Sami and Belle face off on Days of Our Lives
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Jan taunts Shawn at the station about Belle killing Charlie. Shawn insists she didn’t do it but Jan wonders how her red button got to his apartment then. Shawn declares there’s not enough evidence against Belle and when Trask figures that out she’ll drop the charges. “Like hell I will,” Trask says after appearing in the squad room. Jan gets coffee as she listens to Trask berate Shawn for talking to a civilian about the case. After arguing, Shawn storms off.

As Ava and Rafe kiss in his kitchen, Nicole knocks on the door. They sit at the table as she tells them about running into Jan. Rafe gets summoned to work by Trask and leaves. Ava confesses to Nicole Rafe kissed her but she’s not sure she should have kissed him back. Nicole agrees.

Ava and Rafe listen to Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Ava wonders if Nicole is mad at her. Nicole says no. She’s just worried about Rafe. Ava understands but says she and Rafe have gotten close. Nicole doesn’t think she should make much out of that because they are too different. Ava points out Rafe asked her to not to move out when she gave up her mafia money. Nicole thinks he asked her to stay because he’s alone and that’s no reason to start a relationship. Ava smirks, assuming Nicole just wants Rafe for herself. Nicole scoffs, clearly, Ava forgot she’s married. Ava spits back, “And so has Eric.” She immediately apologizes for the remark. Nicole apologizes too. What she said about Rafe came out wrong. Ava promises she won’t take advantage of Rafe’s good nature.

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Nicole gets defensive with Ava on Days of Our Lives

When Rafe comes to work, Trask tells him to kick Shawn off the case. Rafe pushes back. He declares he’ll find evidence that proves Belle wasn’t the killer and then she’ll have to drop the charges. After Rafe walks away, Jan tells Trask she’ll help her nail that bitch Belle Black if no one else will.

In the interrogation room, Jan informs Trask she heard John tell Marlena he saw Belle shoot Charlie — and there’s a recording. She declines to make a statement though, claiming fear of John Black. Trask says if she finds the recording she won’t have to. The D.A. promises Belle won’t get away with her crime. Later, Trask gives Rafe new orders.

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Rafe and Trask at the Salem PD on Days of Our Lives

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In her room at John and Marlena’s, Sami learns from Lucas, over the phone, that he told Chloe he has a tumor. She can’t believe he told such a dramatic lie but Lucas says he had to improvise.

Chloe walks into the DiMera living room, prompting Lucas to hang up with Sami. Chloe came by to give him some green juice and tell him she found a specialist willing to see him. He panics and says he’ll think about it. Chloe counters he doesn’t have time. Besides he has an appointment right now. Lucas’ eyes bulge.

Back at the Black residence, Belle tells her parents Sami set her up for Charlie’s murder. When John and Marlena balk, Belle says it had to be Sami, who enters. The sisters argue after Sami learns Belle thinks she killed Charlie and framed her for it. Marlena defends Sami, explaining she was on a flight when Charlie was killed. After more bickering with Belle, Sami leaves.

Belle can’t believe she has to admit Sami was right. John remarks it’s lucky it doesn’t happen that often. Marlena and John believe they should keep what John remembered under hypnosis to themselves. Shawn comes over and tells them he’s off the case. He doesn’t think there’s enough evidence against Belle anyway. Belle says, actually, there is. After getting filled in, Shawn says it’s a good thing he’s off the case because now he’s not obligated to tell Trask.

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John and Marlena comfort Belle on Days of Our Lives

Rafe arrives to take John to the station for his statement. When John asks why, Rafe plays the recording of John admitting he saw Belle shoot Charlie.

Back at the DiMera’s, Chloe expresses confusion over Lucas not wanting to see her doctor. Lucas says he only told her about the tumor because of Sami, who shows up. Sami pretends Lucas’ outbursts are part of his health issues. After privately reminding Lucas why he needs to keep lying to Chloe, Sami gets Chloe to postpone Lucas’ doctor appointment. She leaves. When Chloe is out of the room, Lucas dumps out the green juice. Chloe returns to see the empty bottle, pleased he drank it. She leads him to his room.

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Sami gets in Lucas' face on Days of Our Lives

On their way to the airport, Theo and Ciara run into Ben at the hospital elevators. Ben holds out Ciara’s engagement washer to give her. She reminds him she doesn’t want anything from him. Ben tells her it came from her dad’s bike. Ciara takes a deep breath and slowly takes it out of his hand. Wordlessly, Theo and Ciara step onto the elevator. Ciara and Ben lock eyes as the doors close.

Ben holds Ciara's ring out to her on Days of Our Lives

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