Gwen lies lifeless at the bottom of the stairs on Days of Our Lives
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Jake tells Ben “Kate” dumped him, as the friends have a beer in Horton Square. Jake blames himself for telling her he was jealous of Gabi dating Philip. However, he felt like she was lying when she went over all the reasons she was leaving him. Ben wonders if “Kate” is right about him not being over Gabi. Jake says it doesn’t matter because he still has feelings for Kate. He thinks Ben should understand that. Ben does but tells him Ciara left town. Jake is sorry to hear it and offers to listen. Ben can’t talk about it but advises Jake to decide who he wants to be with and then do whatever it takes to let her know she is the one for him.

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Ben returns to his studio, slamming the door and his keys on the table. He calms down when he looks at his wedding photo. Suddenly, he throws it, trashes his room, and leaves.

At Brady’s Pub, Roman asks “Kate” if she wants to give it another try, now that she’s free of Jake. “Kate” is flattered but she’s not the woman she was all those years ago. She’s moved on and so should he.

Kate and Roman at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

After “Kate” has left, Gabi and Philip come into the Pub for a “working” dinner. Roman tells Philip his mother was just there breaking up with Jake. Philip remarks that Jake’s been served up to Gabi on a silver platter. She scoffs. She won’t go running back to Jake just because he is back on the market. Philip smiles. He’s going to eat at the bar and make some calls. She’s free to do whatever she wants.

Jack rushes to Gwen’s side after she falls down the DiMera staircase. Horrified, Abigail runs down as Jack finds her pulse. Chad urgently calls for an ambulance.

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Jack leans over a lifeless Gwen on Days of Our Lives

After Gwen’s been taken to the hospital, Kristen enters the mansion. She notes it looks like there’s been some action. She hopes that means no one found Kate. She sneaks down to the wine cellar and takes off her Kate mask. Kristen taunts Kate over breaking up with Jake. When she’s sent far, far, away from Salem, no one will even miss her. After Kate tries to fight back, Kristen leaves to get her something to make her more relaxed for her trip.

Kristen taunts Kate in the wine cellar on Days of Our Lives

Back upstairs, Jake returns home bellowing for Kate. Gabi appears, remarking she heard he and Kate broke up. He accuses her of saying something to make “Kate” dump him. Gabi insists she did no such thing. She wants nothing to do with him. Jake thinks otherwise. Gabi tells him she’s going to her room, alone, and he can go straight to hell. As she walks away, Jake says, “Already there.”

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Jake grabs Gabi's arm to make a point on Days of Our Lives

As Jack rushes to find Gwen’s room at the hospital, Chad asks Abigail what happened at the house. Abigail recounts their argument over Gwen moving in with Jack and Jennifer. Chad thought she was going to let it go. He notes Gwen could have been killed and could still lose the baby.

In Gwen’s room, Jack says he is relieved she will be okay. He hopes the baby will be too. Gwen flashes back to learning she miscarried when Dr. Snyder comes in. Confused, he asks why she was admitted. Jack tells him Gwen fell and they’re worried about the baby. Gwen diverts her eyes away from the doc. Snyder asks Jack to leave so he can examine Gwen.

After Snyder examines her, he tells Gwen she’s very lucky. She doesn’t feel lucky. He knows this must be hard for her and offers to tell Jack she lost the baby for her. Gwen doesn’t want him to tell her father or anyone else. Snyder assures her he isn’t legally allowed to but suggests she needs her family’s support. Gwen will get it but she’ll do it her way.

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The doctor joins Jack, Chad, and Abigail in the lobby. He says Gwen will have some pain and stiffness but she’s fine. If they want information on the baby they’ll have to talk to Gwen. Snyder leaves and Chad heads in to see Gwen. Meanwhile, Jack tells Abigail he felt like the doctor knew something was wrong with Gwen before he even examined her. They launch into another disagreement over Gwen until Jennifer’s call interrupts them. Abigail sneaks away as Jack talks with his wife.

Back in Gwen’s room, she tells Chad their baby was the best thing that ever happened to her but now she’s dead… because of Abigail. When Abigail enters, Gwen tells Chad his wife pushed her down the stairs on purpose, “She killed our baby.”

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Sami reassures Marlena on Days of Our Lives

When Sami returns to John and Marlena’s, she learns from her mother that John is a witness in Charlie’s murder. Marlena tells her everything about John’s hypnosis session and the recording. Sami is genuinely sorry for what Marlena is going through.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kristen pressures Sami, and Rafe and Ava wonder where they stand.

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