Gwen is examined by Kayla at the hospital on Days of Our Lives
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Jack comes to see Steve at home. He needs advice on how to make peace between his daughters. Steve doesn’t think that’s possible. They sit for coffee as Jack fills his brother in on all the details. Steve advises Jack not to push Abigail and Gwen. Maybe they can work it out just like they did.

Steve and Jack talk over coffee on Days of Our Lives

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Chad finds Abigail in the DiMera mansion. He’s looking for answers after the bomb she dropped about Gwen. Is she really pregnant? Abigail tells him Gwen is seeing Kayla so they should know for sure soon. She adds that she told Gwen she should have an abortion. Abigail wonders if Chad would want her to have the baby. He says he doesn’t want a child with Gwen but it’s not up to him. Abigail doesn’t want to hear that. If Gwen has the baby it will destroy them. She knows he’d never abandon his child no matter how they were conceived and Gwen knows it too. Abby thinks Gwen found the perfect way to destroy them. She runs from the room in tears.

Abigial annoyed with at Chad on Days of Our Lives

Gwen goes to Kayla for a pregnancy test at the hospital. Gwen defends her recent actions to the doctor but she knows Abigail will never forgive her if she’s pregnant. Gwen confides that Abigail told her to have an abortion. Kayla asks if she’s open to it. Gwen shrugs her shoulders and says, “Maybe I’m not even pregnant.” Kayla gets a call from the lab — she is in fact pregnant. That’s not the news Gwen was hoping for. Kayla deduces she’s in her second trimester and suggests they do a sonogram.

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When they start, Gwen asks Kayla to hide the screen. It’ll be better since she probably won’t keep the baby. Kayla confirms the baby is 15 weeks and that everything looks normal but she can’t determine the sex. Gwen changes her mind and looks at the screen.

Later, Abigail runs off hospital elevators and sees Kayla. She needs to know if Gwen is pregnant and intends to have the baby.

Gwen arrives at the DiMera mansion. She tells Chad she’s pregnant with his child. She’s keeping it.

Abigail looks for answers from Kayla on Days of Our Lives

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Paulina visits Chanel in Xander’s room but Chanel shuts the door on her face. Chanel turns to find Xander, just out of the shower. He was hoping the sound of the door slamming meant she left. When she says no such luck, he reminds her they’re only married because he was wasted and she thought he was a CEO, which he’s not anymore. She suggests he find a new company to run. How hard can it be?

Chanel learns Xander's broke on Days of Our Lives

Xander scoffs. It’s not that easy because it was his first executive position and everything that came before isn’t something you put on a resume. Also, he has no money because he had debts and enjoys living the good life. Chanel enjoys it too which is why she fell in love with his credit cards. When he tells her he’s cut off from those as well, she blames him for leading her on. He reminds her it was her scam and realizes it was her idea to get married. He’s actually impressed. Chanel says she won’t be saddled with a drunk who’s broke. She declares they had a quickie marriage and they’ll get a quickie divorce. Xander warns she won’t unload him that easily.

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Paulina runs into Abe in the Square. She vents to him about Chanel getting married to a stranger. Abe’s eyes widen when he learns Chanel’s husband is Xander. Paulina reels as Abe lists all of Xander’s criminal deeds. When she can’t take anymore she says, “It sounds like my Chanel is married to the devil himself!” Abe tries to reassure her by explaining Xander changed after meeting Sarah but also tells her about the baby switch. Paulina blames herself for not teaching her daughter how to be independent. Abe grabs her hand as she cries over failing as a mother. Abe knows Chanel will figure things out for herself. Since they’re family and business partners now, he’ll help Paulina any way he can. Abe gives her papers to sign regarding the Square. She thanks him for everything. Abe says if she needs to talk she knows how to reach him. Paulina watches him walk away.

Eli and Lani kiss at home on Days of Our Lives

After putting the babies down for a nap, Lani and Eli marvel over Chanel and Xander. They laugh as Eli recounts Paulina’s reaction to finding Chanel with her new husband. Lani then tells Eli the twins have learned to roll over. Eli misses them so much when he’s at work. He loves them and her. They kiss. After Eli has left, Paulina visits Lani. She needs her help with Chanel.

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