Lucas makes a phone call from bed on Days of Our Lives
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As Lucas worries to Sami on the phone about lying to Chloe, the latter appears in his room with soup. He hangs up. Chloe tells him she made him an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow and she’s going with him because she doesn’t trust he’ll do it himself.

Kristen enters John and Marlena’s place looking for an update on Sami’s plan. After Kristen reiterates her threat to expose her fling with Lucas, Sami tells her about Lucas faking a brain tumor. Kristen isn’t impressed. A panicked Lucas calls Sami to tell her about his appointment with the doctor. He orders her to think of something to get him out of this. Sami looks worried but pretends Lucas has come up with a great plan for Kristen’s benefit.

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Kristen, dressed as Susan, gets in Sami's face on Days of Our Lives

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At Basic Black, Nicole flashes back to Ava accusing her of wanting Rafe. Brady notices she’s distracted. He hopes she’s not trying to figure out how to push him and Chloe together again. Nicole disparages Kristen but promises to butt out — even if he’s being a fool.

Chloe joins Brady and Nicole at work. She tells them a friend of hers got bad news so she asks for tomorrow off. Brady allows it and then says he has to see Rachel. Chloe pulls out a present for Rachel’s birthday. Nicole notes how thoughtful that is. Brady smirks at Nicole and leaves.

As Nicole promises Chloe she’s staying out of other people’s business, she mentions Rafe and Ava’s kiss. When she expresses her concern over them getting together, Chloe wonders if Nicole does in fact want Rafe for herself. Nicole reminds her friend she is married and that Eric is coming home soon. Chloe points out that’s not really an answer.

When Brady returns to the Black household, “Susan” notices the present. He tells her it’s from Chloe, which annoys “Susan.” She makes a point of mentioning it to Sami who just pays attention to her phone. Brady leaves the room leaving Kristen to threaten Sami again.

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"Susan" takes a gift from Brady on Days of Our Lives

At home, Rafe pours wine for himself and Ava. He rants about Trask and then suggests they talk about their kiss. Ava laughs because she knows he doesn’t like talking. However, she assumes their kiss only happened because he was upset about Hope. Rafe corrects her. Ava laughs as he stumbles over his words trying to explain she wasn’t a substitute for Hope. Rafe says they can totally forget about it though. Ava doesn’t want to forget about it. It was the nicest thing to happen to her in a long time. Rafe jokes that bar is very low. Ava agrees but reiterates it was very nice. However, Nicole thinks they’re a bad idea. Rafe declares it’s none of her business and asks if they can be done talking now. Ava wonders, if they don’t talk, what should they do? They lean in to kiss but Rafe gets called back to work. He suggests they go out to dinner tomorrow night. Ava says, “Like a date?” Rafe confirms, “Like a date.”

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Ava and Rafe look into each other's eyes on Days of Our Lives

Gwen rails at Abigail from her hospital bed. She accuses her sister of pushing her down the stairs. Abigail insists it’s not true. Chad asks Abigail to leave when Gwen grows more upset.

After Abby has left, Gwen thinks her losing the baby is an answer to Chad’s prayers. Chad insists he feels horrible about the baby. He’s sorry if he didn’t handle things in the best way but he would have taken care of and loved their daughter. Gwen apologizes. Chad offers to get someone to stay with her. Gwen points out there is no one, which is probably her own fault. Gwen thought the baby was her second chance. If she could be a good mother then she could erase the past. Chad states she would have been a good mother. Gwen says, thanks to Abigail, they’ll never know.

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Abigail returns to Jack in the lobby. She tells her father Gwen lost the baby and blames her. Abigail needs to know if Jack believes she didn’t do it. Jack says, “I need to go see Gwen,” and walks away.

Chad leaves when Jack enters Gwen’s room. Jack sits on the side of his daughter’s bed and holds her hand. He is so sorry. Gwen cries in Jack’s arms.

Back in the lobby, Chad tells Abigail he believes she didn’t push Gwen, but wonders why she was fighting with her at the top of the stairs. Abigail asks, “Are you saying it’s my fault?” Chad looks around and walks away.

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