Philip and Gabi talk in the Square
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Eli and Lani tend to the babies at home as they talk about Xander trying to extort money from Paulina. When Lani says she’s going to the store. Eli stops her. Since the kids are sleeping, he wants to take advantage of his beautiful wife. They kiss.

A shirtless Eli sweeps Lani into his arms on Days of Our Lives

Paulina realizes Chanel was in on Xander’s scam at Julie’s Place. She declares she’s never been so disgusted with another human being in her life. Chanel tries to defend herself leading Paulina to tear up her check. She tells her daughter she made her bed, now she has to lie in it.

After Paulina has left, Chanel blames Xander for what just happened. She yells she wants a divorce and she wants it now. Xander agrees but demands the ring back. She tosses to him, slings insults, and stomps out. Xander stays behind to drink wondering why Sarah left him.

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Theo says goodbye to Abe on Days of Our Lives

Abe and Theo talk about Chanel as they eat at Brady’s Pub. Theo is glad he got out of that relationship when he did because Chanel is all about herself. Now, he’s free to go back to South Africa with Ciara. Abe is afraid of him getting hurt again. Theo assures his father he knows what he’s doing. Abe is proud of the life he created for himself. He just wishes he wasn’t so far away. They exchange “I love yous” and hug.

After Theo has left, Paulina enters. She sits with Abe and vents about Chanel. When she pulls herself together she says she has to make her next move, which is leaving Salem. But only to pack up her house in Miami and make Salem her new home. Abe is happy to hear it. He would have missed her. Paulina assures him he won’t get rid of her that easily.

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Paulina cries to Abe at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Theo knocks on Eli and Lani’s door as they are about to head to the bedroom. Eli puts on his shirt as Theo tells them he came to say goodbye. Lani questions if it’s a good idea. Theo assures his sister he’s heard all the arguments but he knows what he’s doing. Eli tells him not to stay away too long. His goddaughter needs him.

Lani worries to Eli after her brother leaves. What if Ciara breaks his heart? Eli thinks Theo will do what he wants to do. Eli wants them to get back to what they were doing and kisses his wife. They’re interrupted again by Paulina who also came to say goodbye. After updating them on Chanel, she says she’ll be back in about a week or two. They assure her they’ll keep an eye on Chanel. When they leave the room to get pictures of the twins, Paulina leans into their cribs to tell them a little secret, which viewers don’t hear.

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Paulina talks to the babies on Days of Our Lives

Theo finds Chanel crying in the Square. He hands her a handkerchief. She wonders if she can go to South Africa with him. He gently says no. She expected that answer. Chanel says she’ll figure something out. She always does.

Elsewhere in the Square, Gabi suggests Philip take her back to his place. He hesitates because he knows she still has feelings for Jake. Jumping into bed with him won’t get rid of them. Gabi agrees but thinks it will make her feel better. She asks if he wants to psychoanalzye her or sleep with her. Philip smirks and says, “What do you think?” They walk away arm in arm.

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Philip and Gabi kiss on Days of Our Lives

In Philip’s room, he asks if Gabi wants something to eat or drink. She has a better idea and kisses him. They fall back on the bed where Gabi tells Philip to make love to her. As they make out, Gabi pulls away admitting she couldn’t stop thinking about Jake. She wonders why she can’t get over him like he did with her. Philip promises her being a softy is their secret and hugs her.

Philip holds a sad Gabi on Days of Our Lives

As Kristen, dressed as Susan, tries to drag Kate’s body across the DiMera floor, Jake enters. He wonders who she is. She leaves Kate hidden from view behind the couch and runs over to distract Jake. He quickly realizes she’s “Susan” but asks what she’s doing there. She tells him she had a premonition of him being with a dark-haired woman named Gabi. He tells her she’s wrong but “Susan” goes on and on about the passion she saw between Jake and Gabi. She urges him to tell Gabi how he feels about her right now and shoos him out of the room.

“Susan” gets back to a passed-out Kate. She drags her across the floor stating she’ll have to disappear her like she did Sarah. Jake returns while leaving a message for Kate on her phone as Kristen ducks into the tunnels with Kate.

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Kristen as Susan drags Kate's body on Days of Our Lives

Chloe researches for ways to help Lucas regarding his “brain tumor” in her Salem Inn room. After getting an alert on her phone, she calls Brady to tell him Belle was arrested for Charlie’s murder. He’s shocked and says he’ll find out what he can and call her back. Chloe then talks with a doctor on the phone. They’ve agreed to come to Salem to help Lucas. After she hangs up, Brady calls back. Belle is being held overnight. He’ll try and see Belle tomorrow. Does she want to come? Chloe would but she has a doctor’s appointment with a friend who is very important to her.

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