Tripp stands between Allie and Chanel on Days of Our Lives
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At home, John and Marlena excitedly prepare for a dinner party. John opens the door to Abe who has egg yolk all over his jacket. As Marlena soaks it in cold water, Abe explains people aren’t very happy with him for his involvement with Paulina and the Square. John and Marlena tell him it’s not his fault, but Abe disagrees. He’s the mayor and he went to bat for her. Marlena wonders if there’s anything they can do to stop this. Abe says it was all done legally so Paulina will get everything she wants. Marlena asks if Paulina wants to work it out with him. As far as Abe’s concerned, it is over.

From home, Lani folds clothes while she talks to Eli on the phone. She hangs up when Paulina knocks on the door. Lani slams the door in her aunt’s face. Paulina persists until Lani lets her in. Paulina asks to talk to Chanel, but Lani reports she’s not there. Concerned, Paulina texts her daughter, who ignores it. When Paulina bemoans Chanel not answering her, Lani lists all the wrongs she’s committed. Lani thought having her there was a blessing but it turned out to be a con. Paulina begs her niece not to turn her back on her. Lani opens the door and tells her to go.

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Allie and Chanel talk about their kiss on Days of Our Lives

At Nicole’s place, Allie asks Chanel about their kiss. Chanel admits she is starting to feel something more for her than friendship. Allie might feel the same way. She thinks about her all the time, but she’s confused. Chanel points out she and Tripp aren’t serious, so they should see where things go between them.

Tripp knocks on the door. He was hoping to hang with Allie but suggests the three of them have another dance party. Chanel goes for a walk because Allie and Tripp have a lot to talk about. Allie tells Tripp she and Chanel kissed again. This time, it was mutual. Tripp wonders where that leaves them. Allie assures him she’s not breaking up with him. She’s confused, but he’s the one she wants to be with. Tripp just wants her to be happy. He really cares about her. She reciprocates the sentiment and they kiss.

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Allie wraps arms around Tripp's neck on Days of Our Lives

Paulina finds Chanel in the Square walking by Sweet Bits. She offers to carve out a spot in Price Town for her bakery. Chanel wants nothing to do with Price Town or her. Abe approaches as Chanel stomps off. Paulina says she’ll do anything to make up for what she’s done. Abe tells her to stop the demolition then. When she hesitates, he says, “Yeah, that’s what I thought,” and walks away.

Chanel returns to the apartment and watches Allie lead Tripp to her bedroom.

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Paulina smirks at Chanel in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Julie bursts into the Salem PD to tell Eli that Xander and Gwen murdered Dr. Snyder. Eli counters Snyder died of natural causes. Julie wonders why he ended up in a lake full clothed then. And what about Gwen’s lie about the last time she saw him? Eli agrees to question them again. Julie leads the way.

The house is empty when Eli and Julie get there. Julie’s upset, not just about Snyder, but Paulina as well. However, she assures Eli no one blames Lani or Abe.

Eli comes home and gets caught up on Paulina’s visit. Lani also relays that she talked with her mother who suggested she try forgiveness. Lani doesn’t know how she can though.

After Justin turns down Bonnie’s marriage proposal at Julie’s Place, Bonnie rants about not being good enough. Justin wants to explain, but Bonnie runs out.

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Justin proposes to Bonnie on Days of Our Lives

Justin finds Bonnie gathering her things in his room at the Kiriakis mansion. He gets down on one knee. She asks what he’s doing down there. He exclaims, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m trying to propose.” Bonnie’s confused. Justin explains he turned her down because he wanted to be the one to pop the question. He opens a ring box and asks her to marry him. Through tears, Bonnie says yes. There’s nothing in the world she wants more. Bonnie can’t believe this is happening. She’s afraid one day he’ll wake up and realize she’s not who he thinks she is. Justin knows who she is. He sees her and loves her for making him laugh, for pushing him out of his comfort zone, and for making him feel like every day is an adventure. One he doesn’t want to end. Bonnie has never felt this loved in her entire life. They kiss and fall on the bed.

Later in bed, Bonnie asks Justin who will be his best man. He assumes Sonny. Bonnie thinks that will be a good match with Kayla as her matron of honor. Justin is surprised by the choice but says she can have whatever she wants — as long as he has her.

Justin smiles at Bonnie in bed on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Nicole gets a surprise, and things get awkward between Chanel, Allie and Tripp.

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