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Jake gets a chilly reception from Gabi when he brings her coffee in the DiMera living room. He promises to tell Kate about them when she is confident in managing her blindness. Gabi isn’t impressed, leading Jake to again profess how much he loves her. They kiss as Chad enters. Chad lashes out at them for going behind Kate’s back. Jake vows he’ll tell Kate the truth when he feels it’s appropriate. He leaves to pick Kate up at the hospital, granting Chad the opportunity to suggest Gabi move out. As they bicker, Chad declares Kate isn’t as helpless as she thinks and tries to make feel Gabi feel insecure over Jake.

Gabi storms up to Jake’s bedroom and flashes back to Kate finding her and Jake in bed. She picks up his jacket and holds it, looking distraught.

Gabi and Chad argue on Days of Our Lives

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After a visit from Tony and Anna, Jake arrives to pick Kate up at the hospital. She knows the situation is a mess with them all living under the same roof. Jake says they’ll figure it out, but Kate’s concerned it will be awkward for Gabi.

Jake brings Kate back to his room at the mansion. She walks in with sunglasses on and using a cane. She “detects” that Gabi is there and the women exchange snide comments. Gabi grabs Jake’s butt and leaves the room. Kate tells Jake she’d love to feel his arms around her and asks him to make love to her.

Tony and Anna bring Kate flowers in the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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Sami dreams of waking up to Lucas in bed, but rolls over to find EJ at her side. He asks what she was dreaming about. She says she was dreaming of being reunited with her husband. He assures her it’s not a dream and he couldn’t be happier about it. However, he brings up their not having sex, which leads to a rehash of their recent issues. EJ declares he loves her and wants to be with her again. They kiss, but she pulls away. Sami is so glad he wants to work on their marriage, but sex is the easy part. She wants all of it, even the messy stuff. EJ just wants to make her happy. He kisses her again. Sami laughs and pulls away again considering Marlena has breakfast waiting for them. She skips off to the bathroom to get dressed. EJ’s face darkens.

After changing, Sami emerges from the bathroom to find EJ packing to move to the DiMera mansion. Sami isn’t sure staying in Salem is the best thing for them. EJ wonders why she’d want to leave the people she loves.

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Sami and EJ talk in bed on Days of Our Lives

John brings Marlena coffee in their penthouse, as they talk about EJ and Sami’s reunion. Marlena confesses she walked in on Sami and Lucas kissing. John assumes sharing the trauma of being locked up together brought them closer together. Marlena just wonders how close.

EJ enters the living room to hear his in-laws talking about Sami and Lucas. Sami bounds in after him, her eyes bulging. Marlena covers by explaining how great they were helping Allie through her ordeal. EJ announces they’re moving back to the mansion because it’s time to right the ship. Hopefully, not too many people get thrown overboard in the process.

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Lucas and Roman talk at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Lucas enters Brady’s Pub and asks Roman if he can rent the room upstairs. As they sit to talk about it over coffee, Lucas mentions Sami went back to Rome. Roman doesn’t think she’d leave without talking to him. Lucas gets riled up explaining EJ came back for her. Detecting his annoyance, Roman wonders if something happened between Lucas and his daughter. Lucas stammers around and then leaves to get his stuff from the DiMera mansion.

EJ and Sami enter the mansion to Chad, who welcomes his brother home. Sami leaves them to talk. As the brothers catch up, EJ angrily asks how Chad could have stepped down as CEO, allowing Jake, a.ka. that “low-life mobster,” to take over. Tony and Anna arrive as EJ pitches Chad the idea of taking down Jake together so Chad can reclaim his title. EJ declares the three of them should be running DiMera. Anna doesn’t want Tony to get involved. With a tight look, Tony agrees with his wife and passes on EJ’s offer. Chad needs time to consider everything. EJ warns him not to take too long.

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Lucas sees Sami when he enters the mansion. He smiles, assuming she decided to stay in Salem for him. Sami confirms she’s staying, but only because EJ insisted. Lucas is glad she’s there no matter the reason. He moves in close to her, but Sami warns Lucas not to get any ideas. EJ joins them in the foyer. He asks, “Ideas about what?”

While John and Marlena lunch at Brady’s Pub, they catch Roman up on Sami and EJ staying in Salem. Roman hopes it gives Sami and Lucas time to resolve whatever is going on between them. Marlena and John share a knowing look.

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