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Nicole sadly walks into Brady’s Pub and flashes back to her and Eric’s wedding. With tears in her eyes, she says, “Happy Anniversary. To me.” Theo joins her at her table, asking what’s wrong. Nicole tells him how sad she is without Eric. After trying to reassure her, he hands her Brady’s phone. He got Kristen’s number but it’s deactivated. It was probably a burner phone. Lucas walks up, prompting Theo to leave.

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Lucas takes Theo’s place at the table wondering why Nicole is so eager to contact Kristen. She reminds him she is determined to prove he and Sami slept together. However, Theo couldn’t find an active number. She declares she’ll just find another way to prove it and saunters out. Lucas recalls taking Kristen’s letter out of the fireplace. He then pulls it out of his jacket pocket.

Brady rips Xander’s phone out of his hand at Basic Black but realizes it’s not his cell. Brady declares he knows Xander blackmailed Nicole over their night together to get his job. The men bicker until Nicole enters. Xander orders Nicole to muzzle Brady and leaves. Nicole hands Brady his phone, claiming she found it in a conference room. As they talk about Xander, Nicole wonders if she even has a marriage to protect. When she mentions it’s her anniversary, Brady tells her take the day off.

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Brady consoles Nicole at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

Nicole comes home to find flowers from Eric in a vase on the table. As she reads the note, he emerges and says, “Happy anniversary.” She turns to look at him with tears in her eyes.

As they snuggle in bed, EJ pulls out a necklace Sami admired from a shop in Italy. She’s thrilled but wonders what it’s for. EJ says it’s to thank her for standing by him and giving him the space he needed. They kiss until he gets out of bed for work.

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Sami’s phone rings. She picks it up to Lucas and says, “What the hell do you want?” He asks if she found out about Kristen’s letter. She tells him Gabi and Jake read it but she burned it so there’s no way EJ will ever learn the truth. Lucas smirks and says he’s not so sure about that. He doesn’t mention the letter but warns that Nicole is out to expose her. Sami gushes about how good things are with EJ and declares she can’t let Nicole tell him. When she hangs up on him, Lucas looks at the letter, musing EJ might not learn the truth from Nicole.

Later, Lucas meets with EJ at his office.

Sami goes to the Horton House to find Xander. She wants the truth about him and Nicole.

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Allie wraps arms around Tripp's neck on Days of Our Lives

In bed, Tripp and Allie talk about how happy they are before Tripp says he has to get to work. Allie stops him because Chanel is in the living room and she doesn’t know he stayed the night.

Chanel wakes up on the couch, remembering watching Allie and Tripp go to the bedroom. Allie walks out. Chanel asks if Tripp is getting lonely in her bed. Chanel’s confused because of their talk earlier but yells for Tripp to come out. Covering how she really feels, Chanel assures them she’s totally fine with them wanting to be together. Chanel thanks Allie for letting her crash and then leaves. Allie’s face falls.

Tripp knows Chanel was covering her true feelings. Allie blames herself for leading her on but assures him he’s who she wants to be with. Tripp is happy to hear that. They kiss. When Allie walks away to get Henry, Tripp looks concerned.

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Theo makes a point to Chanel on Days of Our Lives

An emotional Chanel runs into Theo in the Square. Theo is sorry for what her mother did and offers to help in any way he can. She pulls him into a kiss. He backs away, wondering where that came from. Chanel calls it an impulse. She thought he might want to hook up. He tells her he’s engaged. She gets emotional but assures him it’s not about him. She leaves to deal with it on her own.

Chanel and Theo kiss on Days of Our Lives

In Rafe’s kitchen, Gabi and Jake talk about their days. Jake remarks that after his cereal, his agenda is wide open. He bemoans not using Kristen’s letter against EJ but Gabi thinks they did the right thing. Jake just needs something to take EJ down. Gabi can help with that. First, she’ll convince Philip to hire him. Then, when Philip inevitably screws up, she’ll swoop in as CEO. Finally, she’ll take down DiMera once and for all. Jake finds her ruthlessness sexy. They kiss and he starts unbuttoning her shirt and kissing her neck. She has to leave for work but laughs as she says she’ll give him 10 minutes.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Lucas confides in Philip, and Sami makes Xander an offer.

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