Ben and Tripp lean over a lifeless body at the beach on Days of Our Lives
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Gwen throws water on a sleeping Xander on the couch. She demands to know what he did with Snyder’s body. She can’t believe he slept at all, let alone on the couch where Snyder died. Xander is unfazed, but assures her no one will find the body. She’s not comforted. All she needs to know, Xander says, is that Snyder won’t harass her ever again.

Gwen and Xander get their stories straight on Days of Our Lives

While eating donuts he bought to annoy Julie, Xander wonders if Gwen’s guilt is more about what Snyder was holding over her than his actual death. He asks what’s really keeping her up at night. Gwen wonders why she should trust him. He thinks them moving a dead body should count for something. Not to mention, they have been getting along. He promises her secret is safe with him. She tells him the truth about her miscarriage happening before she fell down the stairs. She can’t let Jack find out because she’ll lose him forever. Xander agrees Jack would hate what she’s done. Gwen asks if he’s going to tell him. He hates that she’s deceiving Jack, but he understands she wants a real relationship with her father. He promises not to say anything. She hugs him and then quickly backs away apologizing. Xander looks softly at her.

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Ben's dream of Ciara on Days of Our Lives

Ben jolts awake in bed after dreaming about finding Ciara, who remembers everything, sitting on his bed. As he processes his disappointment, Claire stops by. She drags him out of the house to celebrate the Fourth of July with Tripp and Allie at the lake.

Allie stops by Tripp’s for their outing to the lake. He tells her he was at work, but Snyder was a no-show.

Ben, Claire, Allie and Tripp meet at the beach. Chanel and Allie head off to the water as the guys hang back for a beer and to discuss their love lives. The ladies run back exclaiming there’s a dead body in the water. Tripp and Ben drag the body out and discover it’s Dr. Snyder.

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Tripp and Allie in beachwear talking on the couch on Days of Our Lives

Eli runs to the kitchen in a towel when the smoke alarm goes off. His towel falls as Chanel enters wearing earbuds. She apologizes for not hearing the alarm and for burning the cake she was making for the anniversary party. Eli thanks her for trying, but says Lani can’t find out about it. Lani walks in and asks, “Find out about what?” Chanel covers by confessing she saw Eli naked again. After they explain what happened, Chanel offers to move in with her mother to give them their space. Lani orders her husband to keep his towel on and then tends to the crying babies. Eli assures Chanel that Lani will forget all about this when she walks into her surprise party.

After Chanel has left and Eli is dressed, he asks Lani if she’s angry. Lani won’t spend their first anniversary being angry. She knows he’s all hers. When she returns to the kids, Eli gets a call about a dead body.

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Eli questions Tripp, Ben, Claire, Allie at the beach on Days of Our Lives

When Eli shows up at the lake, he assumes whatever happened to Snyder wasn’t an accident. Eli assures Tripp he’s not a suspect, but since he knew the doctor he asks if there were any issues at work. Tripp tells him there were pills unaccounted for and there was tension between Snyder and Gwen.

When Ben comes home, he opens the door to Ciara sitting on his bed. He stops and stares at her.

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Back at the Horton House, Xander and Gwen lean in close until a knock at the door interrupts them. Gwen opens the door to Eli. He wants to talk to her about Dr. Snyder — who is dead. Gwen acts shocked.

Eli and Paulina canoodle as they eat breakfast at Paulina’s place. Paulina admits it’s been years since she’s been with a man. When Abe heads to the shower, Paulina makes a call to order demolition on the Square immediately. Chanel walks in and overhears. Paulina says it’s just construction beginning on the Square. Chanel’s excited and then discovers Abe stayed the night with her mother. After Abe leaves, Chanel asks if she can stay with her. Paulina agrees and they get to work on baking in the kitchen.

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Abe comes to Lani’s place with flowers for her anniversary. When Paulina’s name comes up, Abe notes how lonely she has been. Lani looks confused and flashes to her aunt saying she was dating someone in Miami. She thinks her aunt is hiding something.

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