Ben is shocked, Ciara looks annoyed on Days of Our Lives
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In need to talk, Bonnie rushes into the hospital to drag Kayla off for a drink at Julie’s Place. Bonnie asks Kayla if she’d be her matron of honor. Kayla wonders when Justin proposed. Bonnie breams as she says Justin didn’t. She’s going to be the one to propose to him. Kayla gives her a weak smile, wondering if it’s soon. Bonnie recounts how Justin comforted her and called her family after their disastrous double date. It was the first time she felt really loved and respected. Bonnie thinks it will give her relationship respectability if Kayla stands up for her. The town won’t think it’s a joke; they’ll know it’s real. Kayla gently suggests Bonnie ask her again when it’s official and Justin approves. Before she leaves, Kayla wishes Bonnie luck.

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Jack meets with Steve at Brady’s Pub. He’s worried Gwen and Xander are hiding something. Jack needs to find out if he should worry about Gwen’s connection to Snyder. After confirming it’s off the record, Steve tells his brother about Dr. Snyder, the pills and how Gwen could be involved. Jack asks Steve to follow it wherever it leads.

Gwen pushes Xander away from their kiss at Horton House. She then decides to keep going and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Julie walks in as a shirtless Xander moves with Gwen to the couch. “Oh, for crying out loud. What’s going on here?” Xander stands up as they try to play innocent, but Julie rants about them desecrating her family heirloom of a couch — first with Xander’s deadbeat friend, now with sex. After Xander pushes back about her how disappointed her beloved grandparents would be over her poor hospitality, she backs off. However, she orders them to go upstairs if they’re going to fornicate.

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Julie catches Xander and Gwen making out on the couch on Days of Our Lives

After Julie stomps out, Xander moves in close to ask Gwen if she wants to take it upstairs. Though flustered, Gwen thinks it’s a bad idea. Frustrated, Xander puts his shirt back on and heads to the office. After Gwen leaves the room, Julie returns and sees the news article about Dr. Snyder. She recognizes his picture and says, “Oh my God! He’s the deadbeat.”

Theo enters the DiMera mansion as Chad pokes around in the fireplace. Chad’s thrilled to see his brother and embraces him. Chad explains he was just putting out the fire because after all their Ben drama, he and Abby are jumpy around flames. He then jumps up and embraces his brother when he learns Theo is engaged to Ciara. They sit down to play chess as Theo explains they still have to deal with her marriage to Ben. Chad thinks Ciara shouldn’t have a problem finding a lawyer to represent her considering Ben is a serial killer. Theo knows Ciara could still get her memory back though. Chad is convinced he has nothing to worry about because Ciara chose the better man. And if it keeps Ciara away from Ben, he hopes she never gets her memory back.

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Chad picks Theo up in a hug on Days of Our Lives

Ciara and Ben sit across the Kiriakis living room from each other as they wait for Justin. When he arrives, they say in unison, “I need a lawyer.” As they bicker, Ben reveals Justin represented him while he was on death row. Ciara scoffs. “And you expect me to stay married to you after that?” Justin backs up Ben’s story that Ciara was the one who proved his innocence. Ben implores her to understand all he’s trying to do is fight for their love, just like she did. Ciara won’t hear it and begs Justin to represent her. Ben wonders why she doesn’t ask her sister-in-law Belle to be her lawyer. She hesitates, leading him to conclude her family is against the divorce. When they ask Justin who he will take on as a client, Justin says it’s best to remove himself from the equation. He’ll have his assistant email them referrals and advises them to talk.

After Justin leaves, Ben points out Ciara should take two of her family members turning her down as a sign that they should stay together. He thinks instead of hiring lawyers they should be planning their lives together, especially in light of their upcoming anniversary. Ciara looks affected but declares she will find a lawyer and she will divorce him. Ben counters he will find a lawyer to stop her.

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Ben and Ciara nose to nose on Days of Our Lives

Later, Ben literally bumps into Chad in the park. Chad gloats over Theo and Ciara’s engagement. “Good news, don’t you think?” he says.

Ciara meets Theo in the Square. Despite not being able to find a lawyer, she’ll get her divorce. She wants to get married as soon as possible. In fact, she asks what Theo’s doing next Thursday.

Justin meets Bonnie at Julie’s Place. She takes a few deep breaths before telling him how happy he makes her. She says, “Justin Kiriakis, will you marry me?” Justin says, “No.”

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Justin and Bonnie dine at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

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