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At Julie’s Place, Steve tells Bonnie he’s been trying to get over what she did, but her showing up like Adrienne reminded him of the hell she put his sister through. It made him miss her more. Bonnie tears up and runs out. Justin follows. Kayla suggests to a remorseful Steve that he put his grief and anger aside so he and Justin can repair things.

Outside the restaurant, Justin gives Bonnie a handkerchief. She wipes her tears while expressing her anger over Steve. Justin assures her he doesn’t care what Steve thinks. He also doesn’t want her to be Adrienne. He just wants her to be herself because she’s perfect just the way she is. He calls her family. She takes care of him in ways she doesn’t even realize. Bonnie catches her breath as Justin says he loves her. Bonnie tears up as she says she loves him too. They kiss.

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Chanel and Allie lunch at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

With Abe at Brady’s Pub, Paulina is shocked to overhear Chanel and Allie talk about their kiss. Not because Chanel kissed a girl, but because she didn’t tell her she was gay. Chanel insists to her confused mother she’s not a lesbian. Roman shows up with two bowls of chowder for Abe and Paulina as Chanel explains herself to her mother. Paulina tries to wrap her mind around the term fluid and the use of different pronouns. Chanel thanks her mother for understanding. Paulina declares she’s trying.

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Abe kisses Paulina on Days of Our Lives

After dinner, Abe walks Paulina to her door. Paulina thanks Abe for walking her home. It was his pleasure, he responds and leans in for a kiss. She invites him in for a nightcap.

After getting a call about suspicious activity at the burned-out cabin, Rafe finds Ben who has been there since Claire’s rescue. Rafe wonders why. Ben picks up the divorce papers explaining he can’t bring himself to sign them. He came to the cabin because it’s where it all started for him and Ciara. Now, it might be the place where it all ends.

Rafe understands what Ben’s going through. He recounts his experience with Hope and how she kept sending him divorce papers when he wouldn’t sign them. He finally realized that if he really loved her he had to accept the fact that she didn’t want to be in the marriage. Rafe wishes Ben luck. He knows he’ll figure it out. After the commish leaves, Ben looks at the papers.

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Rafe and Ava enjoy a glass of wine together on Days of Our Lives

Tripp stops by Ava’s after discovering Dr. Snyder was just testing him by paging him to the hospital. They talk about Allie and how she pulled away from Tripp’s kiss because of Charlie. As they move on to discussing Ava’s relationship with Rafe, he comes home. After Tripp leaves, Rafe tells Ava about his talk with Ben regarding divorce. When he brings up Hope, Ava notes he referred to her in the past tense. Rafe smiles and credits her with helping him move on. The best part of his day is walking through to door to see her. They start kissing and head upstairs.

After dinner, Allie assures Chanel in the Square that she’s okay with people knowing about their kiss. They share a lingering look as Tripp joins them. Allie kisses Tripp on the cheek before leaving to be with Henry. Chanel walks away as well. Tripp stands there with a confused expression on his face.

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Shawn and Belle talk to Claire at home on Days of Our Lives

Shawn and Belle find Claire sweeping at home. They think she should be resting instead of cleaning. Claire declares she’s fine; she just wishes she could say the same about Ben. She’s worried about him and the divorce. Belle and Claire tell their daughter Ben needs to figure this out on his own. She needs to concentrate on taking care of herself right now. Claire insists she’s fine as long as they don’t have to worry about Jan anymore. They tell her Jan is in a coma and probably won’t recover this time.

After learning where he is, Claire comes to see Ben at the cabin. She sees the divorce papers and asks what he’s going to do. Ben says his head is telling him one thing while his heart is telling him another. Ben says someday it might truly be over for him and Ciara — just not today. He sets the divorce papers on fire as he declares he’s not done fighting for her.

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A shirtless Shawn and Belle makeout on the couch on Days of Our Lives

Alone at home, Shawn and Belle canoodle on the couch. Shawn tells his wife he loves her. He’s sorry if he doesn’t say it enough. She loves him too. They kiss and start taking off their clothes before moving to the bedroom.

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