Xander spins a tale for an unconvinced Sami on Days of Our Lives
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After being summed, Gwen meets with Eli in the interrogation room. He tells her Julie saw the now-deceased Dr. Snyder on the couch with her and Xander. Gwen lies that the man was Xander’s friend who slightly resembled Snyder. She directs him to Xander if he has further questions.

At Horton House, Sami offers Xander a million dollars to admit on tape that he slept with Nicole. Xander hesitates but then agrees if she throws in her new necklace. Gwen races in and whispers to Xander that the cops are on to them. Xander tells Sami to forget the necklace. If she gives him the cash immediately, he’ll sing like a canary.

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Xander and Gwen argue at Horton House on Days of Our Lives

After Sami has left, Gwen tells Xander it’s only a matter of time before the cops come for him. The doorbell rings. Eli enters the house and asks Xander for the name and number of his friend who was drunk on the couch. Xander wonders why Eli is poking around considering Snyder died of natural causes. Eli points out that information wasn’t released to the public and continues to question a resistant Xander.

Sami returns to the house with a suitcase for Xander. Gwen tells her he’s been arrested.

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Gwen watches Eli question Xander at Horton House on Days of Our Lives

After Xander shoves him, Eli brings Xander to the station and cuffs him in the interrogation room. Eli demands Xander tell him everything he knows about Snyder’s death.

Nicole runs into Eric’s arms when she sees him at home. She’s missed him so much. Eric knows he’s disappointed her all year. Part of him wishes he would have stayed home but he felt it was right to leave at the time. She means everything to him and he hopes she feels the same way. Nicole grabs his face and says of course she does. Nicole apologizes for questioning their marriage and their future. However, she’s never stopped loving him with her whole heart. After catching him up on the kids, Nicole leads Eric to the bedroom.

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Eric and Nicole smile at each other in bed on Days of Our Lives

Later in bed, Eric says it was worth the wait after living like a priest for the last year. He suggests they throw an anniversary celebration with his family. When he mentions Sami, Nicole sighs. He offers to have a chat with his sister and make her promise to behave.

Eric calls Sami while Nicole lies in his arms. He tells her he’s in town and is throwing a party with Nicole. She can come but only if she’s supportive. Sami tells her brother he can always count on her. After hanging up, Sami calls Nicole a liar who will pay.

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Lucas pats his coat pockets while talking to EJ at DiMera on Days of Our Lives

In EJ’s office, Lucas reaches into his jacket pocket. Before he can pull out Kristen’s letter, Kate enters. She assumes her son is there to meddle with her job because he’s still mad about her pretending to be blind. She asks him to leave but EJ wants to hear what he has to say. Lucas changes his mind and leaves. Confused by Lucas’ behavior, EJ assumes Lucas is falling for Sami again. Kate thinks it’s possible considering his bad judgment in women. EJ says Lucas will have to accept that he’s back in Salem for good and has reconnected with Samantha in every way.

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Brady faces Chloe and Phlilip at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

After Philip helps Chloe get to work, Philip pitches a partnership to Brady between Basic Black and Gabi Chic. Brady rejects his offer. After Philip taunts Brady about his relationship with Chloe, he walks out. Alone, Brady and Chloe talk about Nicole. Brady hopes Eric realizes he needs to put his marriage first or else he’ll lose Nicole for good. Brady gets a text from Eric and asks Chloe if she wants to go to their party with him.

Back at the apartment, Nicole asks Eric if he’s back for good.

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Lucas and Philip meet at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Lucas runs into Philip at Brady’s Pub. Philip tells his brother he and Chloe are getting back together. Lucas is happy for him but Philip wonders why he lied to her about having a brain tumor. Lucas fills him in on everything that happened with Sami and pulls out Kristen’s letter. He thinks it’s best he didn’t show EJ the letter because Sami would never forgive him. Philip urges his brother to fight dirty to get Sami back. He needs to get that letter in EJ’s hands while making sure he doesn’t know it came from him.

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