Brady confronts Kristen in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives
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Lucas confronts Brady about Kristen’s obsession with him leading to Kate’s coma and Chloe’s abduction. Brady understands Lucas’ anger but he truly thought Kristen had changed. Lucas isn’t impressed. He’s only worried about Chloe now. Brady finds that curious considering Lucas lied about having a brain tumor. When he wonders if Lucas and Sami are working with Kristen, Lucas tells him Kristen threw him and Sami into the DiMera dungeon. He declares if something happens to Chloe, it’s Brady’s fault. As Lucas leaves, Brady admits he’s right.

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Lucas visits Brady at the Hospital on Days of Our Lives

In the interrogation room, Philip demands Kristen tell him where Chloe is. She responds that she’ll only use that information as leverage. Philip informs her the D.A. has no interest in cutting her a deal. After Kristen taunts him over Chloe and Kate, Philip yells for her to shut up and grabs her throat.

Brady hobbles into the police station causing Philip to let go of Kristen. After he leaves, Kristen confesses to Brady that she’s the one who ran him off the road. He can’t believe she hasn’t changed. She cries as she says she loves him. Brady believes if that’s true, she’ll tell him where Chloe is. When she won’t, Brady starts to walk out on her. Kristen stops him. She’ll tell him where Chloe is.

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Philip strangles Kristen in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

Xander follows Sami home. He tells her EJ reversed the wire transaction. Xander demands the money now but Sami refuses. He threatens to kill her but she calls his bluff. Xander pulls his gun. Lucas barges in and hits Xander with a baseball bat. Xander yells that Lucas broke his arm as Lucas starts to call the cops. Sami stops Lucas. She gets Xander to agree to leave and not say anything about what just happened. After she inflicts more pain on Xander’s arm, he calls her crazy and runs out.

Sami tells Lucas that EJ took the money back. They wonder why EJ didn’t give her a heads up. Sami panics over EJ knowing they slept together. Lucas thinks if that were true EJ would be knocking at the door right now. They hear a knock.

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Xander holds gun on Sami on Days of Our Lives

Belle and Shawn run home yelling out for Claire. They find Ben who plays Claire’s voicemail for them. Belle reels wondering what Jan has done to her. They call Claire’s phone only to discover it’s in the house. Ben runs out to find them while Shawn calls for backup.

Jan holds her gun on Claire in the park. Claire thinks there’s a part of her that doesn’t want to hurt her. Jan admits she’s right and then muses Claire is worth more to her alive than dead. Claire promises she won’t tell anyone she killed Charlie if she lets her go. Jan can’t give Claire what she wants until Jan gets what she wants.

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Jan aims a gun at Claire on Days of Our Lives

Ben hurries into the park and sees Jordan. “Not again,” he exclaims. Jordan tells Ben if Claire dies it’ll be his fault, pointing out that Claire isn’t there. Ben finds Claire’s necklace and says she was. He moves to search for Claire but Jordan steps in front of him. She needles him over wanting to help Claire. She spits out that he’s not a decent human being and that he never helps. Jordan wants him to remember that… always.

From a car, Jan calls Shawn. She tells him she has his daughter who is sitting in the driver’s seat. Jan orders him to put Belle on the phone. Belle gets on the phone and begs to talk with Claire. Jan denies her. Claire offers to tell the D.A. that she killed Charlie. Then Jan will have Shawn and everything will work out the way she planned. She just needs to let Claire go. Jan will think about it and hangs up. She tells Claire to drive. Claire points out she doesn’t have the keys because it’s not her car. Jan knows how to hotwire a car.

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Ben looks at a necklace wtih Jordan looking over his shoulder on Days of Our Lives

After Ben calls to update Shawn, Ben says out loud that Jordan is wrong. He will find Claire.

Philip returns to Kristen and Brady in the SPD. She reveals Chloe is in the trunk of Kate’s car. She gives him the location and Philip storms out. Brady warns Kristen he will never forgive her if Chloe is hurt. Kristen asks if Brady still loves her. Before he can answer, Philip returns to say the car wasn’t where Kristen said it was.

As Claire drives at gunpoint, she and Jan hear thumping from the trunk.

Brady confronts Kristen in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

After Kayla rants at home about Dr. Snyder, she and Steve canoodle on the couch. Steve appreciates how protective she is over Tripp. Kayla calls him family. Besides she’s thrilled one of their kids is interested in medicine. They smooch and head to the bedroom.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Rafe questions Sami and Lucas.

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