Chanel eyes Eli in a towel on Days of Our Lives
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While eating breakfast in the Square, Lani and Abe discuss Paulina’s plans for revitalizing the town. When Chanel’s name comes up, Lani mentions how she and Eli are ready for her cousin to move out.

As Paulina enters her new home, she looks over her plans for Horton Square. Abe stops by with the twins. He tells Paulina how impressed he is with Chanel’s business proposal. He’s going to submit it for approval. A fidgety Paulina worries her daughter is too much of a flake to see it through. Abe probes until Paulina admits she doesn’t want to see her daughter fail and get hurt. Abe responds they have to let their kids fall down so they get up better prepared the next time. He advises her to not pre-judge Chanel. She just might surprise her. Paulina concedes. She needs to let her daughter try. When Abe steps into the other room to change Carver’s diaper, Paulina quietly tells Jules they’ll have to find a way to make it up to Chanel. When Abe returns, Paulina joins Abe and the twins for a walk.

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Dressed in nothing but a towel around his waist, Eli spills coffee on the kitchen floor. When he can’t find a towel, he whips the one off his body to clean up the mess. Chanel enters with a smile. Eli quickly covers up. He angrily explains he thought she was at breakfast with Lani and Abe. She informs him she stayed behind to work on her plans for the bakery. After he puts his pants on, she shows Eli her plans. He’s impressed but warns she’s going to need capital to make it work. He assumes her mother is helping with that but Chanel doesn’t know. She opens up over her fears of disappointing her mother.

Lani comes home to find Eli and Chanel looking cozy on the couch. Eli waves his wife over to look at Chanel’s plans. Lani eyes her cousin as she sits between them.

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Chanel stops at her mother’s place. She enters when Paulina doesn’t answer the door. Chanel finds the plans for Horton Square.

Allie and Tripp talk at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Tripp sees Allie at the hospital. He asks if she’d like to meet for dinner later. She hedges and says maybe before waltzing off. Kayla approaches Tripp who worries Allie might be interested in someone else. He delicately asks Kayla for advice on how to be with Allie. Kayla advises he give her the space to have her own feelings. Tripp is totally willing to let Allie take the lead. Whatever she’s comfortable with. Kayla thinks it’s clear he already knows what to do.

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Tripp and Kayla face Dr. Snyder at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Dr. Snyder finds Tripp with Kayla. He reprimands the med student for being on an extended coffee break. He tells him to get back to work and walks off. Tripp tells Kayla he isn’t fazed by Snyder talking to him like that. He is, however, bothered by how he treats his patients, like Tripp’s cousin Gwen.

Gwen sneaks into the Horton living room to grab the drugs. Xander wakes up on the couch wondering where she’s going. He grabs her bag and takes the pills from her, demanding to know what exactly is going on. She continues to stonewall him, insisting she’s protecting Jack and trying to make up for past mistakes. He offers to help with her blackmailer but she insists she can handle it herself. He thinks she’s making a mistake but agrees not to tell Jack.

Later, Xander eavesdrops when Dr. Snyder calls Gwen, who missed her drop. Gwen promises to deliver the pills when he threatens to talk to Jack.

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Marlena meets with Allie in her office on Days of Our Lives

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As Kayla visits Gwen at the house to talk about Snyder, Xander poses as a patient at the hospital. When Dr. Snyder enters, Xander introduces himself as Cook, Xander Cook. Snyder asks what seems to be the problem. Xander grins and says, “I’m so very glad you asked.”

After talking to Belle on the phone in her office, Marlena greets Allie. She relays that Belle has been released from prison. Allie thought she’d be able to move on when the truth about Charlie’s murder came out but she isn’t so sure now. She explains she pulled away when Tripp kissed her because memories of Charlie came to her. Marlena asks if that was the first time she tried to have something physical with another person. Allie says no and recounts how easy it was when her friend kissed her. She insists they’re just friends though and, now, business partners. Marlena steers her back to talking about Tripp. Allie doesn’t know how to be with him while having flashbacks about Charlie. Marlena suggests she take things as slowly as she needs to and tell Tripp how she feels. Marlena promises to be there for her.

Allie rejoins Tripp and accepts his dinner invitation. He says, “It’s a date.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: EJ returns and Nicole considers confessing to Eric.

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