Sami and Lucas disheveled and disoriented on Days of Our Lives
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At home, Lani agrees Chanel can look for another place to live after she clears the air with her friend. Chanel thanks her and leaves. Eli comes home and tells a shocked Lani about Kristen’s escape. Lani swears she didn’t know she was impersonating Susan. Eli believes her but warns a lot of people could get hurt. Lani agrees to take the twins to Abe in case Kristen comes by. He asks if Chanel moved out yet. Lani explains she’s staying one more day. After Lani and Eli get the babies ready, they kiss and she leaves for Abe’s.

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Allie opens her door to Tripp holding flowers. She invites him in and he tells her Kate is in the ICU. Allie assumes her father is with Kate but Tripp corrects her. She wonders where he could be. She calls Lucas but he doesn’t answer.

Tripp tells Allie he’d like to talk to her about their kiss. He thought she might not be interested considering she took off right after. She smiles, “There’s only one way to find out.” As they lean in for another one, Chanel knocks on the door. Allie tells her friend about her grandmother and they hug. Tripp and Chanel eye each other. When Allie leaves the room to check on Henry, Chanel tells Tripp she and Allie are just friends. She won’t come in between the two of them. They awkwardly discuss recent events until Allie returns. When Chanel abruptly leaves, Allie wonders what Tripp said to her. He didn’t say anything but he’s glad they’re alone. They kiss.

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Tripp gives Allie flowers on Days of Our Lives

Eli enters his kitchen in nothing but a towel around his waist. He reaches into the cupboards, as Chanel comes home. Her mouth drops as his towel falls to the floor.

Sami freaks out as she and Lucas put their clothes back on in the wine cellar. She can’t believe she slept with him again. Sami blames Lucas but he counters she wanted it to happen as much as he did. Sami relents and says, “You’re right.” She knows it’s not his responsibility to stop her from cheating on her husband. She shouldn’t have taken it out on him. Sami reminds Lucas Kristen could back at any time to finish them off. She suggests they work together to find a way out of there. Sami recalls EJ telling her about a loose tile in the ceiling. Sami gets on Lucas’ shoulders as she struggles to find it. They lose their balance and fall.

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Lucas and Sami fight in the wine cellar on Days of Our Lives

While talking to Gabi at the hospital, Rafe blames himself for blowing off Lucas’ concerns about Kate.

After Nicole knocks on Xander’s door, Kristen orders him to get rid of her and hides. Xander opens the door to Nicole who barges in to grab her ring. Kirsten smirks as she hears them talk about sleeping together. Nicole fills Xander in on her cover story and declares no one can know they had sex. Xander promises not to tell anyone. Nicole hears a phone ringing from the bathroom when Rafe calls Lucas’ phone. Kristen quickly ignores the call but Nicole wonders if someone is there. Xander lies that it is his phone. Nicole leaves.

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Nicole stressed looking at Xander on Days of Our Lives

When Kristen returns to Xander, he refuses to kill anyone for her. Kristen tries to blackmail him over Nicole but Xander doesn’t care who knows. Kristen plays the money card again but Xander knows he’ll regret working for her. He orders her out and opens the door to the hotel manager who presents him with his long-overdue bill. Xander has until the end of the day to pay it. After the manager leaves, Kristen hands Xander money for his bill and orders and him to take care of Sami and Lucas.

Alone, Kristen listens to the voicemail Rafe left for Lucas about Kate.

Back at the hospital, Rafe decides to go to the DiMera mansion since he can’t get in touch with Lucas. Gabi wants to go with him so she can pick up Jake’s phone.

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Xander runs into Gabi and Rafe at the mansion. He makes excuses as to why he’s there and pretends to leave. After Rafe and Gabi actually exit, Xander reappears and heads to the tunnels. He opens the wine cellar door as Sami and Lucas bicker while dusting themselves off. They’re relieved to see him and prepare to leave. Xander pulls out a gun and says, “Sorry. But I have other plans for you two.”

Nicole stops by Rafe’s house to see Ava. She cries as she tells her she cheated on her husband. Nicole adds that Rafe saw her doing the walk of shame but she lied about it. Ava assures Nicole her secret is safe with her as Rafe comes home. “What secret,” he asks. Nicole leaves as Ava covers.

As Lani strolls through the park, she runs into Kristen who pretends to be Susan. Lani tells her friend she knows what’s up.

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