Ben comes close to injecting Ciara with Rolf's drug on Days of Our Lives
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In the Square, Philip and Gabi leave Jake to stew as they continue on with their date.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate vents to Lucas about Gabi flirting with Philip in front of her. Later, Sami arrives and pushes Lucas into a bedroom to warn that someone knows they slept together. “Susan Banks,” Sami explains then shocks Lucas by admitting that Susan is really Kristen. She relays Kristen’s plans to keep an eye on Chloe — and Brady — and how she switched places with Susan. If Sami doesn’t help Kristen keep Chloe away from Brady, she threatened to tell EJ about them. Lucas thinks EJ may forgive her, after all she forgave him for sleeping with Abigail. Sami sarcastically thanks him for the reminder but warns that Lucas is going to help her get out of this mess.

Sami reacts to Lucas on Days of Our Lives

Back in the living room, Jake arrives and thanks Kate for helping Ben get the drug for Ciara. Kate can tell he’s upset and asks if something else is bothering him. Jake claims it’s just work and distracts Kate with a kiss. He suggests they go to lunch then return for dessert.

Kate and Jake on Days of Our Lives

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At Julie’s Place, Gabi admits she’s not Julie’s favorite person. Philip is stunned as Gabi lists off all of her crimes surrounding Julie. “Why aren’t you in prison?” Philip asks. Gabi credits herself to being smart, which impresses Philip, who admits he has some deep dark secrets. He brings up having thought Chloe would be his forever, ever since high school, until Brady arrived. Over talk of Chloe’s recent rejection, Philip doesn’t deny that he still loves her — his first true love. Gabi knows the feeling. Suddenly, Jake and Kate arrive and Gabi screams, “Are you following us?” After some bickering, Kate and Jake leave. Philip thought the encounter was fun — his mom with Gabi’s ex. However, Gabi wasn’t impressed. When Philip accuses her of thinking about Jake, Gabi urges him to buy another bottle of wine and make her forget Jake.

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At the Pub, after they’ve eaten, Kate asks why Jake didn’t mention having seen Gabi and Philip earlier on a date. She hopes that’s not why he was upset. Jake denies it and reminds Kate it’s time to go home for dessert. As Jake goes to pay the bill, Kate appears irked.

As Kristen tries to reason with Vivian on the phone about their deal, Chloe knocks on John and Marlena’s door. Kristen hangs up and “Susan” answers the door. Chloe has a bone to pick with her. Talk turns to Brady and how Chloe reminded him that Kristen’s horrible and he’d be better off with her. “Susan” agrees Kristen is mean, mean, mean and wonders how Brady responded. Chloe says he made an excuse and rushed off. “Susan” thinks he didn’t want to make her look like a fool, but Chloe didn’t take it that way. “Susan” accuses Chloe of grasping at straws and reminds her that Brady’s in love with Kristen. Chloe makes excuses until “Susan” screams, “Just shut up!” Chloe’s stunned, so “Susan” backtracks. Chloe warns her to mind her own business then storms out. Kristen vows Chloe will not steal the man she loves. She calls Sami and demands it’s time for her to do her part! If she and Brady don’t have a happily ever after, neither will she and EJ. Sami claims she has a plan — trust her, by the time she’s done with Chloe, she won’t give Brady a second look.

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Back at the DiMera mansion, Sami hangs up with Kristen and tells Lucas her plan… all he has to do is make Chloe fall back in love with him.

Ben sneaks into Ciara’s hospital room while she’s sleeping. He inches the syringe close to her arm. He knows this is extreme but he doesn’t know any other way to make her remember him. Theo enters and yells, “Hey! What are you doing?” Ciara stirs awake. Ben explains it’s Rolf’s serum, it’ll help Ciara get her memory back. He insists if she remembered everything, she’d feel safe and know exactly how much they love each other. “Please,” Ben begs. “Let me help you.” Ciara snaps and calls him crazy and sick then demands he leave — now! “If only you knew how much I love you,” Ben replies, but Ciara doesn’t see his actions that way. Victor said he’s the reason she almost died, is that true? Ben wishes she knew everything, but Ciara doesn’t want to see him ever again. She wants him out of her life. “If that’s what you want,” Ben sighs then takes a step toward her. Theo grabs Ben, holds him back and orders him out. Ben vows to love her forever then starts to leave. “Wait,” Ciara calls out. Ben wonders if she remembered something. Ciara throws their wedding photo then tells Ben to take it… she doesn’t want to see it — or him — ever again in her life. Ben picks up the photo, says, “Goodbye Ciara,” then leaves. Ciara thanks Theo for always being there for her. He’s her rock now more than ever. Ciara kisses Theo.

Theo pulls a desperate Ben away from Ciara on Days of Our Lives

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Brady stops by Nicole’s place to call her out for setting him up with Chloe. She admits it. Brady is pissed that Nicole didn’t warn him that Chloe had feelings for him. He loves Kristen! Nicole pushes him, can he honestly say he doesn’t feel anything for Chloe? When Brady hesitates, Nicole calls him on it. Brady admits even if there was something there, he refuses to turn his back on Kristen. “Why not?” Nicole asks and offers to break the news to Kristen for him. Brady sticks up for Kristen and says she’s changed, but Nicole thinks he and Rachel would be better off without her. On Brady’s way out, he runs into Chloe but rushes off.

At the garage, Ben stares at his and Ciara’s wedding photo.

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