Dr. Snyder calls out Kate on Days of Our Lives
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As Jack agrees to let Xander stay at the house, Julie enters. “Over my dead body,” she exclaims. Xander promises she’ll never find him naked on her couch again. She points out he also needed to be dragged out of her restaurant when he was on his bender. Xander apologizes for his behavior at her establishment. She’s unaffected, reminding him he stole a bottle of whiskey on his way out of the eatery. Xander again apologizes. He doesn’t even remember doing it. He offers to pay for it but looks to Jack when she tells him it is $200. Jack steps in and hands Julie the money. Xander thinks this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Julie backs away as he opens his arms for a hug.

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Xander wants to move in with Jack on Days of Our Lives

In her living room, Nicole defends herself from Sami’s cheating allegations and turns it around on her sister-in-law. Sami defensively declares she didn’t cheat on EJ. Nicole wasn’t referring to her current marriage but when she cheated on Rafe with EJ. After more bickering, Sami vows to get to the bottom of this and leaves.

Ava and Rafe canoodle in bed after having sex. Rafe points out they took a pretty big step considering they’ve only been on one date. She reminds him they’ve been living together for months. He grins. He’s okay doing things a little backward. She wonders if he’s okay sleeping with an ex-mobster. He responds that everyone has a past. Besides, they are two consenting adults. They did nothing wrong. Ava thinks Gabi might disagree. Rafe insists what they do is none of his sister’s business. They start making out again but Ava pulls away. She’s starving.

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Sami confronts Nicole about Xander on Days of Our Lives

Ava can’t keep her hands off Rafe as he makes them breakfast in the kitchen. Rafe opens the door to get the paper and finds Nicole standing there. He leaves the friends to talk. Nicole apologizes to Ava for interrupting. Ava is just glad she didn’t show up a half-hour earlier. Nicole is so happy for them. Ava is too. Nicole thinks she should leave but Ava encourages her friend to stay. Nicole tells her about Sami’s accusations. Ava assumes she cheated with Xander. Nicole begs her not to say anything to Rafe, as he reappears. After Nicole leaves, Rafe realizes Ava told Nicole about them. He says he’s cool with Nicole knowing but his look grows serious as he takes a bite of toast.

Gabi asks Jake at the hospital if he’s going to tell Kate about them. When Jake hesitates, Gabi assumes he’s going back to her. Jake promises to tell Kate the truth about them — just not today. He needs to find the right time. Lucas approaches. He lashes out at Jake for thinking about dumping his mother while she’s in this condition. He won’t let that happen. Not on his watch. After Gabi and Jake assure Lucas they don’t want to hurt Kate, he tells them to step up and do the right thing then.

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Dr. Snyder calls out Kate on Days of Our Lives

In her hospital room, Kate vents to Dr. Snyder about finding Jake in bed with Gabi. He thought she had memory issues. Kate assures him she remembers every disgusting detail. He concludes, “You’re not blind at all, are you?” Kate admits she’s faking everything because she heard Jake and Gabi discussing their future at her bedside. She couldn’t let that stand. As a member of the hospital board, Kate reminds Snyder of the many accusations that have been leveled at him. She threatens to have him fired if he says anything.

Kate asks Snyder if they have an understanding as Jake enters. Snyder tells Jake he can’t give a definitive diagnosis right now but they are going to run more tests and bring in specialists. He says what Kate needs right now is the love and support of people who mean the most to her.

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Back in the lobby, Gabi and Lucas continue bickering over Kate. Gabi says if Lucas is going to be an enemy of her relationship with Jake, then he doesn’t get to live under her roof. She tells him to pack up his stuff and get the hell out of her mansion.

Back in her hospital room, Kate cries as she tells Jake she really needs him. Gabi enters to see Jake holding Kate.

EJ calls when Sami returns to the penthouse. She asks why he reversed the money transfer considering her life was at risk. Is there something he’s not telling her? Lucas enters before Sami can get a straight answer. She hangs up and worries to Lucas that EJ knows about them. Lucas isn’t concerned. They move on to talking about Kate and her believing she and Jake are still together. Lucas adds that Gabi threw him out and he needs a place to live. Sami laughs as she tells him he can’t stay there.

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Sami gets defensive with Lucas on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Jan orders Claire to deal with Chloe and Ben seeks Clyde’s advice.

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