Wearing sunglasses, Kate links her arm in Li Shin's on Days of Our Lives
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At home in bed with Ava, Rafe dreams about Nicole coming to his office to check on Duke. They share a passionate kiss. He startles awake next to a concerned Ava. He says he had a dream about a bear chasing him. She embraces him and tells him how happy she is despite people thinking they’re a very weird couple. Rafe doesn’t care what people think.

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Nicole and Rafe kiss in Rafe's office on Days of Our Lives

Sami wakes up in EJ’s arms as he reads from his tablet. He shows Sami an article about the battle for DiMera, leading EJ to tell his wife he has a secret ally — Kristen. Sami thinks it’s a terrible idea to involve his sister while secretly panicking about Kristen knowing she slept with Lucas. She wonders how he’d even find her. EJ reveals his people already did and he has a secure phone line to contact her. Sami urges him to find another way to win the votes. She fears he’ll be arrested for aiding and abetting and doesn’t want to lose him again. EJ says, “I could never say no to you.” They start kissing and fall back on the bed until EJ reluctantly pulls away. He has to meet with his brothers before the vote. As he gets out of bed, Sami drops her smile and holds her head in her hands.

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EJ sits expressionless in bed as Sami reads from a tablet on Days of Our Lives

Nicole slowly approaches Brady’s Pub with Henry and sees Lucas through the window. She tells the baby he needs to be cute with his grandpa so she can go in for the kill and get proof Sami cheated on EJ. She heads inside as Lucas prepares to eat a stack of pancakes. Nicole sits with Lucas, who’s thrilled to see Henry. She begins ranting about Sami accusing her of cheating on Eric. Lucas grins as he confesses Sami wanted him to wear a wire to record her confession. Nicole wonders why Sami would think he would help her. Lucas stammers a bit and says being trapped together changed things between them. When she keeps pressing, he asks why she’s so curious.

Sami walks in the Pub as Nicole tries to explain herself. After the women exchange not-so-veiled digs, Nicole leaves to run errands. Lucas says he’ll bring Henry home later and then tells Sami she needs to be nicer to Nicole, who is looking to expose her. Sami wonders what put her on to them.

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Sami joins Nicole, Lucas and Henry in Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

In their kitchen, Ava reads the article about the DiMera drama. Rafe updates her on his talk with EJ and Lucas. Rafe thinks Lucas was jealous of EJ and Sami. Ava kisses Rafe, but he has to get to work. She heads upstairs to get changed as Rafe awkwardly opens the door to Nicole. She’s there to see Ava, but points out Rafe has been a stranger lately. He promises to bring Duke by as soon as he can and leaves.

When Ava returns to the kitchen, Nicole tells Ava she thinks she’s grasping at straws when it comes to Sami and Lucas. Ava smirks. “Maybe not,” she says.

At work, Rafe thinks about his dream of kissing Nicole.

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Ava and Rafe get flirty in the kitchen on Days of Our Lives

Downstairs in the DiMera mansion, Tony tells Chad that Gabi got to Steven Hawk — he’s going to vote to keep with Jake. Tony wants Chad to try again with Kate, but Chad refuses to strong-arm her. However, he assures Tony she is ruling with her head, not her heart when it comes to Jake.

In the foyer, Jake and Gabi learn from Peter on the phone that he’s voting with EJ. Jake thinks it’s okay because they have Kate on their side. Kate descends the staircase, leading Jake to run to help her. After Gabi and Kate snark at each other, Gabi asks if she’s voting with Jake. Gabi eyes Kate as she takes Jake’s hand. Kate declares she’s there for Jake in every way, despite Gabi telling her Jake is only with her out of pity. Jake raises an eyebrow at Gabi and reassures Kate. He tells Gabi to go on ahead and they’ll meet her at DiMera. Alone with Kate, Jake says he appreciates her standing by him. He won’t forget her coming through for him.

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Gabi stresses as Jake talks on the phone on Days of Our Lives

In the DiMera conference room, EJ greets Li Shin and then lays it on thick with Kate about her connection to the family. EJ assures Shin he’s back better than ever and tells Jake he respects him, but he’s always been a placeholder. Chad tells Shin he’s ready to step back in as CEO. Jake wants to stop wasting time and get the voting underway. Shin reads the proxy votes in regards to removing Jake as CEO. Next, the DiMera brothers and Gabi vote as expected. Shin votes in favor of Jake, which delights him and Gabi. The final vote is left to Kate. She hesitates and then says, “I vote to remove.” Jake and Gabi’s assured smiles fall.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Jake and Gabi reel after Kate’s vote and Ava helps Nicole get closer to the truth.

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