EJ's home for Sami on Days of Our Lives
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Brady brings Chloe her favorite flowers — tulips — to the hospital. Philip follows with the same bouquet. She tells them she’s been cleared to go home. The men fight over who will take care of her. Philip smirks and leaves when Chloe agrees to go home with Philip.

Alone, Brady tells Chloe he feels responsible for what happened to her. He wants her to lean on him. Chloe thinks it would be a mistake to go home with him considering she has feelings for him and he just ended things with Kristen. They both need time and space to heal. Brady agrees and kisses her on the forehead.

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Brady and Philip both bring Chloe tulips on Days of Our Lives

Nicole finds Xander with his feet on the desk at Basic Black. She reminds him he doesn’t work there and never will. He thinks they need to brainstorm ideas on how to best Gabi Chic. She balks, so he again threatens to tell Sami about Nicole cheating on Eric. When she still refuses to hire him, he assures her he can prove his worth. He suggests she just go with the flow and let it happen. She grabs his tie and tightens it around his neck. A confused Brady returns as she pushes Xander toward the door.

Gabi overhears Chad instructing Harold to prepare for Kate’s return at the mansion. He suggests the butler ask Jake what she needs. When he hangs up, Gabi tells him Jake might not be the best person to ask about Kate, considering Jake is with her now. Chad marvels over Gabi not caring who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants. Gabi won’t apologize, knowing Kate would do the same to her. She heads upstairs to get ready for her man to come home.

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Jake guiltily looks at Kate on Days of Our Lives

Jake finds Kate looking at a tablet in her hospital bed. She covers and says Lucas gave it to her to listen to a podcast about blindness. Jake calls her one of the strongest people he knows before explaining everything that happened before Kristen attacked her — including sleeping with Gabi. Kate interrupts Jake’s story. She forgives him. She knows what Kristen is capable of. She knows he wouldn’t have given Gabi a second look if Kristen hadn’t tricked him. She feels all alone in the dark and wouldn’t have gotten through this if it wasn’t for him. Jake reminds her the blindness could be temporary. Kate retorts that Dr. Snyder said the blindness could be permanent. She holds out her arms for him. He enters them assuring her he’s there for her.

Jake goes home and tells Chad Kate forgave him for sleeping with Gabi. Chad tells him to forget about Gabi then and do right by Kate. Jake wonders how he’s supposed to tell Gabi. Chad scoffs. That’s his problem.

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Gabi and Jake kiss on Days of Our Lives

Upstairs, Jake finds Gabi in her robe. She kisses him before asking how Kate took the news that he’s with her now.

EJ joins a stunned Sami and Lucas in the penthouse. Sami stammers… she didn’t expect to see him. EJ responds he was given the proper motivation to return. He looks at Lucas and says, “I’ve been given to understand some swine is trying to become between me and my wife.” Lucas gets defensive until he learns EJ is talking about Charlie. EJ thanks Lucas for helping Sami during this time. Lucas furiously wonders why it wasn’t him and launches into a tirade. Sami interrupts, prompting Lucas to leave so she and EJ can talk.

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Alone with Sami, EJ admits Lucas is right — he hasn’t been much of a husband to her. She put his needs above her own while he was petulant and distant. Sami knows he had a lot to deal with. EJ wants to do everything he can to heal their marriage if she still thinks they have one. Sami tears up. He doesn’t know how long she’s waited to hear him talk like that. They kiss and she cries in his arms. EJ promises to be right beside her no matter what lies ahead. However, there’s one more thing he’d like cleared up. He knows she needed the ten million dollars to keep Xander from killing her and Lucas. He only took the money back because he knows Xander isn’t a killer and that she’d get the best of him. When Sami protests that he’s underestimating Xander, EJ instructs her to leave Xander to him.

Later, EJ pours himself a drink at the DiMera mansion as he looks around. He raises his glass to Stefano’s portrait. He says, “Hello, Father. It’s been a long time. But as you always said, it’s good to be back.”

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After Lucas visits with his mother in the hospital, Chad arrives. He finds Kate putting on makeup and declaring Jake and Gabi won’t be together on her watch.

Lucas returns to John and Marlena’s. Sami tells him she’s going back to Rome. “This is goodbye, Lucas.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: EJ is tempted by Tony’s offer and Sami and Lucas have a close call.

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