In Brady’s Pub, Henry throws his pacifier on the floor and as Allie reaches to pick it up her hand meets Tripp’s. They look into each other’s eyes and smile, after which Tripp leaves with his takeout.

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At the hospital, Claire demands to know why Jan said she’s free and wants to know if she did something to her mother. Jan explains Belle offered her a deal to save her grandfather — now John won’t have to go to jail. Claire exclaims that Jan should be in jail and doesn’t believe her mother offered her a deal. Jan produces the paperwork. She insists she no longer hates Belle and doesn’t want Shawn, and tells Claire she should be celebrating — Charlie’s out of her life. Claire’s unconvinced that Jan is a new woman and warns her to stay away from her family. She reminds her she hasn’t signed anything promising to keep her crazy ass out of jail.

Jan grabs Claire's arm at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

In her office, Marlena asks John, who is still under hypnosis, what happened when he went to Charlie’s apartment. John squints as he recalls opening the door to the apartment in time to see someone in a red coat with a hood shoot Charlie. He cringes and agonizes silently as Marlena asks what he saw. He stammers, “Camp A,” until she brings him out of hypnosis. John can’t believe it — he witnessed Charlie’s murder. Marlena asks who fired the gun. John wails that it was their daughter — it was Belle! Marlena reels as John explains she was wearing the red coat they gave her for Valentine’s Day. Marlena knows Belle wouldn’t do it. John reminds her Belle walked in on Charlie attacking Claire and was terribly on edge after. “Do you remember what she was wearing that night?” Marlena gasps, “Her red coat.” John marvels, “My God, Doc. Our little girl blew that punk away.” Marlena snaps, “No she didn’t.” John saw it happen as clear as day. They need to find her and get answers. Just then, Jan enters, and asks, “Answers about what?”

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John enters Charlie's apartment on Days of Our Lives

Jan tells John and Marlena she came to share the great news. John snarls that they already know about the deal. Jan guesses they wish she was locked up. John wants her to leave. Jan promises she’s no longer a threat to Belle and was just with Claire, who told her about Charlie. She’s sure they’d agree whoever took him out did the world a huge favor. Marlena informs Jan that she and John aren’t happy about the deal. Jan leaves and Marlena and John head out to find Belle. Afterward, Jan sneaks back into Marlena’s dark office. She finds Marlena’s recording device in the drawer and decides to find out what they were chatting about.

At the SPD, Claire tells Rafe and Shawn she doesn’t know what happened to the missing button on her red coat. Rafe reveals he has it — it was found at the scene of Charlie’s murder. He asks Belle, “What were you doing there?” Belle’s stunned; she’s never been to Charlie’s apartment and has no idea how the button got there. Trask appears, takes in the coat and the button. She is impressed with the quick work and tells Rafe to arrest Belle. Shawn argues that this doesn’t come close to proof and accuses Trask of angling to keep her job.

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Rafe holds an evidence bag on Days of Our Lives

The D.A. recalls Belle had a restraining order on Charlie and theorizes that she still believed he was a threat and killed him. “It’s open and shut.” She asks if Belle has an alibi. She was at home all night. Shawn was there with her all night… he only left briefly. Trask recaps that Belle was home alone; she could have left, murdered Charlie, and returned without anyone knowing. Belle maintains her innocence. Trask argues she had motive and opportunity and orders Rafe and Shawn to do their job or else. Shawn won’t let Rafe arrest his wife. Trask snaps, “This is not your call.”

Tripp brings Steve and Kayla their takeout from the pub and thanks Kayla again for letting him move back in. Steve asks Tripp about Allie, and he’s relieved they can go on with their lives now that she knows he’s innocent. He enthuses about returning to work at the hospital, and worries about Allie finding work. Tripp grins; she’s smart and cool — knows something will happen for her really soon. Steve thinks he’s smitten, then realizes that’s old-fashioned. “Are you hung up on Allie?” he tries. Tripp admits he likes her.

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After dinner, Kayla presents Tripp with a lab coat and tells him they’re proud of him. Tripp puts it on and Kayla hands him his Salem Hospital ID badge. Tripp stammers, “I can’t wear this.” He reveals something’s changed and he hasn’t had a chance to talk to them about it. He recalls his journey from adoption and running away from his abusive alcoholic father, to acceptance from Steve and Kayla. “I am not Tripp Dawson. Not anymore.” He explains he hired Justin and now it’s official — from now on, his legal name is Tripp Johnson. Steve’s speechless… and honored. “This means everything to me.” Tripp and Steve embrace. Tripp tells Kayla he respects her; she’s the reason he wanted to become a doctor. He enthuses, “We’re finally a family,” and looks forward to his journey as Tripp Johnson. Kayla adds, “Soon to be Dr. Tripp Johnson.” They all embrace.

Allie arrives at Belle and Shawn’s place, where Claire rants about her mom offering Jan a deal. Allie offers to leave to give her privacy. Claire reassures her and explains there’s a bright side — Jan agreed not to press charges against John. Allie updates Claire that she’s decided to look for a job and asks if she would watch Henry once in a while. Claire wonders about Tripp. Allie says he’s starting rounds at the hospital tomorrow and goes on about his passion and pride. Claire wonders when she started being into Tripp — she’s gushing. Allie denies it and reminds her she almost ruined his life. Claire asks, “Are you sure you don’t feel anything for him?”

Marlena and John arrive at Belle and Shawn’s house. They greet Allie and coo over Henry. Once alone with Claire, they explain they came to see her mom. Claire assumes they came by because of the deal and says she’s not there. Marlena calls Shawn, who breaks the news she’s being arrested for Charlie’s murder.

At the SPD, Rafe reads Belle her rights as Shawn watches in disbelief.

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In Marlena’s office, Jan listens to the recording of John telling Doc that Belle shot Charlie, and that he didn’t see her face but she was wearing the red coat. Jan flashes to Charlie saying, “Don’t shoot,” and watching him fall to the ground holding his chest after the gunshot. The camera pans to the person wearing the red coat — it’s Jan. In the office, Jan smiles to herself and says, “Sorry, Charlie.”

Jan in a red coat shoots a gun on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gwen makes a decision about her baby and Paulina learns more about her new son-in-law.

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