Jake and Gabi touch foreheads sitting on the bed on Days of Our Lives
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The morning after, Jake gets out of bed and puts on his shirt. Gabi throws a pillow at him, accusing him of sneaking out after getting what he wanted. Jake explains he was going to bring her breakfast in bed. He doesn’t blame her for doubting him because of all the games they’ve played. He wasn’t playing last night though when he said she is the one he wants. When he’s with her everything makes sense. “I love you, Gabi.” Gabi doesn’t think anything could be more romantic than the way he just said those words. They kiss.

Gabi tells Jake that Stefan was the love of her life. But now, he’s made her believe in love again. Grieving Stefan was her way of keeping him alive but Jake is there to hold and touch. She says, “I love you too. I love you so much.” They move in for another loving embrace that turns passionate. Kate walks in as Gabi straddles Jake.

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Xander and Nicole in bed on Days of Our Lives

At the Salem Inn, Xander grins when Nicole panics over waking up with him. She runs to the bathroom with a sheet wrapped around her and throws up. When she returns in a robe, she rants about cheating on her husband with the most disgusting man in the world. Xander knows she feels bad but he doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Xander calls Eric a jerk for marrying her and then running off to be a saint. The fact that Nicole is beating herself up over it makes Xander want to grab that halo over Eric’s head and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Nicole slowly smiles.

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Nicole changes back into her dress and tells Xander that Eric is good and Xander is the worst. Xander counters that the good people in their lives played them like a couple of suckers. At least Sarah had the decency to end it with him; Eric is still stringing Nicole along. Xander thinks Nicole wanted to be with a shallow, bad person who thinks she’s a knockout. Nicole denies it, calling it a desperate longing for her husband. She thought about Eric the whole time. Xander smirks wondering if her mind drifted to Rafe. Nicole protests a little too loudly. Xander finds her phone and plays Rafe’s voicemail from the previous night. Nicole grabs it and storms out.

Shirtless Xander faces Nicole in Salem Inn room on Days of Our Lives

Alone, Xander sadly looks at Sarah’s engagement ring. He lists the many terrible ways he’s been handling her absence. Yep, he’s definitely better off without her, he says. He downs a mini bottle of booze.

After leaving the Salem Inn, Nicole runs into Rafe in the Square

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As Chloe, John, and Marlena wait for word on Brady’s surgery, “Susan” runs into the hospital. She explains she had a premonition about Brady and asks if he’s okay. John tells her he was in a car accident. “Susan” learns Brady is still in surgery and has a meltdown. She starts to walk away to find out what’s going on. John grabs her arm and tells her if she wants to help she should go to the chapel and pray for a really long time. John steps away to talk to the doctor himself. Marlena tells “Susan” she’ll find her in the chapel if there’s any news. After she leaves, Marlena grows distracted wondering where Sami is. Chloe suggests she try Lucas. When Marlena presses her, Chloe spills everything about their plan to make her think Lucas was dying.

John visits Brady when he comes out of surgery. Brady tells him Kristen escaped prison.

John and Marlena confront "Susan" at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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In the chapel, Kristen listens to Lucas’ voicemail on Sami’s phone. He says if he doesn’t hear from Sami soon, he’s telling Rafe about Kristen. Kristen tells god to take care of Brady while she takes care of Lucas.

Sami wakes up in the wine cellar clutching her head. “Son of a bitch,” she says as she remembers Kristen drugging her. She pounds on the door screaming for Kristen to let her out of there.

Sami lies unconscious on Days of Our Lives

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After Rafe won’t help him find Kate, Lucas runs into the DiMera mansion calling out for Jake. When Lucas can’t get ahold of his mother, he says he has no choice but to call Rafe. “Susan” bashes him over the head with a fire poker and throws him into the cellar with Sami. “Susan” returns upstairs to see Chloe holding the fire poker.

Lucas lies unconscious on the DiMera living room floor on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Things heat up between Sami and Lucas, and Nicole tries to keep her secret.

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