John enters Charlie's apartment on Days of Our Lives
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Marlena returns home to John. She tells him Belle struck a deal with Jan to keep him out of jail. John’s furious. He won’t have Jan Spears free to go after his family. They move on to talking about Charlie’s murder. John asks his wife to hypnotize him so he can remember what he did that night. Marlena reluctantly agrees but hopes it’s not a mistake.

In Marlena’s office, John demands their session be recorded when Marlena suggests they do it off the record. She turns on the recorder as they begin. John remembers going to Charlie’s apartment. He heard Charlie say, “Don’t shoot,” and then a gun went off. He watched Charlie fall to the ground and saw a person in a red coat with the hood pulled over their head. In the present, John says, “Oh my God.”

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Jan grabs Claire's arm at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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Claire returns Jan’s healing crystal to her at the hospital. She hopes Jan rots in prison after what she did to her mother. Claire turns to leave but Jan grabs her arm. She apologizes for the things she’s done and laments being all alone. All she has is Claire. Claire scoffs. Jan assumes she’s been replaced by Ciara but Claire tells her Ciara never wants to see her again. Jan plays on Claire’s insecurities while asking to be friends again. Jan reminds Claire how she helped her with Charlie. Claire points out Charlie turned out to be a rapist and is now dead. Jan is shocked. She shares she was raped once and thinks whoever killed Charlie deserves a medal. Jan then informs a surprised Claire that, thanks to Belle, she’s now a free woman.

Belle meets with Shawn at the police station. She tells him about her deal with Jan. He worries Jan could go after Claire now. Shawn still intends on arresting Jan whether Belle likes it or not. Belle reminds him her father could go to prison if he does. Shawn doesn’t want to keep living in fear of Jan hurting her.

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Rafe and Trask go over evidence at the police station on Days of Our Lives

Trask comes to Rafe’s office. She orders him to solve Charlie’s murder. Rafe assures Melinda he’s been working around the clock on the case but she disparages his handling of the suspects. As they go over the case, he shows her a red button in the evidence box he can’t account for. Melinda says if they find the owner of the button, they might find Charlie’s killer.

Rafe walks out to the squad room. Shawn and Belle tell him about the deal with Jan. Rafe doesn’t blame Belle for wanting to protect her father but he wishes she had come to him first. Belle puts on her red coat and Rafe sees it’s missing a button. Rafe pulls the button out of the evidence box and tells them it was at the scene of Charlie’s murder.

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Rafe holds an evidence bag on Days of Our Lives

Allie brings Henry to see Roman at Brady’s Pub. Tripp enters to grab take-out for Steve and Kayla to thank them for letting him move back in. Roman goes to get it, leaving Tripp to sit with Allie. He tells her he’s finally starting rounds at the hospital tomorrow. He hopes nothing delays them again. Allie realizes they were delayed last time because of her. Tripp assures her she has nothing to feel guilty about and proposes a clean slate. Allie grins. She’d like that. She’s envious of his drive and passion for medicine. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life. He offers to watch Henry if she needs to go on interviews. He picks up the baby who spits up on him. They laugh as Allie wipes off his shirt. Roman returns with Tripp’s food. He smiles and leaves them alone. As Tripp’s about to leave, Henry throws his pacifier. Allie and Tripp both reach for it, touching hands. They lock eyes.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Charlie’s killer is revealed and Belle is questioned.

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