Jan and Shawn kiss on Days of Our Lives
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Jan barges into the Salem P.D. demanding Trask put Belle back behind bars. Trask doesn’t doubt Belle’s guilt but reminds Jan that Belle is entitled to bail. The D.A shares she is waiting on the judge to decide if John’s recording can be used as evidence. The judge calls.

As Belle and Shawn have breakfast in the Square, Justin calls to inform Belle the judge is allowing John’s recording as evidence. Belle notes her trial is next week and she has no defense. Shawn thinks they need to get Jan to confess. Belle scoffs but Shawn thinks if they give her what she wants (to be the next Mrs. Shawn Brady), she’ll give them what they want. Belle won’t let him seduce Jan even if it means she goes down for murder one.

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Shawn and Belle sit in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Jan appears at Belle and Shawn’s table. The newlyweds stage a fight over Belle’s guilt in Charlie’s murder. Things get nasty and Shawn throws Belle’s affair with Philip in her face. Belle tosses a glass of water on him and storms away. Jan is sorry for Shawn but is happy his eyes are finally open to Belle. Shawn plays up his frustration over Belle killing Charlie. He feels all alone. Jan grabs his hand, tells him he’ll never be alone, and kisses him.

Jack helps Gwen move her things into the Horton House. Julie appears and lashes out at Gwen for lying about Abigail killing her baby. She then aims her venom at Jack wondering how he can take Gwen’s side. Jack defends himself and Gwen but Julie won’t be swayed. She storms out calling Gwen a liar who lies.

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Jack, Gwen and Julie talk at Horton House on Days of Our Lives

Gwen tells Jack that Julie is right. She admits Abigail didn’t push her down the stairs. She just fell during their fight. She blames herself for not protecting her baby and says she’ll find somewhere else to live. Jack reminds Gwen she is his daughter. It’s important to him that she owned her mistakes and told him the truth. He knows she and Abigail will work things out one day and that she’ll find real joy in her life. Jack says she is not alone anymore and suggests they finish moving her in. Gwen gets a message from Dr. Snyder about her follow-up appointment today.

At the hospital, Dr. Snyder lets Gwen know he’s aware she blamed Abigail for losing her baby despite that not being true. He pointedly says he isn’t sure he is comfortable keeping that information to himself.

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Dr. Snyder reads Gwen's chart at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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Abigail finds Gabi telling Chad about Kate at the DiMera mansion. Abby announces she’s leaving Salem. Chad stands, surprised. Abigail explains she’s spending time with her mother in Boston. Gabi can’t believe she’s letting Gwen push her out of her own life. Abigail explains she just needs to get away but Gabi counters she needs to stay and fight. Gabi thinks it’s the worst idea possible but promises to keep an eye on Gwen.

After Gabi leaves, Chad tells his wife he doesn’t want her to go. He believes she didn’t mean for Gwen to fall and lose her child. Abigail cries as she thanks him for that. She knows she didn’t push her but she still wanted that baby gone. She let Gwen turn her into someone she doesn’t want to be.

Julie enters her restaurant and finds Gabi waiting for scones for Jake. They trade barbs before Julie goes on a rant about Gwen moving into the house. Gabi wonders how Jack will feel when he learns Gwen ran Abby out of town. The enemies can’t believe they’re on the same about this. They wonder if their cold war is over. They both declare “never” and walk away.

Julie returns home to tell Jack that, thanks to Gwen, Abigail is leaving Salem.

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Claire and Ben reads his divorce papers on Days of Our Lives

Ben comes to see Claire at home. He shows her the divorce papers Ciara sent him. He thought Belle could help him go over his options. She reminds him Belle has her own legal issues to worry about. Ben is so sorry and says he’ll find another lawyer. Claire offers to listen and help. Ben gets riled up as they discuss it. He grabs his phone to make arrangements to fly to Johannesburg and confront Ciara. Claire takes the phone out of his hands. She says that will just push Ciara further away. That’s a chance Ben is willing to take. She urges him to trust that Ciara will remember and come home to him. They both tear up as Ben relents, admitting she’s right. Claire hates seeing him in so much pain and pulls him into an embrace. She says they both need to let Ciara go. After pulling away, Ben wipes a tear from her face. Claire moves in for a kiss.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gwen is blackmailed and Chad and Abigail say goodbye.

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