Brady swerves into accident Days of our Lives
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On her way to the basement, Kristen calls Vivian and tells her that she’s done her part. She goes in to see Kate, who curses her, confident that Jake will find her. Kristen shrugs that off and whips out a syringe, telling Kate she’s going to a deserted island. They struggle over the syringe, but Kate gets injected and collapses. Kristen stuffs her in a duffel bag.

Jake tries to stop "Kate" at Casa DiMera Days of our Lives

Disguised Kristen is dragging Kate in the bag through the mansion when Jake stops her. “Kate” tells him they are finished and orders him to get out of her way. He accuses her of leaving because she’s in love with him. After telling him he can just hook up with Gabi again, she drags the bag out.

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Brady is shocked to discover Susan in disguise in prison Days of our Lives

In prison, “Kristen” complains to herself about being stuck in there until Brady interrupts. He brought Rachel’s birthday card for her to sign. As they chat, she has to keep correcting her statements. She even signs “Susan” on the card. Brady finally realizes what’s going on and she pops out her fake teeth. Susan explains what happened and why she agreed to help Kristen protect him. Brady thinks this is nuts, but Susan says Kristen just loves him truly. When she mentions that Kristen has been working with Vivian, he gets more suspicious. She just wants out of prison. He begs her to keep up the charade a little longer until he gets Kristen back there.

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Kristen drives and complains about how heavy Kate was. Kate claws her way out of the bag and grabs at Kristen, who loses control of the car.

Brady races down the road, worried that everything will end in disaster if he doesn’t get Kristen back to the prison. Kristen’s car swerves at his.

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"Dunn" gives Lucas and Chloe diagnosis hospital Days of our Lives

At Salem University Hospital, Lucas is desperate to get out, but Chloe insists he stay to get a second opinion. She knows he’s afraid and goes off to look for Dr. Dunn. He immediately calls Sami and tells her that their lie is about to be found out. Chloe comes back and Lucas tells her that he doesn’t deserve a long life. Dr. Dunn enters and they are both confused by how much he looks like Stan. Lucas realizes it’s Sami. “Dunn” confirms the morbid diagnosis, and he only has a few months to live. He should enjoy his final days. Lucas asks Chloe to wait outside and confronts Sami. She takes off her mask and assures him Dr. Dunn won’t catch them. Shoving his pants in his hands, she orders him to take Chloe off on a jaunt around the world.

Sami offers to book a holiday for Chloe and Lucas at hospital Days of our Lives

Lucas meets Chloe in the waiting room. He announces he’s going to Antarctica to see the penguins… and he wants company on the cold nights. Sami pops up and asks if there’s good news. He says the tumor is inoperable and she turns on the waterworks. When he mentions he asked Chloe to go away with him, the diva wonders why he isn’t spending his final days with his family. Sami offers to book them a deluxe tour. As she goes on about how important romance is to Lucas, Chloe flashes back to “Dunn” and to meeting Stan. “Oh my God!” she gasps.

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Allie and Chanel talk kiss at Julie's Place Days of our Lives

At Julie’s Place, Allie and Chanel recall their time in London and laugh. They both wish they could go back to that time. As they kiss, Tripp walks in and sees them before running off. The girls stop kissing and assure each other they aren’t gay. Chanel says she’s not into labels and is surprised Allie hasn’t kissed a girl before. They agree to stay besties and Chanel offer to help her get her hottie. Allie doesn’t think that’s in the cards because it’s too complicated. They decide to go job hunting together.

Tripp tells Claire he saw Allie kiss Chanel in square Days of our Lives

Tripp runs into Claire in the square and tells her what he just saw. Claire is confused, more so when he explains it was Chanel. She assumes that Chanel is trying to scam their friend like she does everyone else.

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Claire bursts into Julie’s Place and orders Chanel to keep her hands off Allie.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chloe blasts Lucas and Sami.

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