Sami lights a match on Days of Our Lives
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After Sami throws Kristen’s letter in the fireplace, EJ sees her with a box of matches. He wonders why she’s lighting a fire in July. She says she’s cold. However, she has a better way to warm up and kisses her husband. They head upstairs where things get more passionate. He pauses to remind her she can talk to him if anything is troubling her. She pushes him on the bed and climbs on top.

Later, Sami and EJ lie in bed together. He takes the blame for their current problems, but says they’ve allowed others to get in their way in the past. Sami agrees, but says they won’t let that happen again. When EJ falls asleep, Sami sneaks downstairs.

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Sami leans into EJ for a kiss on Days of Our Lives

Sami makes sure the letter is still in the fireplace and lights a match. She throws it in as Johnny calls his mother. Someone watches as Sami walks out of the room to talk to him. The mystery person grabs the letter out of the fireplace.

Xander finds Nicole in the park. She tells him she has Brady’s phone which will lead her to Kristen, who has the scoop on Sami and Lucas. After taking credit for tipping her off about Sami cheating and taunting her about their night together, he leaves.

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Nicole and Xander face off in the park on Days of Our Lives

Jack startles Gwen in the Horton living room while she’s reading his article about Snyder’s death. He questions his daughter about her relationship with the dead doc. She insists there was no trouble. Unconvinced, Jack asks if she knows how he ended up in the lake. Xander arrives and tells Jack to back off. Growing more suspicious, Jack asks if there’s something they need to tell him about Snyder. They insist they have nothing to hide. Jack cares about them both and wants to help if either of them is in trouble. He can’t do that if they’re keeping secrets though.

After Jack leaves, Gwen rails at Xander for overreacting at every turn. Xander was just trying to protect her. Gwen declares she does need protecting. Xander threatens to tell Jack the truth about her miscarriage. She grabs his arm to stop him from leaving. He says, “Let me go.” She asks if that’s what he wants. Xander says, “I’ll show you what I want,” and kisses her.

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Xander and Gwen kiss on Days of Our Lives

In Dr. Evans’ office, Ben shares that Ciara wants to marry Theo. He knows Ciara is starting to remember though, so he will fight with everything he’s got. Marlena understands his frustration and appreciates his devotion, but she worries about what will happen if he loses this fight. Ben promises he’s not going to flip out and strangle someone. She’s not worried about that. She’s worried he’ll get hurt. Marlena warns that Ciara might not ever remember him. She gently points out Ciara doesn’t want to be married to him now. Ben doesn’t care how long takes. He will wait forever for her to remember if he has to.

While walking through an empty Horton Square, Theo marvels over what Paulina is doing to it. Ciara is glad they’re staying with Abe because he seems heartbroken. Theo agrees, musing the news of their engagement cheered him up a little. Ciara points out they can’t get married until Ben agrees to the divorce. Theo asks if she’s having memories of her husband. Ciara says she’s not and kisses him. The only memories she’s thinking about are the ones they will make as husband and wife.

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Ben in therapy with Marlena on Days of Our Lives

Ciara visits Shawn at home to share her engagement news. He congratulates her, but notes it’s fast. Not to mention, she’s still married to Ben. That’s why Ciara is there. She needs Belle’s help to take Ben to court. Claire walks in to plead Ben’s case. Shawn defends Claire when Ciara lashes out at her niece. Claire is sorry for what she did, but she is done groveling for forgiveness. She will wait for the real Ciara to come back because this one is a stone-cold bitch. Shawn steps in again to side with Claire about Ben. Shawn tells his sister how much she used to believe in Ben. He knows it’s her choice, but he believes she belongs with her husband. Ciara wants to be with Theo and tells Claire she and Ben deserve each other. Ciara will find another attorney to help her. Before leaving, Ciara looks at Claire and tells Shawn to hide the matches.

Ciara enters the Kiriakis mansion and discovers Ben there. He’s there to ask Justin to represent him. Ciara says he can’t — that’s why she’s there.

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Ciara faces a wide eyed Claire and Shawn on Days of Our Lives

Theo runs into Nicole in the park and tells her about his engagement. She then asks him to trace the number Kristen called Brady from. He takes the phone and says he’ll call when he finds something.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ciara and Ben have something new to fight about, while Julie has another reason to be upset with her houseguests.

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