Ciara holds a pen for Ben to sign divorce papers on Days of Our Lives
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At Paulina’s, Chanel tells her mother she needs to move in because Eli and Lani are tired of her walking on in Eli naked. As mother and daughter appreciate Eli’s physique, Paulina gets a call. She privately tells the person on the other end that the job needs to be done today. She’ll be at Julie’s Place and doesn’t want to be anywhere near the demolition site.

In Lani’s kitchen, she tells Abe that Paulina recently dated someone, which means she’s lying to one of them. Abe ponders this information and says he’ll ask her about it at the party. Lani asks, “What party?” Abe tries to cover, but Lani figures out Eli planned a surprise for her. She’s touched. Abe asks her to act like she doesn’t know.

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Lani and Abe talk in her kitchen on Days of Our Lives

In the Horton living room, Eli tells Gwen and Xander that Snyder was found dead in the lake. He asks Gwen about the bad blood between her and the doctor that Tripp told him about. Gwen assures him she had no problem with Snyder. He was her doctor and that’s it. Eli gets a message confirming Snyder was dead before he hit the water.

After Eli leaves, Gwen yells at Xander. She thought he knew how to get rid of a body. Xander did his best at the moment and puts the blame on Tripp pointing Eli in her direction. Gwen panics wondering if they answered all of Eli’s questions satisfactorily. Xander points out Julie can contradict her claim that the last time she saw Snyder was at the hospital. Gwen hopes Julie didn’t get a good look at his face. Xander says they better hope not while proposing they could kill her. Shocked, Gwen asks for confirmation that he’s joking. Xander half-heartedly says, of course.

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Eli questions Gwen and Xander on Days of Our Lives

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Doug and Julie prepare for Eli and Lani’s anniversary party at Julie’s Place. Julie recalls all the weddings last year and tears up thinking about Ben and Ciara. Doug believes a great love like theirs will always beat the odds. Theo walks in, to their surprise. When they learn Ciara’s in town too, and with Ben, Julie eagerly asks if they are getting back together. Before he can answer, Chanel and Paulina walk in. Theo walks over to talk to his ex who tells him about her bakery. He says she seems different. More serious maybe? Across the room, Julie and Paulina make awkward small talk. Eli enters and greets everyone. He tells Julie he was just at her place questioning Gwen about Dr. Snyder’s death. Julie grills Eli about it until he gets a message that Lani is there.

Abe follows as Lani pushes the baby stroller into Julie’s Place. Lani acts surprised when everyone jumps out. Abe gives a toast to his spectacular daughter, her spectacular husband and their spectacular children, who cry on cue. As the party gets underway, a workman enters to get Paulina’s signature for the demolition order. She hurriedly scratches her name and he leaves. Paulina stammers when everyone asks her about it. Suspicious, Abe takes the order out of her hand. After reading it, he announces they are demolishing Horton Square. Furious, Abe, Eli and Lani leave to stop it. Chanel walks out on her mother. A guilty-looking Paulina follows to see what’s happening.

When Abe, Lani, Eli and Chanel run to the Square they demand the foreman stop what he’s doing. The man says the whole square is going down and starts by ripping off Tom and Alice’s plaque. He declares the site is the future home of Price Town. Paulina walks up to everyone glaring at her.

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Ciara gets in Ben's face on Days of Our Lives

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Ben comes home to find Ciara sitting on his bed. He asks if she’s real, explaining he had a dream just like this. Ciara disappoints him by saying she didn’t get her memory back and isn’t coming back to him. She’s there because she needs him to sign the divorce papers. Ciara accuses him of ignoring her when she’s reached out about them. Ben assures her he can’t stop thinking about her, but he isn’t going to sign the papers. He burned them. Ciara pulls out an extra set and a pen. Ben takes them, but says he will never be okay with signing the papers. He knows that deep down she remembers him. She counters that she has a life with Theo and it has nothing to do with him. Ben throws the papers across the room. She tells him she needs him to sign them because she and Theo are engaged.

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