Kristen, as Susan, panics on Days of Our Lives
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Xander meets Chanel at Julie’s Place. They eagerly anticipate a big payday from Paulina as she arrives. Paulina laughs in Xander’s face when he asks for ten million dollars in exchange for divorcing her daughter. Paulina doesn’t want him anywhere near Chanel but declares she doesn’t have that kind of money. Xander doesn’t buy it. Chanel urges her mother to give him the money so she can get out of her marriage. Paulina declares it’s not her fault she ended up with a “penniless dumbass” instead of a sugar daddy.

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Paulina meets with Chanel and Xander on Days of Our Lives

As Paulina gets up to leave, Xander tries negotiating. Paulina tells him “no” at any price. After Chanel lays it on thick about needing to be free from her marriage to turn her life around and Xander brings his price down to one million dollars, Paulina writes out a check. When Xander looks at it he notices she left off a zero. Paulina says $100,000 is her price and it’s more than he deserves. She tells him to take it or leave it. Xander accepts. Chanel wonders what the hell he’s doing. It only gives them $50,000 each. Paulina’s jaw drops. “Each?” she exclaims. “I beg your pardon?”

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Chanel appeals to Paulina on Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, “Susan” tells Kate she had a premonition that she’s in danger. She urges her to pack her bags and get out of town. Kate says she’s already planning to do that with Jake. “Susan” says she can’t go with him because Jake is the one after her. She has to get far, far, far away from him. Kate orders “Susan” to leave. Now. When “Susan” reiterates her premonition she slips into her Kristen voice. Kate detects it and grabs the wig off her head. Kristen admits she is there to break up Kate and Jake for Vivian. When Kate tells Kristen to get out so she can go off with Jake, Kristen knocks her out.

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Jake rails at Gabi and Philip on Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Gabi talks to Jake about giving the warehouses back but it ends up being code for their relationship. Philip approaches. Jake says he’s happy to let go of the warehouses. He eyes Gabi and smirks as he says they were never his to begin with. Jake shares he and Kate are going on vacation and walks away. When Philip suggests he and Gabi celebrate over dinner, she tells him to take her back to his place instead.

Jake returns to the mansion and sees “Susan.” He says, “Hey! Who the hell are you?” She looks down at Kate’s lifeless body behind the couch.

Kristen as Susan kidnaps Kate days

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In her Salem Inn room, a teary Chloe admits to Lucas she started having feelings for Brady again. She knows he’s committed to Kristen though. He tells her she’s too special to be crying over someone who doesn’t realize that. Chloe wonders if he’s talking about himself. Lucas stammers as he asks, what if he were?

Lucas always wondered where they’d be if he hadn’t left her last time to take care of Allie. Chloe thinks it’s a little out of the blue. To cover, he tells her he wants to reunite because he has a brain tumor. He begs her not to say anything to anyone so no one feels sorry for him. However, he doesn’t want to die without love in his life. Chloe reminds him she has strong feelings for Brady. She can’t just turn them off. She will support him in any way she can though. After Lucas leaves he wonders aloud, “What the hell did I just do?”

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After entering John and Marlena’s place, Sami overhears the tail end of Brady’s conversation with Vivian. He explains she’s been giving him some pretty good advice about Kristen, who believes Chloe is a threat to their relationship. Sami asks if she is. Brady confesses he has feelings for Chloe and even told her so. When Sami panics over Kristen finding out, Brady wonders what’s going on. Sami covers and says she doesn’t want him to throw away his family for Chloe. Brady insists he’s not but the temptation is there.

After Sami convinces Brady not to act on his feelings for Chloe, she calls Lucas. She asks if he professed his undying love to Chloe. He responds, “I wouldn’t say undying.” Meanwhile, Chloe searches for information about brain tumors online.

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