Jake and Gabi make calls while Kate lies passed out on Days of Our Lives
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Jake finds Kate passed out in the DiMera living room. He tries to wake her up and feels for a pulse. Gabi finds him giving Kate CPR. Kate starts breathing again but remains unconscious. Jake suggests to a confused Gabi that Kristen tried to kill her.

After getting off the phone with Marlena, Rafe tells Eli that Kristen has been posing as Susan the last few months. Rafe calls to put out an APB and then fills Eli in on the details. As Eli worries Kristen will go straight to Lani, Gabi calls her brother. She tells Rafe they think Kristen tried to kill Kate, while Jake calls 9-1-1.

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Rafe learns about Kristen from Rafe on Days of Our Lives

After Xander gets out of the shower, he grins as he remembers his night with Nicole. Kristen, in her Kate mask, knocks on his door. She explains everything to Xander, who is impressed with how good her mask is. She tells him everything is falling apart and she needs his help.

Xander puts on clothes as Kristen takes off her mask. When he asks how many masks she has, she only admits to impersonating Nicole and Kate. Kristen tells a questioning Xander about what happened with Kate, as well as Lucas, Sami, and Chloe. She tells him Kate is dead but the other three are alive… and that’s where Xander comes in. She will pay top dollar if he rids her of these thorns in her side. “Name your price, Xander.” He doesn’t think this is the job for him. Kristen reminds him how broke he is and asks if he’s sick of being of a good boy. She urges him to embrace who he is.

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Kristen reveals herself to Xander on Days of Our Lives

At Lani and Eli’s, Chanel gives her cousin a cupcake she made. Chanel explains she learned how to bake from her housekeeper growing up. Now, when she’s feeling low, she breaks out the flour and sugar. When Lani questions why she’s feeling bad, Chanel tells her about kissing an old friend. Lani is surprised when Chanel corrects her assumption that it was a man. When Lani asks if she’s bisexual or pansexual, Chanel explains the only labels she’s into are the ones on Rodeo Drive. Lani assures Chanel she is cool with her liking men and women and asks what the status is of her and this girl. Chanel responds that her friend made it clear she wasn’t interested. She just hopes they can still be friends.

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Chanel makes Lani cupcakes on Days of Our Lives

Allie asks Nicole where she was the night before at their apartment. Nicole explains she got wasted after learning Eric wasn’t coming home. She lies that she just slept it off at the Salem Inn. Allie wishes she’d come home. Nicole tearfully says she does too. Allie sings Nicole’s praises while bashing her uncle for not being there. Nicole appreciates it but she doesn’t want to talk about Eric. She asks about her. Allie tells Nicole about running into Chanel who kissed her. Allie says she never a kissed girl before and didn’t know how to react. It got even more complicated when Tripp walked in and saw them but then they kissed. Nicole smiles. She suspected there was something going on between them. As they talk, Nicole realizes her wedding ring is missing. Nicole panics when she realizes she could have left it at the Salem Inn.

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Allie confides in Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Tripp confides in Kayla at the hospital that Dr. Snyder has it in for him after finding him holding Allie’s hand. She offers to talk to him but he declines. Kayla wonders if there’s something more going on between Tripp and Allie. Tripp smiles as he relays that they kissed.

Gabi and Jake rush into the hospital to tell Kayla what happened with Kate. After Kayla and Tripp leave, Rafe and Eli show up. Jake and Gabi tell the cops everything they know. As Eli and Rafe process the fact that Kristen was impersonating Kate, Kayla and Tripp return. Kate has a traumatic brain injury. She’s in an induced coma until the swelling on her brain goes down. Kayla can’t give a prognosis. They just have to watch and wait. Jake asks to see her. Kayla wants to check on her again first. From behind, Gabi puts her arms around Jake. He leans against her and says, “It’s so bad.”

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Jake sits with a comatose Kate. He remembers their relationship and promises her he’s not going anywhere. Meanwhile, Gabi wonders to Rafe if Kate’s condition will change Jake’s mind about being with her.

Tripp shows up at Allie’s door with flowers. Allie sweetly grins.

As Kristen tries to persuade Xander to kill for her, Nicole knocks on his door.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kristen could come between Eli and Lani, and Nicole confides in Ava.

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