Snyder orders Gwen to be his courier at hospital Days of Our Lives
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At Salem University Hospital, Dr. Snyder tells Gwen that he’s not comfortable keeping the truth about her miscarriage a secret if it could cost Abby her mental health. He mentions that Jan has also been exploiting his hippocratic oath too. After he explains what Jan did, he continues lecturing Gwen and threatens to expose her to Jack. If she wants his silence, they need to take their doctor-patient relationship to the next level. She threatens to scream if he touches her. He assures her she’s not driving him wild with desire; he wants her to work for him. He leaves her alone to get dressed and then returns with a package for her to deliver. This will be a weekly thing. When she refuses to be his courier, he threatens to call her father, so she gives in.

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Ben and Claire kiss at Belle's Days of Our Lives

At Belle’s, Claire hugs weeping Ben and tells him he needs to let Ciara go… at least for a while. She kisses him. They start making out and pulling off their clothes. He stops it. It might not make sense, but he’s still married and loves Ciara. Claire feels like a jerk. He assures her that the kiss didn’t come out of nowhere. They’ve been getting close for months. She hopes she didn’t screw up their friendship. Ben apologizes too and they decide to put this behind them.

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Abby and Chad say goodbye at DiMera mansion Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, Chad tells Abby he loves her strength and compassion. He wants to work through things together. She insists she’s overwhelmed. Everything she knew about her life has been destroyed. He agrees to let her go if it’s what she needs. She won’t be gone for long and can see how much he loves her. They kiss and she leaves him in tears. Jack calls and Chad informs him that Abby is already gone.

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Chad and Jack talk Abby exiting at DiMera mansion Days of Our Lives

Jack shows up and asks why his daughter left in such a rush. Chad says she felt guilty. Jack explains that Gwen confessed she was lying. Chad says Abby always knew it was a lie; she feels guilty because the fight happened at all and could see Chad blamed her. As he rehashes everything that has happened, Chad insists he doesn’t have the right to judge anyone. Jack decides his daughter was right to go, especially with Gwen moving into his place. He gets called to work and Chad offers to check on Gwen.

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Shawn reassures Gwen in the square Days of Our Lives

In the square, Shawn vents to Jan about Belle. She assures him he’ll never be alone and pulls him into a kiss. Horrified, he leaps back. Jan accuses him of still hating her. He claims that he just needs to keep this a secret to protect her. She’s excited when he offers to get them a room at the Salem Inn. As soon as he takes off, she tells herself that everything she has done has been worth it. Once she’s alone, she eats a sundae and fantasizes about sex with Shawn. Dr. Snyder interrupts and confronts her about faking her coma. He explains that Belle and Shawn have been making inquiries and she realizes she’s being played. “Now it’s time for me to turn the tables,” Jan decides.

When Gwen gets to the Horton house, she opens the package Dr. Snyder gave her. “I’m a bloody drug mule!” she blurts as Chad walks in.

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Belle visits John at the hospital Days of Our Lives

Belle drops by to see John in the University Hospital waiting room. She has news from Justin. The judge has refused to throw out the recording. John offers to tell the jury he made a mistake because he wasn’t in his right mind. She assures him that she and Shawn have things under control. This worries John. Shawn calls her and says that Jan bought their fight. He almost blew things with Jan when she kissed him and he was repulsed. When he says he got a room at the Inn, she thinks this may have gone too far.

When Ben returns to his apartment, he’s shocked by who is there.

Jan shows up at Belle’s and pulls a gun on Claire just as Shawn calls to ask where she is.

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