Gwen sits next to Dr. Snyder's lifeless body on Days of Our Lives
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Abe whistles his way into Brady’s Pub. Roman grabs him a beer while assuming Paulina has something to do with his good mood. Abe won’t go into details, but reveals he had a nightcap with her. Roman is happy for his pal, but Abe is worried about what Lani will think. Roman reminds Abe Lani is an adult and suggests he talk to her. Before Abe leaves, Roman asks for one little detail about last night. Abe smirks and says, “Marabou.”

Paulina visits Lani and the twins at home. She wastes no time telling her niece she slept with her father last night. After getting more details, Lani has one question: Why is she telling her? Paulina tells Lani how much she means to her. So, if she’s not okay with her and Abe being together it will never happen again. Lani says if they are happy, she is good with it. They hug.

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Lani listens to Paulina on Days of Our Lives

Abe stops by Lani’s. He stammers while trying to tell her about his night with Paulina until his new paramour reveals herself. She tells him she already filled Lani in. Lani assures her father she approves of them dating. After Paulina leaves to tend to Square business, Lani admits to her father that it’s a little weird her dad and aunt are dating, but if they’re happy, she’s happy. What could go wrong?

In the Square, Paulina guiltily recounts recent happy events with Abe, Lani and Chanel. She looks at the Sweet Bits sign in a store window and then at Alice and Tom’s plaque. She says, “Oh, stop looking at me like that.”

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Julie eats a donut on Days of Our Lives

At Nicole’s, Allie and Chanel present Julie with a plate of donuts from Alice’s recipe. Julie takes a bite and a swig of milk. Allie asks, “Well?” Julie takes another bite and thinks before exclaiming, “They’re terrific!” She calls it a triumph because they added the secret ingredient — love. She tears up as she says Alice would be delighted. Allie and Chanel hug after Julie leaves and gush over their business becoming real. Chanel grabs her hand and says, “The two of us? We really got something.”

Allie and Chanel stare into each other’s eyes and lean toward each other until Tripp’s knock on the door interrupts them. They give him a donut which he calls amazing. After they update him about Julie giving her approval, Tripp relays his work troubles. While waiting for their batch of brownies to bake, Chanel turns on music and starts to dance. Allie joins her, as does a reluctant Tripp. Chanel tries to help him after pointing out his “white boy” moves. When the brownies are done, Tripp calls it the best he’s ever had in his life. They’re going to make a fortune.

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Allie and Chanel exchange longing looks on Days of Our Lives

Jack overhears Kayla and Steve talking about Gwen at Julie’s Place. Kayla covers by saying they’re wondering if it’s a good idea that Gwen moved in with him. Jack declares his daughter needs support and he wants to be there for her. They understand, but are worried she might hurt him. Jack assures them Gwen is rebuilding her life and a relationship with him. They pepper Jack with questions about Gwen’s health and Dr. Snyder. He tells them Snyder made a house call, giving her medication. Jack steps away to talk with Jennifer on the phone, leaving Kayla and Steve to wonder if Gwen is mixed up in a drug ring.

Steve and Kayla sit across from each other at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

After Dr. Snyder clutches his chest and collapses on the Horton House couch, Gwen declares she can’t find a pulse. Panicked, she starts chest compressions, to no avail. Xander insists he only wanted to scare Snyder, not kill him. Gwen points out it backfired. Julie enters and sees Snyder. She rants about them turning her house into a place for strays. She tries to wake Snyder up to kick him out, but realizes he’s not asleep when it doesn’t work. She leaps to the conclusion that Xander’s degenerate friend is passed out. Gwen and Xander play along promising to fix the problem. Julie yells for them to get Snyder off her sofa and out of her grandmother’s house!

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Xander weilds a letter opener on Days of Our Lives

After Julie stomps off, Xander suggests they call the cops. Gwen points out he had a heart attack because Xander held a knife to Snyder’s throat. Not to mention, she was his drug mule. Xander agrees and tells her to grab his head, he’ll grab his feet. Gwen realizes he’s done this before. Before they can move Snyder, they hear Jack enter the house.

When Jack walks into the room, he finds Gwen and Xander on the couch with a blanket over their legs — and Synder’s body — watching cartoons. He’s surprised to see them getting along. They shoo him out of the room, but not before Jack asks for the letter opener. Once he’s gone, they leap into action to get the body out of there.

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Jack finds Gwen and Xander on the couch on Days of Our Lives

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