Dr. Snyder checks Kate's eyes on Days of Our Lives
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Gwen brings Jack bangers and mash for breakfast in the Horton living room. He loves it but tells her she didn’t have to go through all that trouble. She knows she’s been nothing but trouble since she’s moved in. She can’t express what it means to her that he didn’t turn his back on her.

When the doorbell rings, Gwen opens the door to Dr. Snyder. Jack wonders what he wants with his daughter. The doc makes up something about Gwen’s medication while issuing a thinly veiled threat to his patient. Jack runs upstairs leaving Gwen to give Snyder his package of drugs. She won’t help him get people hooked on that rubbish. Snyder threatens to tell Jack the truth about her miscarriage unless she delivers the package.

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Jack and Gwen have breakfast at Horton House on Days of Our Lives

Allie paces as Sami holds Henry at the penthouse. Sami assures her daughter that Kate will pull through. After discussing Sami’s ordeal with Lucas in the wine cellar, Sami mentions she was hoping to stay in Salem long enough to see Eric come home. Allie explains Eric is extending his stay. Allie mentions that Nicole got super wasted when she found out and stayed at the Salem Inn. Sami flashes to seeing Nicole enter the hotel with Xander. Sami suggests Allie go visit Kate and she’ll take Henry back to Nicole’s. Alone, she calls Nicole a liar.

Lucas helps Kate eat in her hospital room. He hopes she gets her sight and memory back. Kate thanks her son for being there for her but she wonders why Jake isn’t there. He assures her Jake has been there all night. When Kate surmises things haven’t changed between her and Jake, Lucas’ eyes dart around as he confirms.

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Gabi finds Jake in the hospital lobby. He tells her Kate was so distraught they had to give her a sedative last night. He stayed all night so she wouldn’t be alone. Gabi suggests Kate could use her blindness to draw him. Jake assures her that won’t happen. However, Kate’s doesn’t remember walking in on them.

Lucas joins Gabi and Jake. He says Kate seems depressed. The only thing she’s holding on to is that vacation with Jake. Gabi’s eyes bulge and she lets out a breath. After Allie shows up, Dr. Snyder tells them he needs to examine Kate before he can answer their questions.

Alone, Gabi asks Jake if he’s going to tell Kate about them.

After Snyder examines Kate, he says, “There’s not a damn thing wrong with your eyesight.” Kate insists she’s blind, leading Snyder to suggest it could be emotional blindness. Kate explodes. Of course, she’s emotional. After surviving her accident, she found her lover with a “bitch named Gabi”!

Xander stops by Nicole’s with a bag. He flops down on her couch, announcing he’s moving in. She slaps his feet off the couch and says, “Sorry, no vacancy.” Also, Brady won’t hire him. Xander says he has no choice but to tell Sami about their night together then. Xander orders her to make his job happen but agrees to find another place to stay. Nicole tears up after Xander leaves wondering what she’s going to do.

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Xander annoys Nicole on Days of Our Lives

After Nicole leaves a message for Brady, Sami shows up with Henry. Nicole calls Sami out when she tries to make small talk about Eric. Sami drops the façade and says she knows Nicole went to the Salem Inn with Xander. Nicole lies that Xander just walked her into the lobby. Sami knows she didn’t spend that night alone. Instead, she slept with a creep Eric despises.

As Gwen is about to leave the house with the pills, she opens the door to Xander. He learns Gwen is Jack’s daughter and expresses his skepticism. He warns she’ll answer to him if she does anything to hurt his mate. Jack comes downstairs as Gwen proclaims how eager she is to do right by her father. She leaves. Xander enters, smelling bangers and mash. After he finishes off the plate, Xander asks Jack if he can crash at the house for a while. He promises not to be any trouble.

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Sami visits Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Rafe brings Ava coffee in her bedroom. He wants to ask a few questions about what happened in the interrogation room with Kristen. She invites him to sit on the bed as she explains she walked in to see Susan on the floor. That’s all she knows. Rafe points out she’s the only person who could have seen Kristen switch with Susan. She wonders if he’s accusing her of helping Kristen escape. Rafe apologizes. He believes her; he’s just tired of people lying to him, especially Nicole about Xander. Ava takes note of that tidbit and then assures him she’s not offended by his questions. Nothing’s changed between them. They start making out on the bed while taking off their clothes.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kate needs Dr. Snyder to keep her secret.

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