Gabi and Jake argue in the DiMera foyer on Days of Our Lives
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In the police station, Eli asks Rafe about his dinner with Nicole and Ava. Rafe tells him Duke, the talking bear, ruined everything. Eli chuckles as Rafe tells him the story. Rafe admits he has feelings for Nicole, but he’s with Ava so he’ll forget them. Ava enters and says, “So, when were you going to tell me?” Eli makes his exit. Rafe stammers about not wanting to hurt her feelings, but Ava was referring to Jake and Gabi moving in. He’s sorry for not telling her, but he just found out. She worries that Gabi doesn’t like her. Rafe assures her that changes nothing between them. Ava can’t help but worry especially when things are so good between them. Rafe reassures and hugs her, but looks conflicted.

Ava and Rafe hug at the Salem PD on Days of Our Lives

Outside the Pub, Lucas denies Nicole’s accusation that he slept with Sami. Nicole recounts everything Chloe told her. She knows Kristen has something on him and Sami. Lucas points out she doesn’t have any proof. Nicole declares she’ll get some and stalks off.

Sami panics at the mansion when EJ looks through his mail for a letter from Kristen. When he can’t find it, he suggests they go back upstairs to pick up where they left off. They kiss until Lucas calls Sami. She runs out of the room to take it.

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EJ and Sami move in close for a kiss on Days of Our Lives

In the foyer, Sami tells him Lucas Kristen wrote EJ a letter. She doesn’t have time to waste, so she hangs up to find it.

At Rafe’s, Jake grabs EJ’s mail out of Gabi’s hand. He opens it and reads aloud Kristen’s words detailing Sami’s affair with another man. Gabi’s mouth drops. Jake thinks this is better than business secrets because it will gut EJ. Gabi grabs the letter to continue reading. They learn the other man is Lucas. Jake cackles. EJ took DiMera away from him, so he will take Sami away from EJ. Gabi says he can’t. Sami is Arianna’s grandmother; she won’t ruin her marriage. Jake pauses and then crumples the letter. He throws it in the trash. She kisses him and then gets a call from Ari. She heads out of the room to talk to her daughter, as Jake looks at the trash can.

When Gabi returns to the kitchen, Jake is gone. She looks in the trash can and then races out.

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EJ and Jake face off in the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

Jake finds EJ at the mansion. He’s there to take him down. EJ scoffs. Jake reaches into his inside jacket pocket and says he has something for him. Assuming it’s a gun, EJ tells him to go ahead and shoot him. Jake flashes back to his conversation with Gabi and backs off. He won’t hurt Gabi, who bolts in.

In the foyer, Jake gives Gabi Kristen’s letter. He couldn’t show EJ because he loves her. After he leaves, Sami finds Gabi, who gives her the letter. Gabi confirms she read the contents. Sami tries to lie that she didn’t sleep with Lucas, but Gabi knows better. Sami cries that she can’t lose EJ. Gabi knows and she’s there to help her. Sami thanks her but worries that Jake knows. Gabi assures her she’ll deal with Jake.

Sami sneaks into the living room and reads Kristen’s letter to EJ. She throws it in the fireplace, but can’t find matches. As she searches the desk, EJ enters wondering what she’s doing with a box of matches.

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Sami reads a letter in the DiMera living room on Days of Our Lives

Back at home, Gabi confronts Jake for almost telling EJ about the letter. Jake assures her he couldn’t go through with it because he loves her more than he hates EJ. Gabi mocks his unromantic sentiment. Jake tries again. He says, “I love you Gabi. Nothing on this planet is more important to me than you.” Gabi smiles. “That’s better.” They passionately kiss.

Brady tells Chloe at Basic Black, he knows there’s no fixing Kristen. He’s done. Now, he wants them to be together again. Chloe hesitates, leading Brady to assume he needs to earn back her trust. And if he’s lucky, her love. He kisses her. Philip enters and says, “Get your hands off her.” Brady tells Philip he and Chloe are going to be together. When Philip questions this, Chloe breaks it to Brady that she’s already with Philip. The men bicker until Chloe tearfully tells Brady she cares about him, but she didn’t think he’d ever get over Kristen. Philip gloats. Brady apologizes and leaves.

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Brady takes Chloe's hand at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

Philip kisses Chloe, but she pulls away. She tells him he didn’t need to twist the knife with Brady. He wonders if she wants to be with Brady now that he’s over Kristen. Chloe assures him it changes nothing between them and pulls him into a kiss. Philip gives her a framed photo of her and Parker. She loves it, but looks at a photo of Brady when she puts it on her desk.

Nicole finds Brady on a park bench. She consoles him over what just happened with Chloe. She then tries, but fails to get info about Kristen’s whereabouts. After Brady leaves, Nicole looks at recent calls on Brady’s phone log. She finds the number Kristen called from and declares she’ll have it traced.

Chloe and Philip at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Shawn and Claire question Ciara’s choices, while Xander comes to Gwen’s defense.

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