnected. Belle is happy to hear it and thinks they’ll have more to celebrate at the party. After getting filled in, EJ assumes Sami didn’t tell him because she got distracted with something else.

Sami bursts into the interrogation room. She no longer wants Xander to record his confession; she wants him to blow up Eric and Nicole’s marriage up live. Xander reminds her he’s been arrested. He’s sure he’ll be out tomorrow though. Sami says tomorrow isn’t soon enough so she’ll take of his situation.

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Xander appeals to Sami in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

After she pays Xander’s bail, Sami lays out her plan to publicly expose Nicole. Xander would rather tell Eric privately so everyone doesn’t hate him and he doesn’t get fired. He needs a steady income, not just a one-time payoff. Sami rails at him until EJ calls about Eric’s party. She makes excuses and says she’ll meet him there. After hanging up, Xander demands all the money upfront or the deal is off. With no choice, she hands over the briefcase.

As everyone gathers for the party, EJ approaches Lucas who comes downstairs to talk with Philip. EJ knows Lucas and Sami got close recently. But Allie’s doing better now so there’s no reason he needs to hang around Sami so much. EJ also wants to know what this smoking gun is that Lucas talked about the other day. Sami enters and Lucas leaves in a huff. EJ explains to his wife that Lucas had something to give him the other day but never did. Sami looks concerned.

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Lucas and EJ angrily confront each other at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

As Eric and Nicole arrive at the pub and greet their guests, Brady and Philip snipe at each other, Nicole and Sami trade barbs, and Nicole gushes to Chloe about Eric being home. John calls everyone’s attention and then gives Roman the floor to make a toast to the happy couple. Next, Marlena makes her speech, as Sami checks EJ’s watch and looks at the door. EJ wonders if she’s expecting someone. Sami denies it, playing it off as just not being a fan of Nicole’s. After Nicole and Eric make loving speeches about each other, and Eric calls her the most understanding wife in the world, Xander strolls in. He wonders if Eric would feel the same way if he knew that, “While you were sweating away in Africa, she was screwing around behind your back.”

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Nicole and Brady looking happy at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Eric demands answers from Nicole, and Brady reaches his limit.

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