Claire cries through a gag while bound to a chair on Days of Our Lives
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Ben visits Clyde in prison. He fears he’s losing his mind and needs someone to talk to. He admits he’s been “seeing” Jordan because he feels guilty about almost cheating on his wife. After hearing the story, Clyde wonders why he’s beating himself up over a kiss. Ben further explains he ignored Claire’s call and now she’s been kidnapped. Clyde tells him to take action instead of waiting for his dead sister to tell him what to do. He yells for Ben to get on a plane and get his wife. Ben explains Ciara is with Theo and doesn’t remember loving him. The best thing to do is give her space. He’ll accept it if she decides it’s over. Clyde scoffs. What he and Ciara have is fate. He suggests Ben jump on his bike and clear his head. Just ride and forget the pain. Ben agrees that he might need to get out of town and thanks his father for listening. They hug.

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Claire faces Trask in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

In the interrogation room, Trask confronts Belle over her signed murder confession. She doesn’t get the change of heart. Belle says she did it for her family. Trask tells her to change her plea to guilty, then, so she can put her behind bars where she belongs. Otherwise, she’ll reject the confession. Belle hesitates but agrees.

Shawn and Philip worry about Chloe and Claire in the squad room. Shawn hopes Trask buys Claire’s confession, assuming she wouldn’t go along with their ruse. As they worry about what Jan could do, Philip wonders what she even wants with Chloe.

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Shawn and Philip confer at the Salem PD on Days of Our Lives

Shawn and Philip talk with Belle in the interrogation room. They learn Belle is changing her plea. Shawn says there must be a better way. Belle believes they have to give Jan what she wants. She needs Shawn’s support on this but wonders why they haven’t heard from Jan, considering news of her confession has spread. Trask returns to tell Belle the judge is ready for her. After her plea change, she’ll be remanded to Statesville.

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Shawn, Belle and Philip in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

Jan enters the charred cabin with groceries as Claire and Chloe sit tied up. Jan explains to Chloe this is where Claire tried to burn up Ciara. She then shows them the paper that reports Belle confessed to Charlie’s murder. She can’t let them go, though, because she told them the truth — that she killed Charlie. Now, they have to die. Claire reminds Jan she said she wouldn’t kill her. Jan counters that Chloe will do it for her. Jan unties Chloe who refuses to hurt Claire. Claire encourages her to do what she has to so she can go home to her son. Chloe holds her hand out for the gun but Jan gives her a knife instead. Claire cries as she begs Chloe not to kill her. Chloe says she can’t do it. Jan grabs the knife back. She wonders what to do since she can’t kill Claire herself and Chloe is of no use to her.

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Claire cries as she struggles to free herself from the chair in the cabin. She eyes a lit lantern that sits near a trail of gasoline. Meanwhile, Ben approaches a cabin door.

Alone with Trask, Philip tells the D.A. that Belle lied to get her daughter back. Jan is the real killer and Claire and Chloe’s lives are in danger.

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Jan holds Chloe at gunpoint in the car on Days of Our Lives

After talking to John on the phone in the Square, Marlena runs into Paulina. Marlena hugs her when she realizes she’s Tamara Price’s sister. They sit at a table and catch up over coffee. After commiserating over their children’s problems, Paulina talks about her big plans for the Square. Marlena is impressed. She thinks Tom and Alice would be proud and fills Paulina in on their history. Paulina promises to do her best to honor them. After they part, Paulina looks at Tom and Alice’s plaque. She says, “I almost feel guilty for lying to her just now about what I really have planned for this little square of yours.”

Paulina and Marlena in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben makes things worse and Chanel has a proposition for Lani.

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