Ben blocks Ciara from the door on Days of Our Lives
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At home, Allie opens the door to a crying Chanel (now played by Raven Bowens), who falls into her arms. She introduces her to Nicole who leaves to pick up Holly. They sit on the couch as Chanel explains that their bakery is canceled. She hates her mother for what she did, but Allie suggests they just do it on their own. They hug. Chanel doesn’t know where she’ll stay for the night. Allie invites her to sleep there. They’ll make cosmos and watch fireworks.

Allie and Chanel cuddle on the couch on Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Paulina explains to Abe she did what she had to do to get her project done. When Chanel got involved, things were too far gone. She would have lost too much money had she pulled out. Abe wonders if she’s not as well off as she pretends. Paulina insists she’s not broke and will never be again. She recounts how she got involved with a rich older man when she didn’t have two dimes to rub together. However, he was controlling and abusive. When she finally freed herself from him, she promised herself she’d never be beholden to any man ever again. When Abe asks about Chanel’s father, she explains he was a good man who didn’t have any money. She was the breadwinner and they were happy. Abe calls it a moving story, but he can’t be sure any of it is true. Paulina insists her feelings are real, but Abe feels humiliated for getting played. She wonders what it means for them. He declares they are over and Price Town will never see the light of day. He’ll move Heaven and Earth to stop her. He wishes she’d never step foot in Salem.

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At Julie’s Place, Lani assures Theo Ben would never hurt Ciara. Theo counters he saw Ben try to forcefully inject Ciara with the memory serum. When Eli returns after taking Julie and Doug to their car, Theo leaves to find Ciara. Eli laments how their party turned out, but Lani is just happy she married him. Eli thinks a quiet night together sounds better and better. Eli looks pensive when Lani walks away to get their sleeping babies.

At home, Lani rips up the check Paulina gave them for the twins’ college. She wonders how Paulina could do this to Abe. She hopes he never talks to her again. Eli reminds his wife they were married one year ago today. He urges her not to let Paulina ruin it. He says he loves her. She reciprocates and they kiss.

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Ben blocks Ciara from the door on Days of Our Lives

Ben locks and blocks his apartment door so Ciara can’t leave. Ciara wonders if he has a necktie handy to strangle her with too. Ben vows he’d never hurt her. Ciara yells that he’s just like Vincent, Rhodes and Evan. Ben interrupts her rant, pointing out she remembered their names. Ciara retorts she doesn’t remember… Hope and Theo told her about her captors. Ben promises he’s not like those men. He proves it by opening the door. She’s free to go, but she’ll be making the biggest mistake of her life. As Ben recounts the lengths he went to find her while she was being held captive, Ciara averts her eyes. She hears Ben voice from when he found her in the rubble: “Ciara, I’m here, my love. I’m here.” Ben realizes she remembers something, as Theo runs in ordering Ben to leave Ciara alone.

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Theo watches as Ciara rails at Ben on Days of Our Lives

Ben explains Ciara remembered something. He saw it in her eyes. Theo thinks Ben sees what he wants to see and Ciara insists she didn’t remember anything. Ben knows she remembers him in her heart. Ciara tells Theo Ben ripped up the divorce papers so she’ll have to take him to court. Ben tells Theo the only reason Ciara is marrying him is that she doesn’t remember their love. He warns that Ciara is starting to remember and he doesn’t want to see Theo get hurt. Theo looks affected as Ben tells Ciara her love for him is still there. He says, “Tell me I’m wrong.” Ciara spits that he loves a girl she doesn’t remember being. She’ll see him in court. After Ciara and Theo leave, Ben sprinkles the ripped-up divorce papers into the trash and looks at his wedding photo.

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Chanel and Allie kiss on Days of Our Lives

As fireworks go off, Nicole exits Brady’s Pub and sees Rafe holding Ava as they watch the show. He looks at her as she walks by. Meanwhile, Theo and Ciara sit arm in arm on a park bench, but Ciara’s smile falls when he looks away. Eli and Lani make out in front of their window at home as the sky lights up, while Abe enters Julie’s Place and looks at Tom and Alice’s plaque. Still at the worksite, Paulina cries while pulling Chanel’s number up on her phone. Back at the apartment, Chanel and Allie sit on the couch watching the light show on TV. They smile and lean in to kiss.

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