Jordan wants Ben to sign his divorce papers on Days of Our Lives
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At the Horton House, Gwen finds a bag of pills in the envelope Dr. Snyder gave her. She calls herself a “bloody drug mule” and then notices Chad staring at her. She covers by saying they are pain killers her doctor gave her. Chad explains he told Jack he’d check in on her and asks if there’s anything he can do for her. She responds that he can stop feeling sorry for her and go home to Abigail. He admits she left town. Gwen is sorry Abigail left because of her. She vows to tell anyone who will listen that Abby didn’t push her. Chad says Abby doesn’t need Gwen to exonerate her and talks about how hard his wife is on herself.

Gwen waxes poetic about never being happier than when she was pregnant for that short time. Chad has a lot of regrets and is sorry she lost the baby. She thought being a mother would have been the one thing she is good at. The baby would have been her family. Chad knows Gwen wanted the baby and calls her his child too. Gwen thanks him for saying that. After Chad leaves, Gwen calls Dr. Snyder demanding answers about the drugs. He orders her to do as she’s told.

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Gwen teary-eyed on Days of Our Lives

Kayla and Steve enjoy a rare moment alone at home. They kiss until Tripp barges in. He rants about Dr. Snyder sending him home until he can perform intubation properly. Kayla points out it’s Dr. Snyder’s job to teach him and offers to talk to him. Tripp doesn’t want that. Steve suggests she just fire the jerk. Kayla reminds her husband procedures need to be followed. She can’t just fire anyone she wants. Kayla vows to help Tripp practice and make him a pro as Tripp goes to his room to practice. Alone with Steve, Kayla rants about what a bully Dr. Snyder is. She feels like something bad is going to happen.

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Steve and Kayla kiss on Days of Our Lives

Ben comes home to find Jordan waiting for him. She says she’s his guilty conscience and asks why he’s cheating on his wife. She taunts him about kissing Claire, and Ciara leaving Salem with Theo because she believes he’s a serial killer. Jordan yells at him for finding comfort with the woman who set his wife on fire a couple of times. She calls them a match made in hell. Ben defends himself and declares he’ll never give up on Ciara.

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Jan steals Belle's red coat on Days of Our Lives

While holding Claire at gunpoint at Shawn and Belle’s place, Jan calls Shawn. She tells him she’ll be a little late meeting him at the hotel. After hanging up, Jan tells Claire her parents tried to trick her into confessing to killing Charlie. She explains how she snuck out of the hospital to see Shawn on Valentine’s Day. She spied on him giving Belle the red coat and later watched Belle and Claire’s confrontation with Charlie. She got the idea to punish Charlie and get rid of Belle at the same time when she heard Belle threaten to kill him. Jan stole the red coat and went to Charlie’s where she found a gun, shot him, and hid when she heard John show up. Before she left, she ripped a button off Belle’s coat and threw it on the floor. She then returned the coat to Belle and snuck back into the hospital. She “woke” up from her coma to steer the cops in Belle’s direction as the killer. Claire pretends to have trouble breathing and calls Ben when Jan gets her a glass of water. He ignores the call but Claire leaves it running on voicemail as Jan returns.

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Jordan hands Ben a pen to sign the divorce papers but he throws it across the room. There’s nothing she can say to make him do that. Jordan backs off but suggests Ben check his voicemail. When he listens to Claire’s message, he hears Claire pleading with Jan. He runs out.

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After learning from Dr. Snyder that Jan knows they’re on to her, Belle races to Shawn’s Salem Inn room. They deduce Jan went after Claire and run out.

Ben finds Claire’s house empty and in disarray. He says, “Claire, what the hell did she do to you?

Shawn and Belle call Claire on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Xander threatens Sami, and Ben searches for Claire.

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