Xander and Gwen struggle over an envelope on Days of Our Lives
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After eating dinner at Steve and Kayla’s, Jack explains Gwen and Xander are both living at the Horton House. He needs to get back home to keep the peace. Jack tries to defend Gwen’s recent actions but Kayla doesn’t trust her. She wonders if he’s heard from Abigail. Jack explains he called her. She still blames herself for the miscarriage even though Gwen admitted she lied about Abby pushing her. Jack has hopes the days of Gwen lying are behind her.

Once Jack has left, Steve tells Kayla about Rafe and Ava dating as they do the dishes. Steve then turns on some music. They dance and kiss.

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Steve and Kayla move in for a kiss on Days of Our Lives

At the Horton House, Gwen insists the large bag of drugs Xander found are for her pain. Xander knows it’s a lie and calls her a drug dealer. He normally wouldn’t judge but he wants to protect Jack’s reputation should she get popped. Gwen insists she’d never deal drugs because she knows what it’s like to grow up with an addict. She confides in Xander about her mother but he isn’t swayed. They struggle as Gwen reaches for the bag.

Jack enters as Gwen rips the bag out of Xander’s hands. He chastises them for acting like children. When Jack steps out to take a call about the paper, Gwen confesses to Xander that someone is forcing her to deliver the drugs. When he demands answers, Gwen responds that Jack will be the one to suffer the most if the truth gets out. When Jack returns, Xander apologizes for upsetting Gwen. She reciprocates. They speak in coded language about not wanting to hurt Jack, who pulls each of them in close.

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Jack puts an arm around both Gwen and Xander on Days of Our Lives

In front of the Salem Inn, Sami talks to herself about Nicole sleeping with Xander. Ava taps her on the shoulder. She tells Sami she’s wrong about Nicole and needs to let it go. Ava smugly wonders how her own long-distance marriage is going. Sami won’t talk about her marriage to Ava and throws Charlie in her face. Ava grows serious. She would give anything to go back and be the mother he needed. She’s truly sorry for what Charlie did to Allie. Sami softens. She’s made her fair share of mistakes too. What Charlie did was awful but now they have a beautiful grandson. Before leaving to meet with Rafe for dinner, Ava asks Sami not to add to Nicole’s suffering. After she walks away, Sami enters the Inn to prove Nicole cheated on Eric.

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Ava and Sami face off in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Roman pours Nicole a glass of wine at Brady’s Pub. He brings up Eric’s absence. It’s not fair for him to expect her to be alone this long. Rafe pops up at Nicole’s table. “Mind if I join you,” he asks. Roman gets Rafe a beer after the police commissioner tells them about Jan. After Roman has walked away, Rafe brings up Ava. Nicole rambles as she expresses how happy she is for both of them. Rafe makes it clear that Nicole still matters to him, which leads him to wonder why Nicole would consider hiring Xander. Nicole tries to change the subject but Rafe persists with questions.

As Nicole is about to say something about Xander, Ava arrives. She invites Nicole to stay for dinner but she gets up to leave. Rafe says they’ll continue their conversation and watches her walk out. After telling Ava that Jan is the one who killed her son, Rafe brings up Nicole and Xander. Ava avoids that conversation by discussing what she’s going to order.

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Rafe, Ava and Nicole dine at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Nicole runs into Sami as she walks through the Square. Sami relays there’s no record of her renting a room. Nicole says she charged it with her corporate card and has the receipt. Sami patiently watches as Nicole digs through her bag. After Nicole produces a receipt, Sami warns her nemesis that she will be watching her. When Sami walks away, Nicole says out loud that she had the receipt made in anticipation of Sami asking for one. She then says sleeping with Xander is the worst mistake she’s ever made.

As Allie and Chanel celebrate their new bakery, Sweet Bits, Tripp knocks on the apartment door. He came by to tell Allie that Jan Spears is the one who killed Charlie. As Tripp turns to leave, Chanel stops him to tell him about the business they’re opening together. He thinks it’s great but he starts to fidget when they hug. Allie wants to celebrate but Chanel leaves to get started on the bakery.

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Allie tells Tripp she feels like she’s finally gotten closure on Charlie. It’s really all over. Tripp grabs her hand. They toast to Allie’s new venture and talk about Henry. It leads to a kiss but Allie jumps away. She wanted to kiss him but had a weird flash. He suggests he leave but she asks him to stay and just hang out. There’s nothing he’d rather do.

Allie and Tripp hold hands on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Eli and Chanel have another awkward encounter and Allie seeks advice from Marlena.

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