Chloe hears Brady's confession on Days of Our Lives
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Kate meets Jake in the Square’s bistro. He has a martini waiting for her. He has something to tell her. Seeing Gabi with Philip did bother him. Jake insists he’s not breaking up with her; he’s just trying to be honest. He was jealous at that moment. Kate appreciates his honesty. Jake suggests they go on a trip so they don’t have to keep bumping into Gabi and Philip. Kate wonders if he was thinking of a private island. Jake says something like that. They agree to meet at the mansion as Kate leaves to pack some clothes.

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Kate has drinks with Jake on Days of Our Lives

At John and Marlena’s, Brady asks “Susan” to watch Rachel while he visits Vivian at Statesville. “Susan” becomes flustered wondering why he’s doing that. He relays Vivian has something important to tell him. “Susan” says she forgot about an appointment she has so she can’t watch Rachel right now. She runs out.

After Gabi comes to Basic Black, demanding the Titan warehouses back, Chloe visits Brady. She relays Gabi’s message. She then suggests she quit working at Titan. She’s sorry for making things weird with them by misreading his signals. Brady tells her she didn’t. He has feelings for her too. He tried to deny it but it’s been building for a while now. Chloe asks if he wants to be with her. Brady gently tells her he can’t disregard his commitment to wait for Kristen. Chloe accepts that but still thinks she should quit. Brady insists she not do that and agrees to work at the office again.

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Kristen, as Susan, panics on Days of Our Lives

Jake runs into Gabi as he’s about to leave the Bistro.

Still dressed as Susan, Kristen visits Vivian at the prison. Vivian admits she was going to expose her to Brady considering Kristen hasn’t broken up Kate and Jake yet. Kristen begs for more time but also warns Vivian to back off on her threats. Kristen declares she “disappeared” the last person who threatened to expose her. After Kristen has left, Vivian calls to cancel her visit with Brady.

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Vivian threatens Kristen on Days of Our Lives

In the park, Lucas tells Sami he’s not on board with her plan for him to seduce Chloe. Sami counters that he owes her and begs him to help her save her marriage. Lucas doesn’t want to hurt Chloe, she’s innocent. Sami calls that debatable but suggests by keeping her away from Brady it will keep her safe from Kristen. After more debate, Lucas agrees to do it. However, he thinks it’s wrong to pretend to have feelings for Chloe. Sami wonders why he has to pretend, reminding him he used to be in love with her.

Lucas agrees to Sami's plan on Days of Our Lives

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As Chloe mulls over what just happened with Brady, Lucas shows up at her Salem Inn door.

Kristen surprises Kate at the DiMera mansion as she’s packing.

After Claire calls Theo over, she asks him to give Ciara space to reunite with Ben. He says that’s not going to happen because Ciara is leaving town with him. Claire warns Ciara will remember her life with Ben and then he’ll get hurt. Theo knows it’s a possibility but they’re just living in the now. He indicates he’s leaving soon and hugs her goodbye. Claire thinks he’s making a mistake. Theo shrugs. It’s his mistake to make.

In her hospital room, Ciara tells Ben she’s leaving Salem with Theo. She can’t be around everyone who expects her to be someone she doesn’t remember. She needs a fresh start. Ben gets that but why is she going with Theo? Ciara says she likes being around him and he makes her feel safe. He never murdered a single soul. When Ciara declares she and Theo are more than friends, Ben reminds her they are married. Ciara explains they aren’t a couple yet but are seeing where things go. Regardless, she’s leaving with him. Tears fall as Ben promises to give her space and begs her to not leave Salem.

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Ben begs Ciara to stay in Salem on Days of Our Lives

Theo enters wondering what Ben is doing there. Ciara tells Theo she was filling Ben in on their plans. She grabs Theo’s hand as she says Ben was just leaving. After calmly bickering with Theo, Ben tells Ciara she can run away from him and leave the country but she is still his wife. That won’t change.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gabi’s unhappy with Jake’s plan and Lucas lies to Chloe.

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