Kristen talks to a tied up Kate in the wine cellar on Days of Our Lives
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At the Horton House, Jack tells Steve he still doesn’t know if Gwen is pregnant. Steve hates to say this but it might have been better if Gwen never tracked him down. Jack agrees he shouldn’t say that as Gwen walks in. Jack makes awkward introductions, leading Steve to make clear to Gwen that she needs to treat Abigail with respect if she wants to be welcomed into the family.

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Steve talks to Jack and Gwen on Days of Our Lives

After Steve leaves, Gwen tells her father she is indeed pregnant and keeping the baby. Gwen hopes he can be happy for her because she’s already hopelessly in love with her child. Jack is understanding. However, Gwen says she’s leaving Salem so as not to cause Abigail more pain. Jack invites her to move into the house instead so she’s not alone. Gwen cries as she accepts.

As Jack calls Jennifer to tell her the news, Gwen packs her bag at the Salem Inn. She slumps to the floor in pain.

A worried Jake calls Allie at home wondering if she’s heard from her grandmother. She hasn’t and rushes off the phone to discover Henry is burning up.

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Kristen visits a tied-up Kate in the wine cellar. Kate reminds her captor Jake will notice she’s missing. Kristen assures her she’ll get her island paradise, just not with Jake. Kristen sees a text message from Jake on Kate’s phone and texts back, as Kate, saying something came up. Kate tells Kristen if she lets her go she’ll break up with Jake herself. Kristen knows she’s lying, so she’ll have to break Jake’s heart herself. Kate wonders how she’ll do that. Kristen pulls out a Kate mask. Kate doesn’t think it will work but Kristen reminds her it always does. Kristen leaves to put on one of Kate’s “hideous outfits.”

Abby looks through Jack’s numerous unanswered text messages as Chad walks into the DiMera living room. He reminds her they have therapy today but she tells him to go on his own. She’s done with that. After she breezes past him, Jake finds Chad and explains he has no idea where Kate is. Chad hasn’t heard from her but he has his own stuff to worry about. He tells his brother Gwen is pregnant with his baby. Jake points out it’s kind of his fault. Chad agrees but worries it will cost him his marriage. Jake points out Abigail’s love has withstood a lot. Hopefully, it can survive this too. Jake leaves to find Kate.

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Philip looks up at Gabi on Days of Our Lives

After talking about Gabi Chic in Philip’s office, he and Gabi discuss how they almost slept together. Philip knows there’s something between them but knows she’s not over her ex. Abby barges in and drags Gabi away for lunch.

Jake stops in the Titan office to tell Philip he can’t find Kate. Philip says if she wants him to find her, he’ll find her. He suggests Jake leave before Gabi gets back.

Jake and Philip face each other on Days of Our Lives

At Julie’s Place, Abigail tells Gabi Gwen is pregnant with Chad’s baby. Abigail wonders how she’s supposed to move on from that. Gabi wishes she knew. She can’t even move on from being in love with Jake. Gabi confides in her nemesis about backing out of sex with Philip because of Jake. She thinks she’s lost her killer instinct. Abigail agrees, citing her losing her nerve when they had Gwen locked up in the basement. Gabi can’t believe she pulled her out of a meeting for this. She tells Abby to focus on the good things in her life and fix her broken marriage. She’s facing the reality that Jake doesn’t want her and moving on and suggests Abby do the same. Abigail gets a call from Chad but tries to ignore it. Gabi answers and hands her the phone before storming out.

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Gabi and Abigail have a tense talk at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives


Abigail comes home. She tells Chad she hates what’s happening but she doesn’t want to lose him over it. She loves him and is willing to trust their love will help them find their way through this.

Gabi returns to the office as Jake is about to leave. He says he has to do a better job of staying out of her way and stalks past her. Gabi raises an eyebrow when Philip suggests Kate has had a change of heart about Jake.

Kristen, dressed as Kate, calls Jake. She agrees to meet him at the Pub because she has a lot to explain.

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Allie clasps Tripp's hand on Days of Our Lives

Allie brings Henry to the hospital. Kayla supervises as Tripp checks the baby out… he has an ear infection. Kayla smiles as Allie and Tripp have a cute exchange over his recommendations for the boy. After Kayla has left, Tripp admits he was scared of diagnosing Henry and worries his supervisor hates him. Allie grabs his hand, assuring him he’ll be great. She asks if he believes her. He looks into her eyes and says he knows he wants to.

Next on Days of Our Lives: “Kate” breaks up with Jake, and Abigail and Gwen face off.

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