Gabi and Jake confront Kate on Days of Our Lives
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Rafe enters his office and picks up Duke from his desk. He recalls his dream about kissing Nicole, as Eli walks in. Eli wonders what’s up with his boss and that bear. After hearing the story, he wonders what Ava thinks about him having an inside joke with Nicole. Rafe says Ava knows they’re just friends. Eli wonders if Rafe knows that as well. Rafe admits there was a time when he thought they could be more than that. Eli knows Rafe isn’t completely over her and warns he’s asking for trouble. Rafe assures him he has it under control, but admits he had a dream about kissing her. Eli shakes his head.

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Eli and Rafe talk in the SPD office

In Rafe’s kitchen, Ava and Nicole speculate on Sami and Lucas having sex while trapped in the DiMera tunnels. Nicole notes Xander thinks they hooked up in there too. Now, she just has to prove he’s right. Before Nicole leaves, the friends talk about Ava’s feelings for Rafe. She wants to make him dinner — not Italian — and invites Nicole to join them. Nicole tries to back out, but Ava insists.

Ava enters Rafe’s office to give him his phone. She tells him she’s making dinner for them and Nicole. Eli chuckles.

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Ava and Nicole talk in Rafe's kitchen on Days of Our Lives

In Brady’s Pub, Sami hurriedly eats breakfast as she tells Lucas she prevented EJ from contacting Kristen. Lucas is relieved, but wonders how she’s going to stop Kristen from calling EJ. Sami doesn’t think she’d risk going to jail. Lucas next brings up Nicole and suggests she back off her so Nicole backs off them. Lucas reiterates how much he wants to be with her, but if it’s not what she wants then he wants her to be happy with someone else. He takes her hand as Nicole observes from the doorway.

When Nicole joins Sami and Lucas, Sami tells her nemesis she knows she didn’t sleep with Xander. She’s dropping it. Nicole thanks her and leaves with Henry. Alone again, Sami tells Lucas she’s not, in fact, backing off. She just wanted Nicole to drop her guard. Outside, Nicole knows Sami isn’t letting it go — and neither is she.

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Sami, Nicole, Lucas and Henry's stroller in Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

In a bedroom, Kristen reads an online article about EJ returning to oust Jake as CEO. She cackles over her brother turning Salem upside down and then considers him returning for Sami. Kristen pulls out some paper and writes a letter telling EJ that Sami slept with Lucas.

After Kate votes to remove Jake in the DiMera boardroom, a shocked Jake pleads for a few minutes alone with her. Kate scoffs. Li declares Jake is out and orders him to leave the premises immediately. Jake lashes out at his brothers, “This is what you call family?!” Gabi follows as Jake storms out. After Li escorts Kate away, the remaining DiMera brothers hug in celebration.

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Li explains to EJ and Tony on Days of Our Lives

When Li returns to the boardroom, he assures the brothers he’s fully prepared to support Jake’s successor, but he wonders who that will be. Jake and EJ say in unison, “I am.” Li leaves them to hash it out. EJ and Chad sling insults as they argue. Tony slams his hands on the table. “That’s enough!” He yells at his brothers for acting like children. Chad asks who he thinks should be in charge. Tony thinks it’s obvious and they later tell Shin that Chad and EJ will run DiMera together. Jake and EJ shake on it while staring each other down.

Tony watches as EJ and Chad argue on Days of Our Lives

As Kate talks to Stefano’s portrait at the mansion, Jake rushes in demanding to know why she sold him out. Kate tells him she was going to vote for him until Gabi told her she was just an obligation. Gabi enters as Jake insists he doesn’t want Gabi, he wants her. Gabi fumes as he begs Kate to call Shin and change her vote. Kate agrees to call him, but first, Jake needs to swear he will never see or speak to Gabi ever again. Gabi tells Jake it’s okay. She knows how much he loves his job. Jake stands and says, “But I love you more.” He’s sorry for what happened to Kate, but he can’t live the lie anymore. He’s never loved anyone as much as he loves Gabi. Kate can’t lie anymore either. She pulls off her sunglasses and looks him dead in the eye. Gabi calls her a bitch for lying about being blind this whole time. Kate calls both Gabi and Jake the most self-serving creatures she’s ever met.

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Kate faces Jake in the DiMera living room on Days of Our Lives

Paulina prepares breakfast as Abe exits her bedroom. After they talk about wearing each other out last night, Paulina admits still processing the fact that Chanel likes both men and women. Paulina doesn’t have a problem with it, but it’s different when it’s your own child. She’s disappointed Chanel didn’t trust her enough to be honest sooner. Paulina notes she’s not so honest either though. To deflect what she means by that, Paulina starts flirting with and kissing Abe.

Paulina unbuttons Abe's shirt on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Eli keeps a secret from Lani, and the aftershocks of Kate’s bombshell continue.

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