Lucas watches as Xander gives Sami a phone on Days of Our Lives
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Brady wakes up to Marlena in his hospital room. She tells him Kristen attacked Kate who is in a coma. Brady asks about Chloe. Marlena calls her but only gets her voicemail, which concerns them. As Marlena tells him the story about Lucas’ brain tumor, Brady connects the dots to Sami and Kristen. Marlena can’t imagine Sami would help Kristen but Brady proposes she would if there was something in it for her. Brady asks Marlena to go to the DiMera mansion to see if anyone has heard from Chloe, who he confesses to having feelings for. He needs Marlena’s help to make sure she’s safe. Marlena agrees to check with Lucas.

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Lucas steps in front of Sami as Xander points a gun at them in the wine cellar. They don’t understand why he’d help Kristen. Xander explains he’s doing it for the money and aims his gun higher. “Who wants to go first,” he asks. Sami offers to pay double what Kristen is giving him. Xander asks for ten million dollars. He says Kristen was paying more for Sami than Lucas because she’s a huge pain in the ass. Lucas thinks that makes sense. Sami and Lucas bicker until Xander stops them. “Do you want to buy your freedom or not,” he asks.

Sami calculates how much it’d cost just for herself. Lucas raises an eyebrow at her. Sami quickly agrees to pay the whole ten million but then realizes her money is tied up with EJ’s. Xander wonders if there’s a reason she doesn’t her husband to know she’s with Lucas. Sami and Lucas bumble about until she agrees to call EJ. Xander hands her a phone. She tears up as she convinces EJ to wire the money. Xander rips the phone out of her hand as she tells EJ she loves him too. When Xander gets an alert he received the cash, Xander smirks. “It was a pleasure doing business with you.” After he leaves, Sami hangs back to talk to Lucas about keeping their secret from EJ.

Xander sneaks out of the DiMera tunnels on Days of Our Lives

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As Marlena enters the DiMera mansion, Xander emerges from the tunnels. He smiles at her, puts the gun in his pocket, and leaves. Marlena looks toward the open door with a grimace.

In the park, Kristen takes off her Susan disguise in front of Lani. She agrees to go peacefully to the station but wants to meet Lani’s twins first. Kristen cries as they look at Jules and Carver. Kristen assumes Lani is ashamed to call her a friend. Lani assures her they have a bond that will never be broken. Lani tears up as she says it’s time to go. Kristen holds out her wrists to be cuffed. Lani hugs her.

Eli quickly fastens his towel back around his waist when he notices Chanel gawking at him in his kitchen. Chanel grins as she says her cousin is one lucky lady.

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Chanel sees Eli wearing nothing but a towel on Days of Our Lives

Eli returns fully dressed to a teasing Chanel in the living room. She assures him it’s no big deal, she’s seen everything in Europe. Eli stammers as he says he figured she wouldn’t be fazed. Chanel assumes Lani told him she kissed a girl. She eagerly tells him the story about her friend despite him not asking. Though he’s uninterested at first, Eli detects she’s really hurting over her friend not reciprocating her feelings. As they talk about their respective relationships, Chanel says she’s jealous over how happy Eli and Lani make each other. As Eli tells Chanel about Lani’s complicated friendship with Kristen, his wife calls. He agrees to meet her at the station. Alone, Chanel notes again that Lani is lucky to have Eli.

Lani brings Kristen to the station. After Eli leads the prisoner to the interrogation room, he asks Lani if she is okay. She sadly says she’ll tell him about it at home. He kisses her. When he returns to Kristen, he suggests she call her lawyer. She says it won’t be necessary. Eli declares he’ll have her sent straight to Statesville then. Kristen warns no one will see Chloe again if that happens.

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Eli and Lani kiss at the police station on Days of Our Lives

Gabi sits with Philip at the hospital and fills him in on what Kristen did to Kate. He tells her she doesn’t have to stick around for him. She explains she’s also there for Jake who she got back together with… but now she’s not sure where things stand between them. Jake joins them. He explains the doctors don’t think it’s safe to bring Kate out of the coma yet. Philip runs off to see his mother.

Gabi gives a worried Jake his phone and assures him Kate is the toughest person she knows. Jake appreciates the reminder but knows this can’t be easy on her either. Gabi understands if he wants to change his mind about them being together. Jake is feeling so many emotions about Kate right now but it doesn’t change how he feels about her. He loves Gabi. She is the woman he wants to be with. She leans into his arms.

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Gabi consoles Jake at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Philip returns to Jake and Gabi but leaves to call Lucas because Kate shouldn’t be alone right now. Gabi agrees and tells Jake to sit with her. Jake asks her to join him. They grab hands and walk to Kate’s room.

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