Xander and Nicole get drunk on Days of Our Lives
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In Brady’s hospital room, a masked and scrubs-wearing Kristen tells Chloe she’s there to prep the patient for surgery. Chloe urges “the nurse” to take good care of Brady and leaves. Kristen sits with her unconscious man. She cries and apologizes for causing his accident.

Kristen disguises herself in Brady's hospital room on Days of Our Lives

After Sami watches Xander and Nicole enter the Salem Inn, she runs into John and Marlena. She tells them Brady was in an accident and is scheduled for surgery. John and Marlena run off as Sami heads inside the Inn.

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Chloe finds Kayla at the hospital hub. She mentions Brady is getting prepped for surgery. Kayla’s confused. She just now scheduled it. John and Marlena rush in. Kayla updates them and takes John to see his son.

Kristen quickly covers her face as John enters Brady’s room. She keeps her back to John as she walks toward the door. Later, Brady is taken to surgery.

Xander and Nicole stumble into Xander’s room. He rustles them up some drinks at the minibar as Rafe calls Nicole. Xander grabs her phone before she can answer and replaces it with a drink. When Nicole asks for her phone back, Xander looks to see that Rafe was who called. Nicole sings his praises when Xander bad mouths Commissioner Hernandez. “Do you have the hots for the commish,” Xander asks. Nicole insists she’s doesn’t but Xander doesn’t buy it. He knows Nicole is lonely and is into Rafe. Nicole leans in and says, “So what if I am?”

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Sami creeps up in the hallway and puts her ear against Xander’s door. As she’s about to knock, her phone buzzes. It’s Kristen who orders her to meet her in the park.

Inside the hotel room, Xander gets Nicole to admit she’s jealous of Rafe going on a date with Ava. She calls herself a horrible, selfish person. Xander smirks. If she weren’t, she wouldn’t be there with him. Nicole frowns and then rattles on about her marriage woes. Xander doesn’t think she should go after the good guys anymore. Just like he shouldn’t have been with Sarah. At the end of the day Nicole’s not worthy of someone like that. Nicole declares she’s nothing like him. Xander retorts, “Birds of a feather flock together.” He looks at the bed and then back at her. What do you say,” he continues. “Want to flock?”

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Sami strangles Kristen in the park on Days of Our Lives

Sami meets with Kristen in the park. She gets her blackmailer to admit she was impersonating Kate at the hospital and that she kidnapped Kate, who escaped. Sami is horrified to realize Kristen caused Brady’s accident. Kristen admits she did but now she needs help getting Kate back. Sami can’t help because Kate’s family. Besides, she kind of likes her. Kristen threatens an unfazed Sami who starts to call Rafe for help. Kristen pulls out a syringe and stabs Sami with it. Sami strangles Kristen and then passes out.

After Rafe gets Nicole’s voicemail, Steve enters Julie’s Place. Rafe hangs up his phone and explains to Steve he’s on a date. When Steve asks who the lucky lady is, Ava appears. “That would be me,” she says.

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Ava apologizes to Steve on Days of Our Lives

Steve scoffs. He says he is uniquely qualified to warn Rafe away from his ex. After Steve rattles off Ava’s crimes, Rafe says he appreciates Steve’s concern but he’s on a date. So, if he doesn’t mind… Ava interrupts Rafe. She thinks Steve has a right to say what he did because every word is true. However, she wants to be a better person and to be worthy of love. Worthy of a man like Rafe, who grins. Ava sincerely apologizes to Steve. He appreciates it but isn’t ready to move on yet. He’s said his piece and that’s all he can do. He wishes them a good night and leaves.

Ava tells Rafe she’d understand if he wanted to run for the hills. Rafe takes her hand and says he’s right where he wants to be.

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Rafe and Ava on a date at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

After they return home, Ava tells Rafe she’s going to bed. She had a really nice time but given her history, she should quit while she’s ahead. Rafe had a nice time too. He brings her in close and kisses her. After pulling away, Ava smiles and walks out of the room. Rafe looks at Nicole’s missed call on his phone.

Back at Xander’s, Nicole tells her ex-husband she would never sleep with him. She hates him, remember? After more taunts about her love life, Xander declares he won’t wait around for Sarah. He’ll do whatever he wants when he wants. Nicole tells him to shut up. Xander says, “Make me.” Nicole rips open his shirt, slaps him, and then jumps on him. They make out, causing Nicole to miss Rafe’s call. They rip each other’s clothes off. Nicole pushes Xander on the bed on jumps on top of him.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Nicole regrets her actions and things go from bad to worse for Sami.

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