Belle leans in close to a comatose Jan on Days of Our Lives
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Steve calls Justin from Kayla’s office. Even as Steve is claiming that Kayla’s not there so they’ll have to reschedule, in walks Sweetness, confused as to why he’s lying. As Justin is blasting Steve for putting his own distaste of Bonnie ahead of his pal’s happiness, Bonnie walks in (looking for all the world like Mae West in a pink sparkly dress and white fur that we’re gonna assume is faux) and overhears. Kayla grabs the phone from her hubby and assures Justin they will meet him at Julie’s Place. She then takes Steve to task for his actions, leaving him to admit he doesn’t get what Justin sees in Bonnie, especially given the whole, you know, Adrienne thing. Kayla points out that “relationships are complicated” and off to dinner they go. Bonnie, meanwhile, sends Justin ahead saying she wants to finish getting ready.

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Casually dressed Justin holds his arms out to Bonnie, dressed in a short fur coat and evening gown on Days of Our Lives

Roman finds Abe looking at Tom and Alice’s plaque. Abe explains he was thinking about Paulina who is spearheading the transformation of the Square. Abe sings her praises, leading Roman to remark the mayor sounds smitten. Abe chuckles and shares his reservations especially considering she’s Tamara’s sister. Roman points out that was long ago and it’s time for his pal to move on. Roman, explaining that Kate has totally friendzoned him, suggests that if Abe sees even a shot at happiness, he should grab it.

At home, Paulina tastes a piece of Chanel’s sweet potato pie. Chanel enjoyed making it with her with no stress or drama. Swearing she’s done with marrying people for money and blackmailing her own mom, Chanel says that’s not the person she wants to be. “I want to change people’s lives,” says Chanel, adding she wants to follow in her mom’s footsteps. But as Chanel goes on and on about how awesome her mom is, Paulina grows uncomfortable about what she really has planned for Horton Square. Paulina confesses she’s feeling guilty… about having dessert before dinner.

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Paulina and Chanel talk at the kitchen table on Days of Our Lives

Belle enters Jan’s hospital room (wearing a top that looks a whole lot like it was lifted from the coma patient’s closet) and glares at her unconscious nemesis. After recapping Jan’s litany of sins (as if the loon doesn’t know what she did), Belle leans in close to gloat that Jan won’t be getting a free pass, eyeing the plug leading to the machines keeping Jan alive. “You don’t get to torment me and my family and not pay for your crimes,” declares Belle. “No more tricks. No more stunts. You are done torturing my family and terrorizing my friends! It is over, bitch!” And with that, Belle pulls the plug on Jan!

With her hand on the plug, Belle glares at Jan who is hooked up to machines on Days of Our Lives

Of course, before Jan can actually bite the dust, Shawn enters, plugs the machines back in (is it really that simple?!?), and begs his wife to say she wasn’t responsible, as if there’s anyone else in the room. Seconds later, Philip enters (pushing Chloe’s wheelchair) as does a nurse who says Jan seems fine. Belle explains she pulled the plug in an attempt to prove that Jan is faking. Belle points out that their enemy has been in a coma three times, and has faked her condition more than once. But Shawn says he had Kayla check on Jan and confirm that yes, she’s in a coma. Chloe reminds her pal that should Jan ever wake up, both she and Claire will give testimony sure to keep her behind bars for years. Shawn suggests they consider this an official severing of their connection to Jan Spears. Belle, having clearly never seen a soap opera, declared that “nothing and no one will ever tear us apart,” thus assuring that the moment she and Shawn walked out of the hospital room, Jan’s finger would twitch!

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Jan and Shawn face each other while holding hands next to a comatose Jan's hospital bed on Days of Our Lives

At the pub, Allie catches Tripp up on her plans to go into business with Chanel. Who should enter at that moment but Paulina and Chanel, who’ve come for dinner. Paulina recognizes Tripp as the young man her daughter tried sticking with a huge bar tab upon her arrival in town, but Chanel and Tripp explain that they’re cool now. She then introduces her mom to Allie, saying there’s “something you should know.” No, no, not that they kissed… that they’re going into business together! Paulina bristles, suggesting perhaps Sweet Bit’s first hire should be a person of color, but Chanel stands her ground and Allie makes a pretty good impression. By the time Allie’s done sweet-talking Paulina, all the older woman can say is, “Oh, I like her!” Hearing Tripp is a doctor, Paulina suggests he’s exactly the kind of guy her daughter should be dating! When Abe and Roman arrive, the former rushes off to get her some of his famous corn chowder while the latter happily agrees to join Paulina for dinner. After Tripp is called back to the hospital, Chanel wonders to Allie how her mom would react if she found out they kissed. And we may soon know, because it appeared that Paulina had walked up to the table just in time to overhear the conversation!

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Paulina and Abe look at Chanel and Allie sitting at a Brady's Pub table on Days of Our Lives

Over at Julie’s Place, Steve apologizes when Justin arrives and Kayla says they’re going to try to get along with Bonnie. Just then, the woman in question enters, having ditched the sparkly dress for a simple black one. She ditches her usual kamikaze for a glass of white wine only to have Steve blow up and accuse her of trying to impersonate Adrienne. “You should just be yourself, Bonnie, because this pathetic Adrienne act is unbearable!” Bonnie admits she feels like a fool… because she was really looking forward to the double date. “I so, so wanted to make a good impression tonight,” she admits. “But not for me. For Justin!” Ultimately, Bonnie declares she’s done trying to prove herself worthy of Justin, “especially because I know damn well I’m not.” Justin jumps to her defense, saying she’s the best thing to happen to him in a long time. Even Steve manages to apologize, admitting that “watching Bonnie try to be like my deceased sister is painful for me.” Bonnie says that while Steve and Kayla put off the whole double-date thing for months, she wishes they’d put it off forever.

Justin sits across a table from Kayla and Steve at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

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