Gabi and Jake kiss on Days of Our Lives
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Chanel starts to panic as she and Allie admire the Sweet Bits sign in a Horton Square window. Allie reassures her friend and they hug. Paulina walks up and says, “Why don’t you two just get a room?” Chanel reminds her mother they are just friends. Paulina offers to take them to lunch to celebrate their store, but Allie has to meet with her father to thank him for watching Henry.

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Chanel and Allie wrap an arm around each other in front of Sweet Bits store on Days of Our Lives

As Paulina and Chanel eat, Chanel informs her mother of all the ways she’s trying to learn about running a business. Paulina knows how hard she’s worked, but worries she’ll get hurt if the business fails. Chanel knows she will succeed.

At the SPD, Lani brings Eli some of Chanel’s biscuits. Eli chokes when Lani tells him Paulina and Abe are sleeping together. Lani gets him some water as Eli processes the information. Eli detects Lani might not be as okay with it as she pretended to be. Lani admits she’s worried about them mixing business with pleasure. Eli points out it worked out okay for them. Lani reminds her husband their first anniversary is coming up. Eli is sorry for not remembering, but is excited about it. Lani wonders what they should do to celebrate. Tired from a stakeout, Eli suggests they have a relaxing night at home and just “Peacock and chill.” Lani looks disappointed, but says it’s fine. After Lani leaves, Eli makes a call. He says Lani doesn’t suspect a thing. She’s going to be shocked.

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Eli and Lani kiss in the Salem police station on Days of Our Lives

Chanel leaves the Square when her mother gets a call. Paulina tells whoever is on the other line there is no turning back now, but Abe can’t know anything about it. Lani walks up and asks, “Abe can’t know anything about what?”

Jake and Gabi reel in the DiMera mansion upon learning Kate has been faking her blindness. Kate reveals she also heard them talking about being together when they thought she was in a coma. Jake is sincerely sorry she heard them and that he wasn’t honest with her from the start. Kate slaps him. She assures Gabi she won’t touch her. Being with an unemployed loser is punishment enough. Before sauntering out, Kate suggests Jake call his old garage because she hears they’re hiring.

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Once alone, Gabi reminds a furious Jake they don’t have to sneak around anymore. She suggests they go upstairs right now, but Jake can’t stay in that house any longer. He wants to leave. Gabi offers to kick everyone out instead. It doesn’t matter who lives there, he can’t stand being there. Jake knows the mansion means a lot to her though. Gabi doesn’t want to stay there if he doesn’t. They go upstairs to pack and have sex one last time in the mansion.

At DiMera, Chad walks in on EJ telling Sami over the phone that he is DiMera’s new CEO. Chad says, “Don’t you mean co-CEO?” The marrieds make plans to celebrate later before EJ hangs up. Chad accuses his brother of never intending to share the position. EJ declares he thinks their partnership is a good idea, but Chad doesn’t trust him. EJ asks if he wants to work with him or not.

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Chad leans in to yell at EJ who is on the phone on Days of Our Lives

Kate walks in before Chad can answer. She declares now that she’s settled her score, she’s ready to get back to normal life. EJ is ready to make her an offer, as long as Chad agrees. Of course, Chad does. EJ asks Chad to handle it and leaves to meet with Sami. Alone, Kate fills Chad in about revealing her ruse to Jake and Gabi.

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EJ smirks as Kate gives a thumbs up at DiMera Enterprises on Days of Our Lives

To Sami in Brady’s Pub, Lucas mocks EJ for besting a former mechanic for the CEO position. He also calls Sami a doormat for doing whatever her husband says, which leads to an argument. Allie walks in wondering what is going on with her parents. Lucas declares they’re fighting about EJ, which leads to more bickering. Allie thinks they need a timeout. Sami agrees. She tells Lucas they should avoid the subject of EJ from now on and leaves. Allie detects her parents have gotten under each other’s skin. She wonders why Lucas’ disdain for EJ is so much worse this time around.

Sami and EJ meet up at home. They drink champagne as EJ updates her on the vote and Kate faking her blindness. As they talk about Jake’s sleeping with Gabi behind Kate’s back, EJ quips that anyone with brains should have known secrets like that always come out. Sami’s eyes guilty dart around.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chloe seeks love advice from Belle, and Lani confronts Paulina.

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