Philip watches Brady fawn over Chloe in the hospital on Days of Our Lives
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Eli comes home to Lani. He tells her Claire’s been found but nothing yet on Chloe. Lani has news too — Chanel is setting up a bakery which means she’ll have income to move out. Eli is thrilled Chanel will no longer be walking in on him naked. Now, he needs to find someone who will appreciate his considerable assets. He flirtatiously looks at Lani and they kiss. Lani sits on his lap as they continue to make out.

Lani sits on Eli's lap on Days of Our Lives

After the gun goes off in the airfield, Chloe sinks to the ground holding her bleeding arm. Philip rushes over to her. Jan grabs the case of money and threatens to shoot them. Philip throws dirt in her face and slams her against the bushes. When she passes out, Philip rushes back to Chloe’s side and makes a call.

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Jan holds a gun on Philip and Chloe near the airfield on Days of Our Lives

As Shawn updates Brady about Jan in the Salem PD, he gets a call from Philip. After hanging up, Shawn and Brady rush off to meet Philip and Chloe at the hospital.

Chloe wakes up to Philip at her hospital bedside. He tells her she lost a lot of blood but she’ll be fine. He vows he would have killed Jan before he let her hurt her. Brady enters and fawns over Chloe. Phillip blames Brady for Chloe’s predicament.

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Philip holds Chloe's hand at her hospital bedside on Days of Our Lives

After having sex, Lani lays on top of Eli under a blanket on the couch. They kiss as Philip calls Eli to tell him about Chloe. Lani brings up Chanel again and how they won’t have to worry about her seeing Eli’s considerable assets anymore. Eli tells his wife they’re all hers.

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Lani and Eli lay naked in each other's arms under a blanket on the couch on Days of Our Lives

After talking to Claire on the phone at home, Allie gets a text from Chanel who wants to talk. Allie flashes to their kiss and texts her back. When Chanel arrives, she tells her friend about her bakery. She’d love to use the Horton donut recipe. Allie isn’t sure how her family would feel about giving it away. Chanel offers to give her a job. Allie still isn’t sure the family would share it but offers to make a call.

Xander makes himself comfortable on Julie’s sofa after chowing down on a plate of donuts. Julie enters, mortified he ate all 12 that she made for Doug. Xander brushes the powdered sugar off himself. He asks where she bought them so he can replace them. Julie shoots back that she made them from Alice’s recipe. Xander asks how he can make it up to her. Julie responds that she’s going to make another batch and he can clean up her mess. She then taunts him about all the calories he just consumed, warning him it’s already beginning to show.

After Allie calls, Julie shows up at the apartment and meets Chanel. She learns about Chanel’s business idea but refuses to give them the donut recipe when she hears Chanel married Xander. She doesn’t want the recipe to be involved with scandal. Allie reminds Julie about the pot donuts at the book club meeting. Before Allie can tell Chanel who got baked, a mortified Julie interrupts. They can have the recipe. After she leaves, Chanel and Allie celebrate their new venture. They hug and pull away, locking eyes.

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Tripp walks in on Dr. Snyder and Gwen at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Gwen steps off the hospital elevator and tells Dr. Snyder she delivered his package. Tripp watches them. Snyder drags Gwen into a private room. He tells her his office will set up weekly appointments so their transactions look legit. He hands her another envelope which she reluctantly accepts. Tripp cautiously enters. He needs Dr. Snyder to write a patient order. He introduces himself to Gwen, mentioning they’re cousins. He asks if she’s okay. Snyder interrupts him and sends Gwen off with her assignment. Once she’s gone, Snyder reprimands Tripp for getting into his business and then gets paged away.

An irritated Gwen comes home to find a shirtless Xander doing pushups. She flops down on Xander’s bed the couch to watch TV. As they bicker over boundaries, Xander grabs her bag. Gwen reaches out for it and they struggle, causing the contents to spill out. Xander finds the drugs. He wonders what she’s doing with them.

Tripp runs into Shawn in the hospital lobby. Shawn tells him what Jan did and also that she’s Charlie’s true killer.

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Shawn enters Chloe’s room to find Philip berating Brady about Kristen. Philip backs off. Chloe tells Shawn she wants to help put Jan away. Shawn thinks Jan will be locked up for a long time with her and Claire’s statements. After Shawn has left, Brady apologizes to Chloe for what happened to her. He agrees with Philip that he’s responsible. He doesn’t think Kristen loved him. She was obsessed and that almost killed Chloe. He doesn’t think Kristen will a problem anymore though because he ended it with her. Philip eyes Brady who says he will never let Chloe down again — ever.

Shawn finds Dr. Snyder to talk about Jan. The doctor says Jan is in a coma.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ava and Sami have a tense confrontation and Tripp hears Chanel and Allie’s news.

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