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At Basic Black, Brady asks Chloe if she has feelings for him. Chloe realizes Susan told him. He confirms it. She wonders if she’s the reason he’s been working from home. Brady says he wanted to make things easier, and avoid any awkwardness, especially given he’s in love with Kristen. Chloe thinks maybe he shouldn’t be. She says he is a good person and a good dad and is throwing his life away by being with Kristen. Besides, she has feelings for him and thinks he feels the same. Brady steps away from her and leaves to check on Rachel.

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Brady reacts to Chloe's declaration on Days of Our Lives

At John and Marlena’s, “Susan” demands to know if Sami’s cheating on EJ with Lucas. Sami tries to deny it but “Susan” knows better. “Susan” feels forced to tell EJ what a lying, dirty cheater she is. Sami pleads with “Susan” not to call EJ, pointing out how much she loves him. Sami thinks telling EJ about her and Lucas would hurt him and he’s been hurt enough. “Susan” agrees to keep her secret if Sami keeps hers. Sami agrees but asks what her secret is. “Susan” takes out her fake teeth and whips off her wig, revealing she’s really Kristen. A stunned Sami learns Kristen switched places with Susan to keep Chloe away from Brady. Kristen wants Sami to help her achieve that but Sami refuses. She threatens to call Brady but Kristen rips the phone out of her hand. Kristen, in turn, threatens to tell EJ about Sami’s cheating. After some time, Sami agrees to help her but wonders what she wants her to do. Kristen thinks Sami can figure it out for herself.

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Xander opens his Salem Inn door to Paulina and Eli. Paulina is stunned to find her daughter and Xander in states of undress. Chanel wonders why her mother is there. Paulina was concerned because she never came home, which is why she called the cops. Chanel feels there is no reason to be concerned because she was safe and lying next to Xavier. Eli asks, “Who is Xavier?” Paulina pulls her daughter’s robe shut and Eli points out Xavier’s name is Xander. Eli asks Xander if he doesn’t think Chanel is a little young. Xander worries, how young? Chanel assures him that she is a grown woman who can make her own choices. Paulina points out she chose to jump into bed with a stranger. Chanel says he’s not a stranger, he’s her husband. She flashes her ring.

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Chanel happily shows off her husband Xander on Days of Our Lives

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Chanel tells her mother she found a way to support herself just like she told her to. Her husband is a wealthy man. Paulina doesn’t care how much money he has, she will make sure Xander pays for corrupting her daughter. Xander chortles realizing how little Paulina knows about her daughter. He asks for privacy so he can get on with his honeymoon with his wife, Michelle. Chanel corrects him. Paulina refuses to give her blessing and races out with Eli.

After Xander gets dressed, he tells Chanel he’s not really that rich. Instead of ordering expensive room service, she should probably look at the cereal options.

Eli follows Paulina to the Square. She asks what kind of man Xander is. Eli can’t think of an answer that won’t make the situation worse.

At home, Chad urges Abigail to give Gwen another chance. Abby doesn’t want to hate her sister, but she doesn’t know how to move on if Gwen can’t be honest. Chad knows a lot of this is his fault. He promises to never let Gwen come between them again. Chad urges Abigail to call Gwen for their family’s sake. Abigail pulls out her phone but she can’t do it. Chad suggests she call Jack to set up another meeting.

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Gwen stops by the Horton House to thank Jack for calling to check in on her. Jack asks about her possible pregnancy. Gwen is sorry to say the only person who could be the father is Chad. She hasn’t been with anyone else. Gwen admits there was a time she would have loved to throw this in Abby’s face and get revenge on Jack but everything’s changed. She just wants to put things in the past. Jack is happy to hear that. Gwen pulls out a home pregnancy test out of her purse and runs off to take it.

Jack looks at Gwen's pregnancy test box on Days of Our Lives

Gwen returns after taking the test. They awkwardly sit to wait together for the results. Gwen admits she’s scared. Jack realizes that’s why she came to him to take the test. Jack gets a call from Abigail but he declines it. Gwen sees the test result — she’s definitely pregnant. Jack won’t let her deal with this alone but they have to be careful. Gwen agrees, wondering how Abigail would react to learning she’s pregnant with Chad’s child. Abigail walks in.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Abigail’s reacts to Gwen’s news.

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