Claire and Tripp interrupt Chanel and Allie at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives
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Tripp and Claire enter Julie’s Place to see Chanel and Allie hugging. Claire yells out, “Get your hands off my cousin!” There’s no way she’s going to let Chanel scam Allie like Chanel scammed her. Tripp backs Claire up when she explains about Chanel’s scam on them. Allie defends her friend, insisting she doesn’t need saving. Claire wonders what the kiss Tripp saw was all about then. Surprised, Allie asks if Tripp was spying on her. He explains how he stumbled upon them. Chanel wonders why it’s any of his business. Allie quietly says Tripp is the guy she was telling Chanel about. Chanel loudly responds, “This cheapskate is the guy you’re into?” A chagrined Allie asks to talk to Tripp outside. They leave, as Claire continues to berate a defensive Chanel.

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Chanel and Allie toast pink martinis at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Outside, Allie confirms to Tripp she’s not gay or bi. She and Chanel are just really good friends. She wants Tripp to know there’s nothing going on between them. Tripp wonders if he is in fact the guy Allie’s into. She wonders how there can be anything between them considering she accused him of rape. Tripp assures her he’s let it all go. He thinks he should stop talking and leans in to kiss her. Chanel approaches, causing them to break apart. Allie gets a text about Henry and suggests she and Tripp talk later. Tripp watches her walk away.

Tripp and Allie kiss outside Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Abe and Lani discuss Paulina at Brady’s Pub. Lani knows her father used his pull to make Paulina’s project happen. She worries Abe will be disappointed if her aunt doesn’t return. Paulina calls Abe who puts her on speakerphone. Paulina asks about the babies and apologizes for not keeping in contact. Something came up in her Miami office but she’ll be back very soon. After Paulina hangs up, she pulls out a map and says, “Not what you had in mind Abe. I do know that. No turning back now.”

Gabi comes home to the DiMera mansion to find a sullen Jake drinking. He tells her Kate left Salem. Gabi thinks it’s odd Kate would leave her job and family. Jake talks about how wrong he was about Kate but thinks he wasn’t wrong about Gabi. He leans in for a kiss. She slaps him. Jake yells, “What was that for?” Gabi won’t have Kate’s sloppy seconds but Jake thought they were having a moment. Gabi corrects him and storms out.

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Jake brings Gabi a martini in her room on Days of Our Lives

Later, Jake brings Gabi a martini to her room as a peace offering. She invites him in. He hopes it makes up for throwing himself at her. He won’t do it again. Gabi knows he’s hurting and assures him that pain doesn’t last forever. Gabi talks about growing up to believe there’s one true love but it’s really a load of crap. She believes in making your own fairy tales and suggests he not give up on love. Gabi thinks maybe there’s someone better out there for him than Kate. Jake says, “Maybe I’m looking at her.”

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Brady's face pressed against an air bag, blood trickles from his head on Days of Our Lives

Kristen drives recklessly when Kate distracts her from the backseat. Kristen thinks the oncoming driver must have swerved to safety. Meanwhile, Brady lies lifeless against his steering wheel with blood trickling down his face. Brady slowly wakes up and finds his phone to call 9-1-1. He passes out before he can give his location.

Back in Kristen’s car, Kate strangles her nemesis who injects her with the syringe. Kate jumps out of the car. Kristen pulls over but can’t find her.

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Kristen covers her mouth in horror on Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Chloe realizes Sami was in her Stan mask pretending to be Dr. Dunne. She accuses Lucas and Sami of lying about his brain tumor. As they try to deny her claims, Kayla approaches to tell them Brady has been brought in. Chloe rushes off to see him and orders Lucas to stay away from her.

After Chloe’s left, Lucas says he’s going to confess everything to his ex. He tells Sami to call her parents and leaves to find out what’s going on with Brady. Kristen frantically calls Sami who tells her Brady’s in the hospital. Kristen becomes upset realizing the other car she encountered was Brady.

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Chloe holds Brady's hand at his hospital bedside on Days of Our Lives

“Kate” shows up at the hospital demanding information from Sami. Lucas tries to talk to her but she lashes out and stomps off. Sami and Lucas note how weird Kate was being.

Chloe enters Brady’s exam room as Brady flatlines. After Kayla jumpstarts his heart, she allows Chloe to stay with him. Chloe holds Brady’s hand assuring him she’s not going anywhere. As she begs him to pull through, Brady says Kristen’s name. He wakes up and says, “Kristen. She’s not Kristen.” “Kate” stands at the doorway.

Kate struggles while lying in the woods. She says, “Jake,” and passes out.

Kate lies lifeless, bleeding in the woods on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Nicole hears from Eric, and Sami figures out Kristen’s plan.

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