Brady shows Chloe her defaced photo on Days of Our Lives
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Sami wakes up from a dream, yelling EJ’s name. He runs into the bedroom with breakfast. She tells him she dreamt he needed help, but she couldn’t get to him. EJ assures her he knows how much she did for him and the toll it took on her. He loves her and will wait for her if she’s not ready to be intimate. Sami cries and they kiss, which leads to sex.

As Sami lies in EJ’s arms, he declares they are back and will be happier and stronger than ever. Sami says she hopes so, but looks concerned.

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EJ and Sami have breakfast in bed on Days of Our Lives

Kate, who moved upstairs at Brady’s Pub, meets Lucas downstairs for breakfast. Lucas is furious with his mother for pretending to be blind. Kate didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but she had to stick to her plan. Roman interjects that Lucas is upset about Sami and EJ. Kate says she’s glad EJ is back because he hired her. Lucas is aghast. Kate admits she doesn’t need the money. She’s doing it to pay back Jake and Gabi.

After Lucas leaves, Kate tells Roman he was right about her and Jake. Roman takes no joy in that, but he’s worried she can’t get over it. Kate counters she’s just fighting back. Roman thinks she’s distracting herself so she doesn’t have time to care. They move on to talking about Lucas and Sami. Roman thinks they’ve reconnected.

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Jake enters Rafe’s kitchen announcing he and Gabi moved in last night. Rafe exclaims, “You did what?” Gabi joins them to help explain what happened with the DiMeras. Rafe doesn’t understand why she left the house she owns because Jake didn’t want to live there. Gabi defends the decision and then gets a call from Philip. She tells Jake she has to go back to the mansion to pick up important mail she left there.

Once Gabi’s gone, Rafe tells Jake he has a problem with how he treated Kate. He used her. How does he know Jake isn’t doing the same with Gabi? Jake insists he and Kate were happy and it was real, but what he and Gabi have didn’t go away. Jake asks if Rafe was ever with someone he truly cared about while thinking about someone else. Rafe looks guilty. Jake notes everything was fine until EJ showed up. He doesn’t hate many people, but he sure as heck hates him. Rafe understands, but warns his sister better not get caught in the crossfire.

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Chloe and Nicole talk at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

Gabi walks into the mansion, interrupting EJ and Sami canoodling on the couch. She yells at EJ for what he did to Jake. EJ defends the move, but Gabi warns she and Philip will grind DiMera into dust. She storms out. Sami runs after Gabi to warn her about making enemies of the DiMeras.

Chloe overhears Nicole at Basic Black talking to Duke about missing Rafe. Chloe offers to listen if Nicole wants to talk. Nicole does want to talk, but not about Rafe. She asks how she goes about proving Sami slept with Lucas. Chloe wonders why she cares. All Nicole can say is she needs to get Sami under control. Chloe knows they were in cahoots about something because Sami put Lucas up to pretending to have a tumor. After putting all the pieces together, they deduce Kristen has something on Sami and Lucas.

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Kristen talks on the phone on Days of Our Lives

At John and Marlena’s, Brady gets a call from Kristen. She needed to hear his voice. She misses him and Rachel so much. Brady has nothing to say to her. Oh, wait, he does have something: Should he frame the photo she defaced of Chloe? Kristen apologizes for that, but Brady says it reminded him why he can’t be with her. She tries to defend herself, but Brady blames her for Chloe almost dying. Kristen realizes he’s in love with her and tells him to go be with her. She hopes they live miserably ever after. Kristen seethes after hanging up.

Brady shows up at work as Chloe tells Nicole how much she despises Kristen. Brady says, “I know what you mean.” After Brady tells them about his call with Kristen, Nicole leaves. Brady tells Chloe about the mutilated photo he found in Kristen’s things. He kept it to remind himself of how terrible she is. He begrudgingly shows it to her when she asks. He wonders how he could have loved a woman who could do something like that. He admits he got clarity about not only Kristen, but Chloe as well. He says, “All I want, Chloe, is to be with you.”

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Brady looks concerned with Chloe's photo on Days of Our Lives

Kristen calls EJ to find out if he got her letter. Sami returns to the living room and rips the phone out of his hand. She panics when he tells her Kristen sent him a letter.

When Gabi gets back to Rafe’s, she discovers she grabbed a letter addressed to EJ. Jake grins and chuckles.

Nicole runs into Lucas outside the Pub. She taunts him about sleeping with Sami.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Nicole questions Lucas, while Sami goes to great lengths to keep EJ in the dark.

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